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Is it possible that LD affects some motor nerve but with neither sensory symptoms nor pain?

Posted: Wed 12 Apr 2017 13:56
by nibil

Does anyone know about someone who got Neuroborreliosis only affecting motor nerves?
I've read that this could be Bannwarth's Syndrome, or radiculitis, but I'm a bit confused about all this terms...

Last June I got Lyme disease in Czech Republic. After a few days from the tick bite, I started to feel bed, with my lower-back especially painful, followed by flu-like symptoms and I could not almost eat for about 4 days, just lay in bed. Short afterwards, I got the erythrema migrans and, with the help of a serological test, we concluded it was Lyme disease. I took Cefuroxime for 3 weeks and the test was then negative. The thing is that about 2 months after the tick bite, I realized that the second big toe of my left foot was not working properly. It didn’t hurt and the sensitivity was normal, but the motor part was not working. It was just always lower than the rest of the toes and didn’t make any resistance if I tried to push it up while pressing down with a finger. In an electromyogram, they saw that some nerve on that leg was not working well, but with an MRI image of the foot, they could not see anything. It’s been almost 8 months since I first noticed the problem with my toe, but it’s still the same. I thought it might be related to the Lyme disease I got, and that makes me worried. I live in Spain, and doctors here are not very familiarized with this disease, and that’s why I do a lot of research on my own.
Do you know how this radiculitis can be diagnosed? I read that in some cases, neuroborrelisis can be seen with MRI, but I don't know if in my case it would also be like this...

Thank you very much in advanced for your replies :)