Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Eire89 » Tue 25 Apr 2017 1:24

Dear Will,

I have studied your Lyme protocol of minocycline and tinidazole at length
and in great detail. Thank you for sharing the protocol and in such well
presented detail. I have also studied the many papers to which you give

There is one question that keeps coming back to haunt me. Do tetracyclines,
the family of abx to which minocycline belongs, and nitro-imidazoles, the
family to which tinidazole belongs inhibit each others action?

In Dr. Burrascano's Lyme treatment guidelines he informs the reader to not
combine abx of these two families for this very reason BUT in Dr. Sapi's
work she discovered that the most effective combination of abx to
quantitively reduce borrellia population was doxycycline and tinidazole,
which would imply a direct contradiction to Burrascano's recommendation.

It should be noted that Burrascano provides no references to any work
indicating tetracyclines and nitroimidazoles inhibit one another, whereas
Sapi is referring directly to one of her own laboratory studies. But
Burrascano must have had his reasons, what are your thoughts on the matter?

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health,

Kind regards,


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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Kodaska » Tue 11 Jul 2017 19:40

Based on Will's narrative, I've been treating my chronic Lyme disease with tinidazole. My protocol began with 250 mg 3x/day for 5 days. Then I stopped for 2 days. After that, I've been taking 500 mg each morning for 3 days, then none the next 2 days. So it's 3-2 pulsing. Since last January I've been taking a variety of herbal compounds based on Stephen Buhner's book "Healing Lyme," and I've continued that. I have not taken any other antibiotic other than a short course of artemisia.

Before this, 45%-60% of my days were what I would call bad days. Since starting tinidazole, about 75% have been bad ones, with good ones interspersed in 1's and 2's. On July 4th - the 40th day on tinidazole - I began a string of good days that is continuing, with today being the 8th in a row. I will finish out the 60-day course of treatment.

If Lyme symptoms return, rather than risking antibiotic resistance, I might take the following:
- Minocycline for spirochetes
- Artemisia for round bodies
- Lactoferrin for biofilms

Thanks to WIll for sharing his experience. I'm looking forward to relief from two years of disability.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Kodaska » Mon 24 Jul 2017 3:08

Well, it hasn't turned out as I expected. The string of good days ended at 10. I'm not sure how effective tinidazole is against biofilms, so on the 8th day of the series (the same day as my last post) I started taking lactoferrin, and I suspect it broke up some biofilms. Then I had a string of 8 bad days, a good day, and now today has been worse than most.

I wonder just how long this will last. I have one more day left in the 60-day course and I think I'll stop there and see what happens. I'll continue to take lactoferrin because it helps bone growth, which I need for my badly Lyme-damaged neck. If I keep getting symptoms I'll assume that the bugs aren't gone and will either return to tinidazole or follow the protocol I posted just above.

I've learned recently that borrelia have not been found to develop drug resistance. The only exception that I've found is that one strain is resistant to erythromycin.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by RobProblemSolver » Fri 5 Jan 2018 5:26

Will Wiegman wrote:The one huge fault I see in most protocols is that they ignore the findings of Dr. Eva Sapi who has determined that Borrelia which are not in the process of cell division, which is when most abx's kill them, will change their form or literally run and hide in the white tissues of the brain beyond the blood barrier within 1 1/2 hours of being exposed to abx's.

Or they will produce multiple blebs which are even smaller which are carried into safe havens by the blood stream. These small cysta forms can go up to 9 days before they have to 'hatch'.

'Brain Fog' is caused by Borrelia spirochetes who have inadvertently trapped themselves in the capillaries of the white matter of the brain.

At the junction of each capillary in the white matter of the brain where it connects to arterioles, there is a tiny single smooth muscle that closes off the capillary for a few seconds in a random order so as to allow oxygen and nutrients to disperse and CO2 and other waste matter to be absorbed into the blood stream and taken out of the brain tissue.

The spirochete's have an Outer Surface Protein that allows them to attach themselves to this smooth muscle and steal it's ATP for themselves.

This blocks the smooth muscle from opening back up the capillary to blood flow. The red blood cells die and get trapped in the capillary.

You have millions of capillaries there so it won't kill you but robs that tiny part of your brain of some of it's oxygen.

Open this article: [ ... at.1000090 ] and scroll down to the paragraph titled: 'Three-dimensional visualization of spirochetes interacting with the host microvasculature' and look at Figure A. You will see a Borrelia spirochete attached to the Precapillary Sphincter Muscle.

The capillaries can repair themselves by creating a film over the trapped dead blood cells and splitting open along that side, dumping out the contents, and then closing up the split. The dumped material is where the plaque comes from in Alzheimer's, which 'brain fog' mimics.

Because the dumped dead red blood cells contain Iron, the body releases Reelin [ ] from the hypocampus to clear out the toxic iron molecules.

