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Posted: Tue 19 Jul 2016 10:40
by Anonymous11233

Re: doctor needed germany or benelux

Posted: Wed 20 Jul 2016 1:13
by X-member

Borreliose Centrum Augsburg:

Dr. med. Wolfgang Klemann:

Re: doctor needed germany or benelux

Posted: Fri 22 Jul 2016 8:35
by Anonymous11233
Thank you.

Re: doctor needed germany or benelux

Posted: Sun 31 Jul 2016 16:54
by Martian
bartonellus wrote:i have herxes a lot while self treating and ended up with more symptoms than before.


I would like to detox more and idealy find someone who is aware of herxheimer, or can pulse dose or give byron white formulas (really I am open to a lot of things). On top of lyme I have active viral infections which need to be addressed also. I am really at my limit, having been through hell for 6 months herxing on plants and antibiotics on my own and trying to find a doctor. I knoe posting here is a long shot but perhaps I can find suggestions.
I would be careful with self-treatment and particularly with mixing of antibiotics and herbs, supplements, etc., because there may be negative and potentially dangerous interactions. Further, what it often thought to be "herxing", may very well be something else, like poisoning, an allergic reaction or other side-effects.

bartonellus wrote:I would be grateful to find a GP / specialist who is willing to help me (detox and treat), as I do not want to self treat without medical supervision or a hospital willing to take me in case of emergency.
You could ask the Dutch Lyme patients association NVLP:

NVLP website:
Contact page:

I suggest sending an e-mail, but I don't know which one is most fitted, they use several. Just try one.

Note: I do not necessarily endorse any recommended name, in fact I am sceptical of many of the so-called "Lyme specialists" in the Netherlands, Europe, and around the world.

Re: doctor needed germany or benelux

Posted: Tue 2 Aug 2016 19:46
by Anonymous11233
thank you for the recommendation.