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Cured of Psoriais through same treatment

Posted: Wed 8 Jun 2016 2:17
by raymesquite
In 2005, Dr. William Harvey told me that he could cure me of my psoriasis. Years earlier, two dermatologists had confirmed that I had the disease. My bloodwork was sent to the Bowen Research and Training Institute. For six months, I was on zithromax, metronidazole and diflucan. By the time my prescription was completed. I had no signs of psoriasis. I have been free of the disease for 11 years now. Dermatologists have told me that I must not have had the disease since it's incurable. I was also told by another that it must be dormant from the treatment. Yet, I still have no signs of it. Dr. Harvey has passed away, but he told me that the treatment involved killing the borrelia spirochete that harms the immune cells. He said it's similar to how multiple sclerosis and Lyme disease gets started. I'm sure people may have their doubts, but after 11 years I'm very happy about my treatment. I sent an email to the Psoriasis Foundation that a cure is actually here, but have never gotten a response. Wish they would communicate this to patients with psoriasis.