Recovery with High-Dose Amoxicillin: Art Doherty

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Recovery with High-Dose Amoxicillin: Art Doherty

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As of 2005 I spoke with Art Doherty on the phone. He is 100% cured "after 7 years of high-dose amoxicillin". He started "jogging and bowling again and found I was spending too much time on the Internet- just updating my site took so much time" so he stopped and "I don't even answer my email anymore." He said maybe "maybe I'll update the medline pages sometime but that's all". I wish him the best. I am glad he is out there enjoying life again!!! - SarahO.
Brief Lyme disease history, diagnosis, treatments for Arthur J. Doherty
as of 26 May 1997

Excellent health prior to mid-1990. Ran 26 mile marathon in 1986 at age 46. Ran 6 days a week, bowled 6 days a week, and weight lifted 4 days a week prior to fall 1990.

In Aug 91, following approximately 12 months of symptoms, I was diagnosed for Lyme disease. I had had a tick bite in late 1990 and, one to two months later, a rash which I ignored since I knew nothing about Lyme disease and did not connect the tick bite with the rash and fatigue. Later, I had two positive Lyme blood tests - titers 1:256 - in July 91 and Feb 92. I was treated at the military hospital at Vandenberg AFB, California.

First treatment: 30 days of oral doxycycline (100 mg, twice per day) followed by 21 days IV Rocephin, 2gm/day, once a day. All symptoms totally disappeared but reappeared (not due to new tick bite!) 3 months
after stopping antibiotics.

Second treatment: 21 days of IV Rocephin, 10 days - 2 gm/day, then 11 days - 4 gm/day (2gm twice daily), followed by 6 months of oral doxycycline. Symptoms disappeared for approximately 15 months after stopping antibiotics but reappeared in summer of 1994. And, this second relapse was not due to reinfection by a different tick!

Symptoms for Art Doherty - 27 July 1994 - four years after tick bite
NOTE: I also experienced most of these symptoms in 1990/1991 when Lyme disease was first diagnosed but symptoms disappeared after each treatment.

- Mild throat irritation, lots of nose dripping especially in mornings, periodic mild hoarseness.
- Increased arthritic type stiffness/pain left elbow, right sternum/ clavicle joint, shoulders, neck, back. Severe stiffness in left jaw occurred in 1991.
- On and off "sweet" taste in mouth.
- Small bruises after light/medium exercise - weight lifting or running.
- Night sweats/chills.
- Increased frequency of urination. Normal average per day = 9, now 13. Has gone as high as 25 to 30 per day in 1991.
- Probable increased immune system activity beginning on 24 Jun 94:
"Reaction" type feeling accompanied by constantly "itchy" muscles
in back, arms, legs, etc.
- Slight stomach upset/nausea.
- Occasional sleeplessness. Cannot get back to sleep because the
body is "fighting it" - i.e., tenseness, pounding of pulse, etc.
- Increased size and darkening of "liver" spots, face and arms.
- "Jaundiced"/"washed out" look especially in the mornings.
- Periodic (every 16 to 20 days), severe, long lasting headaches (36
hrs) with eye sensitivity to light.
- Lots of fatigue. Noontime naps required.
- Infrequent, mild, random, dizziness.
- "Tendon problems"-hands/fingers temporarily lock in unusual positions
- Odd smells
- Painful teeth and eyes
- Occasional severe back pain lasting for many days
- High blood pressure,normal=120/80,with untreated Lyme disease=160/90.
- White spots on fingernails, splitting nails at end of vertical ridges.
- Constant sense of sickness

Additional acute symptoms (as of 12 August 1994):

- Warm/cool alternating, localized sensations in left pectoral muscle and left rib cage
- Lingering hot and cold sensation in chest after drinking hot and cold liquids
- Longer/stronger headaches and more muscle stiffness if sugar is eaten.
- Mild neurological symptoms
- lots of dreams and nightmares
- reduced concentration
- mild, short term, memory loss
- Cool sensations from knees down - 6/7 August 1994
- Slurring of speech - 9 August 1994
- Tingling of left jaw and face, twitching of left eye - 12 August 1994

Third treatment with antibiotics beginning 12 August 1994:

Six weeks of IV Rocephin (2 weeks of 2 gm, twice a day, then 4 weeks of 2 gm once a day), followed by 9 months of oral doxycycline (400 mg per day and biaxin 1000 mg per day).

All symptoms disappeared after one week of Rocephin and no symptoms reappeared while taking Rocephin. However, many symptoms came back within5 days of stopping Rocephin even though I was taking Biaxin and
Suprax. Switched antibiotics to Biaxin (1000mg) and doxycycline(400mg) and most symptoms disappeared again.

Temperature low (approximately one degree or more) for approximately 3 months (Sept thru Dec, 1994). Experienced other symptoms, periodically, until May 1995 when major symptoms reappeared. Those symptoms as of 19
June 95 were:

Sweet taste
Lots of activity ("crawly/itchy" sensation) in left side muscles.
"Crunchy"/itchy muscles in back and shoulders
Drippy nose in mornings
Itchy throat/hoarseness
Lots of arthritis/tendonitis in left arm
- Muscle/tendon irritation from left elbow to left shoulder
Bruising after very mild weight lifting
On/off cooling sensation in legs
Night sweats
Severe pain in entire left arm

On 19 June 95 asked doctor for prescription change to oral amoxicillin.

He did not want to do it but I pleaded for amoxicillin. He continued with the doxycycline (200mg per day) and gave me amoxicillin (1500mg per day w/probenicid) but only for 30 days. Severe pain in left arm
disappeared after only two days of amoxicillin.

On 10 July 95 I found a Lyme disease literate doctor who has kept me on amoxicillin (6000mg - that's 6.0 grams per day) and Biaxin (500mg, twice per day). He intends to continue the amoxicillin and Biaxin for at
least 12 months or until all symptoms have disappeared for at least three months.

Long term amoxicillin has definitely helped as almost all symptoms have disappeared. Presently, 26 May 1997, I feel good. I have learned that I must limit my exercise, otherwise, my progress is slowed or some of
the symptoms - headaches, bruises, etc., return. Currently, I jog approximately 50 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week and do some light weight lifting twice a week. I recently cut back the Biaxin to 500mg in the
morning and find that I feel better and sleep better. I continue taking 6.0 grams amoxicillin per day and my health continues to improve.

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