James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Fin24 » Mon 23 Nov 2009 23:54

here is the very thorough DISCLAIMER from his Babesia book--after reading this why would anyone ever BUY the thing??

it shows a complete CMA and if he wont/cant stand up to his own words why should anyone else believe him?? and note too how he blames patients for SELF TREATING-- totally absolving himself from liability

and plese look for the one I underlined--His pants must really be on fire now
Dr. Schaller is not a specialist in infectious diseases.
He is not a pathologist.
Dr. Schaller is only interested in four infections and has read and published on only these four.
The medical ideas, health thoughts, health comments, products and any claims made about specific illnesses, diseases, and causes of health problems in this book are purely speculative, hypothetical, and are not meant to be authoritative in any setting.
No comment or image has been evaluated by the FDA, CDC, NIH, IDSA or the AMA.
Never assume any United States medical body, society, or the majority of American physicians endorse any comment in this book.
Nothing in this book is to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
It [the book] is not intended as a substitute for the advice from your physician or other health care professionals.
No patient should use the information in this book for the diagnosis or treatment of any health problems, or for the prescription of any medication or other treatment.
Dr. Schaller does not claim to be an expert in any illness, disease or treatment.[/b]
Babesia or Bartonella treatment comments and reports of possible positive or negative treatment outcomes are hypothetical.
Some reports in this book are the result of various novel self-dosing, self-initiated by proactive patients.
In this book, Dr. Schaller makes no authoritative or proven claim about any lab testing or treatment.
Dr. Schaller only offers hypothetical ideas.
This book is not meant to be an informal or formal guideline book that presumes to control 800,000 physicians, or the 300 million patients they serve.
Dr. Schaller makes no claim to be an expert in any aspect of medicine.
He makes no claim to know more than other physicians.
Additionally, Dr. Schaller makes no claims that any statement in this book is correct.

the LAST line is too funny--then why bother to READ the thing????

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by CherylLI » Wed 10 Feb 2010 22:04

Hi. I'm new to posting here. I appreciate the fact that a number of Dr. Schaller threads remain here despite the unfortunate censorship that has occurred elsewhere.

Here is a longer list of sites that seem to be Dr. James Schaller's. There sure are a lot of illness-specific domain names for someone who "does not claim to be an expert in anything."

Also, I recently learned of lymeinfogroup.com, a site that posts Dr. Schaller's info and refers to his website. I would like to make it clear that there is no connection at all between that site and http://www.lymeinfo.net. I can see how that new site might be confusing, which I suspect is intentional. I definitely would not want anyone to misinterpret that other site as LymeInfo support for James Schaller.


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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Fin24 » Thu 11 Feb 2010 8:50

thank you Cheryl for posting

I am so sorry that your site was targeted for what may be revenge--I mean IMO why would anyone take a name so similar if not to cash in on the other's reputation and familiarity in the community??

what do you think provoked such a move, after all I know that he knows about your website---he mentions it several times on his own website and even praised it.

and that lost of websites is growing daily or so it seems!!!

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by CherylLI » Fri 12 Feb 2010 0:42

Hi Fin24. In reviewing the lymeinfogroup site, I mainly see articles taken from the personalconsult site. So yes, I do feel it is promoting Schaller by taking advantage of the reputation of LymeInfo, a site Schaller had described favorably.

Speaking of personalconsult, aren't there some really strange articles there? These come to mind:

http://www.personalconsult.com/articles ... pathy.html

http://www.personalconsult.com/articles ... abuse.html

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Fin24 » Fri 12 Feb 2010 3:25

wow I cant beleive this:Can it be that he is trying to blame things on the disease when it may possibly be that theyre vocalizing valid complaints about treatment by him?

from first link:
Narcissism—they believe they have the answers, despite prolonged and failed treatment. They think they know areas they have no training in such as costs to be educated for NP, PA, DO, ND or MD. They act as if they know the costs to be an MD each year, costs to research or attend conferences, costs for any book, costs to do a blind study, costs to have lawyers, costs for malpractice insurance, costs for staffing, etc.

Entitlement—massive demands for time and huge expectations

Short term memory is decreased—so patients forget instructions

Rage—evidence of huge amounts of time not helping people, but attacking.

Weird posts on the motives of respected clinicians.

Black and White Thinking—past or current healers are the devil or great.

Slowed Learning—they read a book and do not seem to absorb large sections.

Criminal actions, e.g., stealing PDF books which has possible five year jail term, stealing identities, making extreme bizarre accusations, posting home addresses to provoke some attack or _________ on a physician, local politician or insurance staff who is not approving a treatment. I assume the writer or poster also wants harm to come to the family of these individuals.

FIN note--like maybe claiming to be TROY MARKS???

Hate over fees—they do not appreciate offering treatment for a possibly fatal illness has massive risks. They have no knowledge of expenses just to run an office or lost income just publishing a small journal article. They suffer from a regressed primitive personality that wants the physician to be a mother and offer free unconditional love.

Trivia Complaints—small matters are made into matters worthy of immense time and hateful accusations which are amplified 20x from the brain pathology. Some actually hate some physicians, and instead of moving on and finding a good fit and getting well, they attack someone who is not meeting their perfection standards, which usually include taking insurance, very low rates and mother-like care with free emergency access and free email medicine.

Rape of Physician Boundaries—they want to take five physicians and rip them apart, and take the things they like in each one, to make a perfect MD that meets their standards.

what does that last one even MEAN???

the second link about "Bart personalities" is another hoot

Im left to wonder how many mirrors are in place at the author's workplace.

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Fin24 » Fri 12 Feb 2010 3:26

I shoulda asked BEFORE clicking the links but--do you know if his site is monetized?? meaning that every click brings him money?? so that "hits" translate into dollars??