Reelin has many functions in the body but one of them is that it helps to control your ability to walk in a straight line.
A weaving walk if a major symptom of Lyme Disease.

Hello Will Wiegman! Thanks, you probably saved me from a long, debilitating disease. I didn't copy your protocol, but I used some of the key information in your posts here in LymeNet, which is not found anywhere else on the Net.

In summary, I created my own anti-Lyme-and-co-infections regime (cure, if you prefer) which only took 53 days.

The symptoms were scary,

Btw, the single most important study on Lyme on the Internet is titled: Success Rates of Various Lyme Treatment Options – a Personal Study. Look at her charts/graphs.

Thankfully (law of appreciation) to you, your post on Dr. Eva Sapi's studies, the New York Post article on Yolanda Hadid, Dr. Zhang's John Hopkins info, etc etc, I am symptom free.

You can see my video in a few days on the Net, by doing a video search for Lyme, cured, 53 days, or something similar, and my video should come up on search engines.

Your posts in Lymenet contain nuggets which have not been discovered by most Lyme data-miners.

Btw, kudu's on helping the child in the GoFundMe campaign, whose dad says used your methodology.

My final two cents on people looking for the cure: Look at the charts in Success Rates of Various Lyme Treatment Options – a Personal Study, very very closely also.

Your information is awesome!!! And, I'm guessing that you are, too.


Rob in Vancouver

Will Wiegman
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 29 Jan 2019 2:14

