Clinic for Treatment

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Clinic for Treatment

Post by Jays mom » Wed 26 Aug 2015 9:46

Hello friends
I am mother of an 18 years old son with PANDAS from the age of 4 ( diagnosed at 12 ) and before one month diagnosed with Bartonella through Igenex in U.S. We live in Greece and unfortunately here there is not the knowledge to help my son
My son issues from Bartonella is OCD ,brain fog,pain in ears and sound sensitivity and last year panick attacks with rages.
The problem is that when I try to give the combo of antibiotics -that suggest the dr form US - my son herx very badly ( also with the minimum of dose and with lot of detox)
So I try to find a doctor and a clinic in Europe to make the treatment or to start the treatment because my son suffer a lot at this moment!
I am new in the group and I appreciate any help from you!

Thanks a lot

Maria -Jaysmom

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