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"Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Fri 30 Oct 2015 17:19
by X-member
I found this:
Since 1999, ActionLyme has been proposing a model of Chronic Lyme based on the fact that the OspA vaccines were causing it too. And at the FDA hearing, Jan 2001, I mentioned that OspA was known to induce the immunosuppressive cytokine IL-10 (Mario Philipp) and Dattwyler's report about incompetent NK cells in Chronic Lyme,... stating that LYMErix seemed to be activating a latent infection (we thought it was spirochetes, but it turned out to be the herpesviruses), via this immunosuppression. ILADS and all the non-profits except, our partners, insist Chronic Lyme is about "spirochetes, and coinfections and biofilms" (Oh! My!), but scientifically, that is clearly wrong.
Spirochetes do not form colonies in vivo, and only people with the HLA-linked hypersensitivity issues have a problem with biofilms. To Wit, most of you still have your teeth and they did not fall out due to "biofilms." Your body for the most part does not even see biofilms. And how can it be about spirochetes if OspA vaccination caused the same systemic disease ??
After playing Town Crier about this for over 10 years, finally someone treated cancer patients (unsurprising since we are talking about EBV, mainly, in leukemia) with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and found a 67 and 64% cure rate with a drug that goes after bad, EBV-mutated B cells, Rituximab. The first such study on this came out in October 19th, 2011 (67% cure rate). The second one came out in July 2015 (64% cure rate). What do you say when the treatment overwhelmingly appears to fit the model of the disease we have been trying to explain to you for 16+ years? When are you going to be done with ILADS? See the pinned post about Occam's Razor in this Occupy the USDOJ group for all the razors.
And this on facebook:
Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome. Immunosuppression, reactivated herpesviruses leading to the "Great Imitators," opportunistic infections of all kinds, fungal-viral synergy and badly cloned b-cells unable to transport oxygen. The LYMErix vaccine caused the same disease with just one antigen, OspA, from borrelia, so the disease is not about persistent spirochetes, biofilms or coinfections--the three things ILADS focuses on most. However, they will happily malpractice treat you til you're broke.
So, I tried to inform the woman (she is from US) that chronic Lyme borreliosis stands for late Lyme disease in Norway and Sweden and in many other countries. She replied that those physicians are "crooks" and "dumb" and then she blocked me.

What did I do wrong?

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 1:47
by Lorima
I sent you a PM.

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Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 3:02
by duncan
I don't know why this woman has a beef just with ILADS. For me her mindset is undermined by this fixation on ILADS (if these two snippets are representative). If her argument had merit, both ILADS and IDSA would be irrelevant, and her ire would be spread accordingly. But because she seems to invoke politics, for me her stock gets devalued.

People have been arguing over whether or not chronic Lyme equates to ME/CFS for many years. No one has yet nailed down anything definitive. Polemics aside, diagnostics have failed both camps. I strongly suspect some of the IDSA gang would love to unload Late Stage cases on the CFS doorstep. See much talk of Late Stage challenges or research from this crew in the past five or so years?

Can Lyme trigger ME/CFS? It would appear so. IS Lyme ME/CFS? No

This is a definitional thing. Undertreated Lyme is Lyme. Period.

While we're talking ME/CFS shop...

Big doings on the ME/CFS front. The PACE Trials and its psych authors are getting schooled and it is a magical thing to watch. At the same time, our friends at the NIH reportedly may be moving ME/CFS out of the Office of Research on Women's Health and into NINDS - in effect, for some, a political denunciation of the BPS perspective.

The timing of a PACE Trials Study "endorsement" in the Telegraph, immediately on the heels of the NY Times David Tuller's piece dissecting said PACE Trials results and methodology, and then the NIH press release announcing a new commitment to ME/CFS research, punctuated with the shift in purview...

This has implications for Lyme sufferers, some evident, some not so clear.

Over in the UK, fractured elements of the BPS school may be losing sleep - alleged gaping flaws in the infamous PACE trials are being exposed for the world to see. This may signal a slow retreat from ME/CFS. Let's just hope they don't set their next target on Lyme patients.

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Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 14:43
by hv808ct
You’re talking to crazy people again. In this case, Kathleen Dickson, who was a fugitive in the state of Connecticut, wanted for harassment and threatening, and locked up for her own good. Unfortunately, the “accelerated rehab” didn’t take. ... ksonSm.jpg

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 14:50
by duncan
You've got to get a life, hv808ct. :)

Any thoughts on the apparent dismantling of the PACE Trials methodologies and results? After all, the BPS school has been turned to by some in a somewhat desperate and vaguely unstable effort to discredit the idea of chronic Lyme.

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Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 15:54
by nnecker
Yeah hv808ct,get a life.Go talk to some crazy people or something.

You can start with Wakeup:
From LymeNut.kook
Member #9977

Personally I believe that Sapi and MacDonald are being "character assassinated" because there is a military- industrial aspect to the spin on Lyme disease. In short, Im saying that "the reason" is not just about financial gain or scientific obstinance. The reason is: NATO military intelligence (MI5 and CIA) wants the information and research suppressed and they want complete control over diagnostic testing.........

My humble opinion is if we still have energy to whine, then we have energy to come together for a solution!! We just have to make a decision that this is what we want, and we have to take responsibility by openly asking questions about scientific fraud, weaponized spirochete research that is the source of the coverup, and the media propaganda that bolsters this heinous coverup...........

I went to visit the Rockefeller estate Kykuit a while back, and it was littered with deer ticks.But the Rockefellers probably don't have to worry about deer ticks on their property, or Lyme disease, since Rockefeller University did a lot of the spirochete and biowarfare research decades ago--- and they most likely have a cure....

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 16:15
by duncan
I guess it won't come as much of a shock to hear the BPS peeps also have a hard time sticking to topic when it comes to the PACE meltdown.

Now that the psych card has gone all gooey, what will some IDSA supporters do? Try their hand at science?

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 16:44
by X-member
The problem is that such information (see the first post) also are posted in Norwegian groups on facebook. So, now people in Norway think (or claim) that on the first day in the 7:th month they get "post-sepsis syndrome", reactivated Herpesvirus and "HIV-negative AIDS".

Edit to add:

Some of the information I gave the US woman (before she blocked me):

In Sweden chronic Lyme borreliosis stands for an active, ongoing borrelia infection for more than 6 months.

In Norway chronic Lyme borreliosis stands for an active, ongoing borrelia infection for more than 6 months.

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 21:24
by hv808ct
by duncan » Sat 31 Oct 2015 14:50

You've got to get a life, hv808ct.

Thanks. Got one. Which is why the lag time between my responses is greater than 7 minutes. Out enjoying the Halloweeners and dodging thunder and lightening. Drinking wine right now.

You should unplug, go outside and play, maybe roll in the grass in defiance of insects, arthropods, bacteria and other pint-size creatures. Show them what it means to have an endoskeleton.

Re: "Chronic Lyme is post-sepsis syndrome" ?

Posted: Sat 31 Oct 2015 21:43
by duncan
You're figuring out the time between my responses?



WAIT! How long was that since your post??