Dear Doctor ____________________,
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my Lyme.
I have attached _________________________ immunology reports for your review.
Below I listed the following protocol and supportive evidence for addressing Lyme and other infections as an underlying cause of the behavioral symptoms and chronic health challenges that my child ________________ endures, instead of using the CDC Standard of Care for Lyme treatment.
On this protocol you do NOT take daily Doxycycline - the theory being that given daily in high doses, as the Standard of Care recommends or included in cocktails, Doxy simply creates more Borrelia and a more complicated infection and Symptoms Profile per the extensive research of Dr. Eva Sapi. Per her research, whenever Borrelia detects a fatal attack on itself it creates primitive egg-like cysts that contain the m-RNA to create the soft fatty protective eggshell and DNA to create another spirochete. These eggs have to hatch out in 9-17 days, potentially a week after the last dose of Doxy is gone from the bloodstream.
The treatment: Will Wiegman Protocol -
If you change the protocol, it won't work. It is designed around specific attributes of all the antibiotics, dosages and especially timing to kill the spirochetes when they cannot defend themselves.
1. Supplementing Amygdalin, HMDB35030, the Thiocyanate precursor, in the form of wild cherry bark extract, seeds, sprouts, and foods rich in this Essential Nutrient (not yet classified officially as such) to reverse the Thiocyanate deficiency. Thiocyanate is the only antioxidant that fuels The White Bloods Cells and prevents their self destruction by the ROS they make internally to kill bacteria, process vaccines or any of the many other chores they do in the body.
It takes about two weeks to reverse the deficiency. We have done this already, and are very impressed and hopeful about the positive changes already seen.
A daily intake of 35 mg. of amygdalin for a 150 pound adult from natural food sources or extracts would be a Recommended Daily Requirement to maintain serum Thiocyanate levels as well as amounts stored in the liver. Triple this during the Protocol.
After 2 weeks of diet supplementing, you add the following:
2. Minocycline - 1 dose, every other day for 60 days (total of 30 pills), 1 mg. per pound of body weight. (with or without food)
3. Tindimax (Tinidazole) - 1 dose, every other day, w/ food for 60 days (total of 30 pills) - on same day as Minocycline but at least an hour apart. 2 mg. per pound of body weight
The established success of this pulsed protocol is based on Minocycline killing spirochetes while they are in normal mitosal cell division. Tinidazole kills them when they are not in cell division and also kills the primitive egg-like cysts they can form as they die. Tindy also breaks down any spirochetal biofilm colonies that may form in the white matter of the body like myelin tissues (including nerve sheaths), tendons and ligaments. Minocycline and Tinidazole both cross the BBB into the CSF in the same concentrations as the rest of the body.
Pulsing the Minocycline also keeps serum levels below that which Borrelia can detect so that the spirochetes will not go into hibernation for up to 6 weeks but high enough to kill them on the days the doses are taken. An average of 40% of remaining spirochetes will be killed with each dose this way as well as some of the Bartonella if present.
(Note: As bacterial loads are reduced, the serum concentrations of Minocycline will increase to also start to kill Bartonella if present.)
Note: If Herxeimer Reaction is intense, Burbur or Milk Thistle can be used to calm.
4. Vitamins B6, B12, Iodide, Glutathione, and Vitamin D3 supplementation (b/c Tindimax up regulates B6/B12 consumption by the Immune System and Borrelia blocks D3 conversion in the kidneys)
5. Pinella Brain Cleanse (Nutramedix brand) each day to cleanse the white matter of the brain, 10 drops added to food or drink or Wild Cherry Bark Extract, 10 drops added to food or drink. (If patient is subject to seizures, only use the Pinella as it has anti-spasmodic properties that the WCB extract does not.) Enula can be substituted for either Pinalla or WCB Extract, also.
6. Ivermectin - 1 normal dose, adjusted for weight of the patient, for parasites , one dose every 10 days (4 doses total) taken on ‘off’ days from other meds (w/ food). This is added, per the research of Dr Eva Sapi, because 40% of the ticks studied had microscopic filarial nematodes.
7. After 60 days of abx, switch to TriBiotics, 2-3 doses a day depending on weight, spaced at least 8 hours apart, 1 week on and 1 week off, repeat 4 times. Note: A combination of these herbs sourced individually may be used by people who may be allergic to the Black Walnut Hulls. This product contains Atremisinin and Berberine that address several common co-infections including Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma.
Note: Large die-off of Babesia and Bartonella can release excess iron into the bloodstream from the RBCs they were living in and on. Adding Red Root Tincture during this phase helps clear the spleen more efficiently.
TriBiotics contains Artemisinin, Berberine Sulfate, Citrus Seed Extract, and Black Walnut Hulls. Research on Artemisinin won the 2015 Nobel Prize. Artemisinin is for Babesia, a co-infection of Lyme that is similar to Malaria. (Note: Black Walnut Hulls may initiate a Nut Allergy in some people.)
Curious as to your thoughts and whether its worth a try to pulse Mino and Tindamax on an every other day schedule for ______________ ?
Here are some links to the research used for this protocol if you need peer reviewed evidence to support the validity of the protocol:
The Lyme disease Spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi induces inflammation and apoptosis in cells from dorsal root ganglia is the focus of the research. Significant for those with PANDAS symptoms.
Other odd symptoms of disruption of bodily functions in Lyme Disease may be easily explained as inflammation in the Dorsal Root Ganglia of the spinal cord disrupting signals in both the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems:
This explains why the protocol uses Minocycline instead of Doxycycline. The last paragraph specifically addresses Minocycline's excellent CNS penetration capability in the same concentration as the rest of the body. (Tinidazole also does this.)
This paper by Dr. Eva Sapi - Bacterial Biofilms and Lyme Disease - discusses the way Doxy creates 3 times as many spirochetes as it kills by allowing them to excrete up to 12 (average of 3) primitive egg sacs as they die.
For information on Thiocyanate:
(And why Neutrophils cannot process vaccines when a Severe Thiocyanate Deficiency exists.)
Importance of Neutrophils to the entire Cellular Repair and Immune Systems including the Mucosal Immune System and the Respiratory Immune System:
The next link provides good information regarding B-17 in foods. B17 is a research Red Herring since it doesn’t actually exist as an FDA vitamin due to the pharmaceitical industry blocking it’s recognition. These non-GM/GMO foods contain Amygdalin, Gene HMDB 35030, Thiocyante’s only precursor, and it is the only Antioxidant that fuels and recharges the Neutrophils/White Blood Cells of all mammalian life. A call to a Systems Biologist confirms its role in the Innate Immune System, the Mucosal Immune System, and the Respiratory Immune System (the Firewall of the immune system in the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, and all mucosal linings exposed to air).
Infections like PANDAS, Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella become chronic and difficult to treat if a chronic thiocyanate deficiency exists since the Neutrophils self-oxidize themselves without thiocyanate and fail to activate the macrophages and T-Cells and cannot create antibodies either.
Tests for Lyme that look for antibodies will fail if a Severe Thiocyanate Deficiency blocks the formation of the antibodies they test for.
Foods Containing Amygdalin (Not to be confused with Laetrile) - all contain Amygdalin, gene HMDB 35030, an essential nutrient not currently classified as an FDA Vitamin, but no less vital to the immune system despite that regulatory oversight.
Thank you very much for your time and continued help with____________.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Will Wiegman
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 5 May 2020 20:19

Hi...over the years I've still been keeping up with new research but have been denied grad school entry and any money to do a formal stidy so in 2016 400 families with 1000 Congenital Lyme/Autistic kids used my Letter to Your Doctor and with their own Physicians and Psychologists in attendance they all did my Pulsed Protocol and everyone including parents and Grandparents and NT siblings were cured of their Lyme. Oddly around week 8 Phase 2 the autism lifted, too.

We actually had totally mute 4.5 year old boys wake up singing in perfect pitch while i was texting with their Moms. No one was more surprised than I but Borrelia disrupts the glial-astrocyte complex blocking word selection and short term memory and causes swelling of the Superior Cervical Ganglion, our nervois system's speech hub.

The final truly perfected Pulsed Protocol is on page 13 here.

This is why speech, short term memory and facial expression were affected by the spirochetes in the CSF and, when eliminated, the Aitism was lifted.

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