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Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

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Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby Joe Ham » Sun 15 Jun 2008 18:14

Posted to by Paisley, in a synopsis of the recent New Haven Lyme Conference. ... f0e69ed14a
Dr. Richard Horowitz, President of ILADS, has started >400 Lyme patients, who were failing to improve on abx therapy, on the Cowden Lyme Disease Protocol.
70% of patients are getting better fairly quickly; Dr. Horowitz and patients are happy.

To see protocol:
Resolving Brain Inflammation
-Avoid cordless & mobile phones & other EMF helps to heal blood bain barrier and gut.
-If patient's bed is on a geopathic field, it must be moved off the field.
-Viruses in the body (from vaccines or other sources) resolve with homeopathic nosodes, NM Takuna, EPA/DHA & high dose vitamin A.

It turns out according to the ILADS web site that Horowitz is the current vice president:

Daniel Cameron, MD

Robert Bransfield, MD
President Elect

Richard Horowitz, MD
Vice President

I didn't attend the conference so I have no idea how accurate the second paragraph might be.
Joe Ham
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby Claudia » Sun 15 Jun 2008 18:34

So after all these years of Lyme wars and devastating illness, it turns out that all we needed were some herbal tinctures, homeopathy and to use phones with landlines???

The IDSA, NIH, CDC and the insurance industry must be laughing their asses off. That's what they've been trying to tell us all along: we never needed those antibiotics.
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby LymeEnigma » Sun 15 Jun 2008 20:29

I know that a couple of members here are patients of Dr. Horowitz's ... could we have a volunteer to ask him a few more questions? ;)

Someone is already doing me a favor and asking why his presentation appears to endorse Rife; until I get a satisfactory answer to that, he will continue to have a "thumbs down" at LE.
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby Curiouser » Mon 16 Jun 2008 10:40

I'll ask. Have an appt with my usual PA on Friday. Actaully get to have an appt with "the man" next month.

They should be used to my questions by now. :mrgreen:

Maybe we can come up with a questionnaire I can take with me? Already have a request for a copy of his Cowden study on the list.
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby LymeEnigma » Mon 16 Jun 2008 17:36

You rock, Curiouser! 8-)
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby itsy » Mon 16 Jun 2008 19:32

I'd like to know by what method the people who improved were diagnosed with Lyme.

How long ago and for how long they were on abx? How long after going off abx did they start Cowden, and how long were they on cowden when they saw improvements.

Most importantly...the first do we know they had lyme??
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby Fin24 » Thu 19 Jun 2008 6:07

even MORE important Curiouser how the heck do we know if our beds are in a geopathic field and what if our bedrooms are tiny as in 8 x 7 ??? I mean just how BIG are these fields anyway??? and what are they???

I had to google this---seems these fields may be from overhead power lines--ok easy--but also underground rivers and underground cables of varying types--now how the heck do we get info on THOSE???
Geopathic Stress

A fascinating observation he has made is that the edge of the energy field above an underground stream generates heat that can be detected by the palm of a sensitive hand. He calls this energy a ley line. (A ley line can mean different things to other people!)

He has also observed that walking one way across a geopathic field can erase your short term memory somewhat, but walking back the other way over it can restore it.
from dowsers apparently have concern about these too----


also more seriously, ask -if you can do it cautiously---how much does HE make from Cowden Plan( does HE sell it or does he tell you where to get it...some websites offering it are VERY costly and seems to me the herbs are way overpriced compared to similar ones)

and while youre at it, since he is a fan of Cowden, what he makes of the Samento vs good ol regular Cats Claw since Stephen Buhner a Master Herbalist and VERY knowledgeable claims the whole TOA free controversy is misguided at best and unecessary.( and as of today hasnt gathered a "plan" to be sold as a kit by him or others!)

and the other poor 30% why theyre failing???? co's??

and ditto for what Itsy asked!!

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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby UnexpectedIlls » Thu 10 Jul 2008 22:13

Dr Horowitz is my doctor. It would be nice to hear something positive about him....
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby LymeEnigma » Thu 10 Jul 2008 23:49

Have we gotten any satisfactory answer, yet, in regards to the Rife usage? Curiouser, are you still here?

UnexpectedIlls, why don't you relay your personal experiences in having him as a doctor? Have you found the claims about him to be exaggerated? What types of diagnostics and treatments, in your experience, does he tend to use?
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Re: Dr. Richard Horowitz and ILADS

Postby UnexpectedIlls » Fri 11 Jul 2008 0:13

I dont see Dr H until August 7th, but I have been to the PA, who in my opinon was VERY thorough. She spent 4 hours with me and that is not an exxageration. I thought she wanted to get to the bottom of my illness and recognized how severe my case was. I know all the PA's are highly trained by DR. H and feel he would have done the same for me. BUT I cannot make an opinion about him yet as I have not seen him yet.

I feel I was put on a reasonable treatment protocol. I was put on Zithromax MWF (already on it), Bicillin shots 2x weekly, and Plaquenil. The only supplements they gave me were Artemisiae for suspected Babs, Probiotics for the obvious, and magnesium for my "fibro" pain. I think that is pretty reasonable and not anything OVER the top.

I actually am excited to meet him and I will be able to make my own opinion. I think he seems like a very knowledgeable doctor. I hope he will be able to get me out of the hell that is now my life.

Oh and I didnt get prescribed any Cowden herbs... dont even really know what they are?
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