Top 25 most viewed topics of LymeNet Europe 2014

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Top 25 most viewed topics of LymeNet Europe 2014

Post by admin » Sat 3 Jan 2015 17:18

The LymeNet Europe topics from 2014 that were most popular are listed below.

Top 25 most viewed topics of LymeNet Europe 2014

25. Definition of late-stage Lyme disease
25. Rebuttal published to CDC vs Advanced in J Clin Microbiology
These topics actually didn't make it to the top 25, but 38 posts were split from the latter and moved to the other new topic. Together they have enough views for a top 25 ranking and both have a top 10 ranking for the number of posts. That's why I am putting them both at nr. 25.

24. New treatment clues, and acknowledgment of persisters

23. Why is the CDC Trying to Block an Accurate Lyme Disease Test

22. Canada's LD Bill C-442 -- March 3rd 11 am EST

21. Antibiotics: The Fat Drug

20. AIDS Vaccine Fraud -- Interesting.

19. Big Data To Help NIH's UDP

18. Venting on culturing spirokeets and other stuff

17. NIH Wants Reproducibility

16. Eva Sapi study about new Borrelia blood culture test


14. Metal Allergy in Some FM & MCS Patients

13. MMWR:Concerns Regarding a New Culture Method for Borrelia bu

12. Chronic coinfections in patients diagnosed with chronic Lyme

11. Xenodiagnosis in Humans to Detect Bb infection

10. L70 Slovenian human BLOOD CUTURES positiveBORRELIA Strle 2001

9. Breakthrough for Treating Lyme Disease

8. Borrelia grow in culture - Multiple Sclerosis Spinal fluid

7. Treatment Options for Bartonella Infections

6. Chronic Lyme and the Microbiome - FMT?

5. Chronic Lyme disease = Late Lyme disease

4. Silver makes antibiotics thousands of times more effective

3. LymePolicyWonk: Patient-Powered Research and Lyme Disease

2. Lyme Disease May Be Sexually Transmitted, Study Suggests

1. Patient-Formulated Lyme Disease Survey Draft
The number 1, viewed almost 10000 times and with 357 replies also the topic from 2014 with most posts.

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