discredited? I dont think so......

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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by Cobwebby » Thu 15 Jan 2009 16:59

Here's another example -totally not Lyme Related but relevant...

Our Mayor Sheila Dixon has recently been indicted for theft fraud misappropriation etc. It's all in the news.
However she has NOT been found guilty-yet it would seem in the media -she has been discredited. No matter what positive press she gets- people seem to jump on the negative.

I aggree with OG that LymeMD should not have said these docs are discredited-because just making that statement seems to make it so-whether LymeMD agrees or not. It's in print. It can be taken out of context even though I understand what he means. Reputations are rumors and reputations are hard to shake.
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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by newlylymie » Thu 15 Jan 2009 19:28

Hi Itsy!!!

I think we both interpreted the blog in the same way. You made many excellent points...nice to see you again.

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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by LymeEnigma » Fri 16 Jan 2009 3:30

We must take into account that the opinions expressed here and the opinions of the majority of the medical community may differ ... and significantly. Martian makes a great point about ILADS doing little to buffer their reputation, and Itsy's post explains the problem as eloquently as ever.

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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by lostgurl » Tue 17 Feb 2009 19:37

This first post is true, he's right, and that is a crying shame. I know for us it seems unreal for mainstream physicians and GOOD ones who go that extra mile to not know about this. They use THEIR resources, publications devised for THEM and whoever is backing any number of their resources, is for sure not Lyme aware and if they are, they make sure to keep the lid on tight.
Going to an MD who is open to suggestions, since now so many go with the statement 'I found this on the internet and I think....' well, normally , some will look into it and go as far as do a bit of research, become aware of the 'possible' controversy, but, in the end, they will NOT stray from the path of what they are taught. Even those docs who may know Lyme sufferers, former or current patients, will continue to not believe or put the patient on the witness stand and seek 'proof' over and over, keeping that closed mind the whole time.
What a waste when they could make such a difference with the knowledge and experience they encounter when their patients don't give up, find an LLMD, get their results, reporting this back and attempting education to no avail to all who will listen in the local med community, and in the end skepticism reigns, ignorance can sometimes , most of the time be fatal. This one I stand by. They have not a clue, even ID docs who are so well respected, won't touch it with a ten foot pole. In my neck of the woods anyways, even in CT, northeast where we all ASSUME that everyone is super aware, not so. Hats off to those who continue to question and not 'take to their beds'
Pharmacists are more Lyme aware than physicians.

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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by Martian » Sat 14 Mar 2009 23:01

Source: http://lymemd.blogspot.com/2009/02/lyme ... nking.html
lyme4achange said...
There was a broo-ha-ha on other more scientifically oriented forums when you made the comment a few months ago about certain docs being 'discredited'. There was a complete misunderstanding about what you meant by that. I have been attacked online for making comments exactly like those...but many lyme patients are either unable or unwilling to see the truth behind the dogma.
This raises some questions:

WHO allegedly had a "complete misunderstanding" about what the writer of the LymeMD blog meant by the comment about certain docs being 'discredited', and HOW does lyme4achange allegedly know that?
HOW does lyme4achange allegedly completely understand what the blog owner meant, and WHAT exactly did the blog owner meant?

If something was misunderstood here, perhaps by me as well, I certainly would like to know.

BTW: I believe I have been confusing a user of lymenet.org with the user name lymie_in_md with the owner of this blog called LymeMD! (assuming they were the same person!)

Äbout the owner of that blog:
Lyme report: Montgomery County, MD
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Re: discredited? I dont think so......

Post by Fin24 » Sun 15 Mar 2009 5:01

fyi Lymie_in_Md is indeed NOT the LymeMd. the former is also using that name on Lymefriends and has caused much consternations there as well.

and youre correct that LymeMd is the Dr

the blog accepts all comments and so maybe if you pose your questions there they may well be answered ( just a suggestion)

by posing them here arent you "inviting" the cross posting and the lurking, by expecting that poster to be back here?

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