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Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Sat 12 Apr 2014 2:16
by X-member
We have a rather huge problem in Sweden and that is that many people that are given the diagnosis chronic (Lyme) borreliosis (= late Lyme disease), think that they are diagnosed with chronic persistent (Lyme) borreliosis instead.

I have edited this post, since it was a bit hard to explain the problem.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Wed 7 May 2014 23:30
by X-member
And......more from the Swedish blogger

Sjutton myter om borrelia

(Seventeen myths about Lyme disease) ... -borrelia/

A google translated quote:
Myth 16: Lyme disease is behind MS, Alzheimer's disease and skin disease Morgellons.

Some "alternative Lyme disease doctors' claims to see a connection between Lyme disease and chronic neurological diseases, while infectious disease specialists and neurologists do not believe in such a thing.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Wed 7 May 2014 23:46
by duncan

What's it called when a scientific hypothesis, backed by substantive data collected in a rigorous fashion, is deliberately colored as fiction? Not merely incorrect or inaccurate, but as fantasy?

Would it be "spin"?

Good find, X-member.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Fri 13 Jun 2014 22:21
by X-member
And ......... more from this blogger.

SVT sänder propaganda för ”kronisk borrelia”

(In English: Swedish television broadcast propaganda about "late Lyme disease") ... -borrelia/

Ps! In Sweden kronisk borrelia stands for late Lyme disease. Ds.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Wed 18 Jun 2014 21:58
by X-member
When this blogger write "kronisk borrelia" (= chronic Lyme borreliosis/late Lyme disease) WITH quotation marks, he do this to say that some patients has not been given the correct diagnosis.

But many people don't understand what those darn (sorry) quotation marks stands for, and many people instead think that this blogger say that kronisk borrelia don't exist.

I have many, many times tried to explain the problem to the blogger, and suggested that he should use other ways to say what he wants to say, but he don't stop.

And "as an excuse" for this he has referred to a site from the Swedish health care, that also use quotation marks on "kronisk borrelia" to say "something else".

But now the blogger can not do this any longer, since the site from the health care have changed their information.

They (1177) gave me the following answer by mail:
We here at 1177 Vårdguiden want of course that our content should be reliable and accurate and also comprehensible and accessible. I agree with you that it was strange quotation marks around "kronisk borrelia", so we change the text.
And now (I think) this blogger is the only person in Sweden that uses those darn (sorry) quotation marks to say "something else", when it comes to kronisk borrelia that actually exists.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Thu 25 Sep 2014 14:52
by X-member
Alternativ borrelialäkare förlorar legitimationen för alltid ... or-alltid/

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Wed 29 Oct 2014 16:22
by X-member
Kolloidalt silver till barnen ... ll-barnen/

Ett klipp/a quote:
En del propagerar för silver mot "kronisk" borrelia. En treåring ansågs har fått kongenital borreliainfektion överförd in utreo. Hans mamma inledde behandlingen med kolloidalt silver, men rekommenderar att man kombinerar silver med skolmedicinska antibiotika, vars effekt påstås förstärka läkemedlens antibakteriella verkan mot borrelia och andra fästingburna infektioner.
Edit to add:

Translated with google translate:
Some propagate silver against "chronic" Lyme disease. A three year old was considered to have had congenital Lyme disease transmitted in utero. His mother began treatment with colloidal silver, but recommends that combines silver with school medical antibiotics, the effect of which is claimed to enhance the medicinal antibacterial activity against Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Tue 11 Nov 2014 12:50
by X-member
SVT fällda för film om ”kronisk borrelia” ... -borrelia/

Ps! Kronisk borrelia (chronic borreliosis) stands for an active, ongoing borrelia infection for more than 6 months in Sweden. Ds.

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Sat 27 Dec 2014 16:01
by X-member
Norrköpings tidningar underblåser ”kronisk borrelia” ... -borrelia/

Re: A Swedish blogger

Posted: Tue 20 Jan 2015 18:15
by X-member