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Posted: Mon 8 May 2017 13:31
by Barbara
Hi everyone, my name is Barbara and am new to lymenet, I've had lyme going on for 7 years now, last year I had IV AB for three weeks and everything seemed to be going reasonably well for quite some time. 2 weeks ago I had a breakin at my home after going out for the evening, of course I was extremely angry . Shortly after I had really heavy heart palpitations and could hardly sleep for shooting pains in my legs. I have to say, although the pains have not left as yet, they're not quite as bad as the first night gollowing the breakin.. Iv'e also had frequent bouts of sudden tiredness since then too. I can't be sure if this is Lyme reactivated or just stress!!
I'd be grateful for any reactions, thank you..
Greetings Barbara