Help- Childs arthritis not going away

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Help- Childs arthritis not going away

Post by shl73 » Sun 5 Jun 2016 17:41

My son has a lyme knee that even though the pain has subsided and he is walking around fine , the knee swelling will not go down.

This Thursday will be his last day of Doxycycline. He has been on it 2 months.

Why won't this swelling go away?

Still lyme ? Or now overactive immune re response?

Rheumatologist seems to believe he now needs to keep anti-inflammatory in him see if that resolves it. Also said they have treated children with this" after antibiotic continuing swelling " by pulling out the fluid and putting in a small amount of localized steroid. Helps calm the overactive immune attack.

Does anyone know if this is just something that takes along time to go down?

Wouldn't he still be having pain ,etc. If it was still lyme attacking?

Anyone have children with Lyme arthritis??

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