TMJ disorder vs Lyme

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TMJ disorder vs Lyme

Postby fortesque » Tue 9 Dec 2008 1:01

Hi again, as I've been diagnosed with Lyme but first got treated for Temporo-Mandibular Joint disorder I was wondering if there was an existing debate about this.

Let me explain:

As I said in a previous post I just found out I had Lyme but apart from the depersonalization (ehem, yeah it is quite a big deal but it's fading!) the treatment I received for my TMJ disorder is really helping me recover from all the crazy symptoms I had: brain fog, dizzines, vertigo, fybromalgia, chronic fatigue, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, blurred vision, etc...

I related my symptoms to TMJ the one day I managed to open my mouth wide open despite the pain, and all of the sudden the brain fog disappeared. I went on TMJ sufferers forums and they are as well millions of silent sufferers who are misdiagnosed and are going through a hell of a time without finding a proper answer. For info the most famous example of a TMJ sufferer is Burt Reynolds.

When you see all the symptoms it really looks like Lyme is TMJD's evil twin! It's a non exhaustive list as well and it's different for almost every case.

The scariest thing is that to be diagnosed for TMJD and to get a treatment it will take you I guess as long as for Lyme: I've seen dozens of doctors, did CT, MRI, went to see some reknown dental surgeons in vain. I finally found an ostheopath who is also a dentist and I am know wearing his custom made mini-splints (they are actually one of a kind because they are like a normal occlusal splint, only divided in two parts that fit only on the top of the molars, so my front teeth are free). So as you'll understand it's as difficult to find a TMJD litterate doctor than a Lyme one!

And now these are the scientifical facts: Lyme can cause TMJ (because of the arthritis of the joints), and on the other hand fibromalgya, bipolar disorder (among many things) can be caused by TMJ (and surprisingly enough in most cases it appears that many fibro sufferers wore braces when they were teens)... Unfortunately it's even difficult for one to know he is a TMJ sufferer: it' s like an EMR: some can rely on an obvious symptom (pain in the jaw) and some don't.

I am a newbie here but a long time Lyme sufferer without knowing it and this is just my humble opinion based on my experience. Because I wandered in an other medical approach I thought offering my point of view could be of some interest. I saw in some posts that a few people are desperately looking for some Lyme evidence for years and maybe some of them could find some relief doing a condyl xray thus find a drug-free improvement in another field... but in both ways it's a long and lonely road!!!

I don't want to cause chaos here, but as I said: I was bitten by a tick many years ago and found a way to get better without even knowing what Lyme was.

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Re: TMJ disorder vs Lyme

Postby cave76 » Tue 9 Dec 2008 15:46

Good information about TMJ disorders.

Years ago when I was working as a dental hygienist (B.T. before tick) and when TMJ disorders first appeared on the horizon, I worked for a dentist who became known (behind his back) as TMJ Ray. LOL

He made a fortune off of that.

Not to say that TMJ disorder doesn't exist! Not at all---- it does and it can be very painful for some.

It seems as if in your case it did indeed cause many problems and I'm glad they're resolved.

But this is a warning to others------ you need to be dx'd by a very reputable dentist (almost as hard to find as top tier llmds). Get second opinions. And don't go for any of the operations that are said to 'cure' it---- until you're SURE it's the right thing to do. (I know of two women who were almost disfigured by that)

As a side note---- I've had TMJ problems since in my teens and no other problems until the tick. Still have the 'clicking jaw' and every so often a bit of pain when opening my mouth. (Shush, you guys LOL)

Some times a minor TMJ problem can be controlled by adjusting the bite---- either wearing a guard or even as simple as the dentist grinding off tiny bits of enamel on selected teeth (absolutely painless).

Just saying ....... and not saying that fortesque is wrong. Just be cautious.

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Re: TMJ disorder vs Lyme

Postby Yvonne » Tue 9 Dec 2008 17:18

fortesque , you can read more about Lyme and TMJ disorders here :

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Re: TMJ disorder vs Lyme

Postby LymeEnigma » Thu 11 Dec 2008 19:34

I developed TMJ pain (couldn't open my mouth beyond 50%) during my first few months of azithromycin, but it resolved on its own and has not recurred. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a direct correlation between some cases of TMJ and Lyme, although I'm sure there are numerous other causes, as well.

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Re: TMJ disorder vs Lyme

Postby dental2009 » Wed 29 Jul 2009 20:26

It is funny, because I automatically assumed I had "TMJ", without even really researching it. I was a heavy teeth grinder/clencher with massive pain. Turns out I just had a habit. I ended up purchasing a mouth guard from this company called TotalGard online. My teeth grinding/clenching came to a halt! I feel great .. Nicely put though! :mrgreen:

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