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Treatment failure, early (acute) and late (chronic) borreliosis?

Posted: Thu 5 Nov 2015 18:56
by X-member
Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme borreliosis
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A quote:
In the early stage, i. e. in the first 4 weeks after the start of infection, a failure rate of 10% is to be expected with antibiotic treatment. (121/135)
In the chronic forms, it is significantly higher at up to 50%. (30/31/52/55/74/99/121) Even earlier studies referred to the problem area of chronic Lyme borreliosis and the limits of its susceptibility to treatment. (31/55/59/61/62/65/92/94/121/138) In all these studies, the duration of treatment was generally limited to a maximum of four weeks. Considerable therapeutic failure rates occurred under these conditions, even with repeated courses of treatment. (78/82/90) The duration of treatment is of decisive importance for the success of antibiotic treatment.

Re: Treatment failure, early (acute) and late (chronic) borreliosis?

Posted: Sun 8 Nov 2015 16:50
by X-member