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by CherylLI » Sat 13 Feb 2010 20:23

It sure sounds to me like the author of those articles does not like patients much at all. His tone is like nothing I've read by ILADS doctors.

Here's some of what others have written:

A previous version of that page was taken from LymeInfo and copied onto Dr. Schaller's website without my permission. Would that be what he refers to in the Bartonella Rage article as "theft of information?"

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by CherylLI » Sat 13 Feb 2010 20:29

Fin24 wrote:and that lost of websites is growing daily or so it seems!!!
Sure seems like it! Two more:


"Patient Consults require at least 90 minutes or $5400.00."
Ummm, do I need glasses?

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Fin24 » Sat 13 Feb 2010 23:53

idiopathic hypereosinophilia??? the illness he calls a "cured cancer" that he was first to do???

yet the same meds used were being written about for YEARS and there was even a May 2001 Time Mag article about HES and similar illnesses being controlled by the same med just 4 months prior to his Sept 2001 revelation

what makes that dr at that price, an "expert" in that illness????

I see one of the top 3 experts of dysautonomia in the WORLD and he too sees me for about 90 minutes and we pay about $600-800 for that!!!

for $5400 he better be putting people up in a spa for 2 WEEKS or offering a free cruise too!!

I peeked at the site and OMG--even to speak with your own Dr and tell them exactly what they can easily find on their own and NEVER SEE you costs $1800 in 30 minute units
Non-Patient Consults are in 30 minute units for initial contacts and are $1800.00
and he states this
Yet most importantly, if you have emerging deer tick infection that is causing HES
WHERE does it say that Lyme causes HES?>???

HERE is something of interest
This is a full-time research practice only offering services on a wide range of medical problems to 19 hours of patients per week.
no wonder he only sees pts 19 hrs/week--at those prices he can afford to be out on his boat typing at the laptop--which we hear he does almost all day, too!

I wonder if those 19 hrs are at the $3600 or the $5400 hourly rate??
at the lower its still-$68,400 PER WEEK

Many with Lyme dont make that in a YEAR let alone a WEEK

AND he isnt even a specialist of hemotology!!!---he had training as a children's psychiatrist and a minister.
HOW can the Fla Bd of Medicine allow this??? WHO would pay that to see him???

No wonder he sees pts once if at all, then does all follow ups by phone--but WAIT--isnt that why Dr Jones is being charged??? treating by phone?? HOW is it that this Dr isnt being investigated by his state's Bd of Medicine??

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Re: James L. Schaller, MD, MAR, PA, DABPN, DABFM, CMI, CMR, PA

Post by Spanky » Sun 14 Feb 2010 17:34

Here's something that I posted in another thread here...FYI:

Well, not "LLMD"s so much, but posters should be more cautious in talking about MDs. We are talking about statements that may injure a person in their professional or business capacity. Hit them right in the wallet. (And remember, we are only talking about false statements, here).

Under American law...damage to professional reputation is what is known as a "per se" category, where damges are inferred.

It seems that some are under the very false impression that the internet is some sort of magical place where the laws pertaining to libel do not exist...or that they can otherwise transform defamatory allegations of fact into non-actionable substance by simply adding the words "in my opinion".

Not so.

Posters should exercise caution when talking about an MD's professional reputation. And posters should NOT put the moderators of various boards in the unenviable position of trying to decide what is a problematic statement and what is not.

When in doubt...simply DON'T.

There used to be a simple rule of limiting your remarks to "can recommend" or can't...and if there was to be further elaboration, you would do this off-board, via private mail, and only then, limiting to personal experience.

Just common sense.

In my opinion.
http://www.lymeneteurope.org/forum/view ... =11&t=2847

NOW...please also consider CAREFULLY what the following may indicate about websites' potential liability:
Plaintiffs can successfully set aside CDA 230 Immunity in cases that allege that a website is an "Information/Internet Content Provider," or "Information/Internet Content Facilitator" with respect to the information at issue.

According to Madeline Rodriguez in her seminal law review article entitled "Reexamining Section 230 of the CDA and Online Anonymous Speech: Defamation on the Internet and the Websites That Facilitate It," there are three tiers of liability under the CDA 230, from lowest liability to greatest:

(1) Internet Service Providers ("ISPs");

(2) Internet/Information Content Providers ("ICPs"); and

(3) Internet Content Facilitators ("ICFs").

According to her article, and her cited sources by Brandy Jennifer Glad, “Determining What Constitutes Creation or Development of Content Under the Communications Decency Act,” Southwestern University Law Review 34 (2004), 258, Barry J. Waldman, “A Unified Approach to Cyber-Libel: Defamation on the Internet, a Suggested Approach,” Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, 6 (Fall 1999), 9, and Bryan J. Davis, “Untangling the ‘Publisher’ Versus ‘Information Content Provider’ paradox of Section 230: Toward A Rational Application of the Communications Decency Act in Defamation Suits Against Internet Service Providers,” New Mexico Law Review 32 (Winter 2002), if an ICP, and certainly an ICF, has reason to know, or anticipate, that at least some of the postings on their website are defamatory, false, anonymous, annoying, or harassing in nature, then they will be considered a co-author of the defamatory, false, anonymous, annoying, or harassing postings, and just as liable as the original poster, losing their CDA 230 immunity completely, and be subject to full monetary, legal, and equitable damages by an aggrieved party.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_23 ... ecency_Act

IF you value this site as an alternative to the mainstream sources of Lyme-cultism...then WHY continue to expose it to potential claims?

An unmoderated site is, of course available at sci.med. The only person currently posting there is a member of your group, last I heard...if you just can't restrain, edit, yourself (apparently not)...why don't you simply post it there?

http://groups.google.com/group/sci.med. ... yme/topics

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