Top 10 bogus (or dubious or questionable) Lyme treatments

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Top 10 bogus (or dubious or questionable) Lyme treatments

Postby rlstanley » Mon 28 Apr 2008 16:56

I've been thinking of writing an article about LymeNet Europe; one that catches the flavor of it.

Since there is so much discussion here about scams and quackery, and an open atmosphere to discuss it (I don't see this on other Lyme sites), an article about this could introduce folks to the site and to the atmosphere.

The idea (open to change) would be for you all to come up with a list of what you consider the most prevalent and/or insidious and/or harmful bogus Lyme scams available now or in the recent past.

Just give me a list--make comments, too. Do not argue about where the treatment might fit in a numerical order.

Once I have a list (keep it to no greater than 15), I will use Martian's poll, and you can vote on the tops. If there is no consensus on the top 1, 2, 3, doesn't matter. I just want the top ones that Lyme patients can look out for. And title that says "Top 10 or Top 5" gets attention that's for sure. I can do the top 5 core bogus treatments and honorable mentions, too. I'll figure out something. That's just in the writing details.

If you'd like to participate, it can be a fun and productive exercise.

Oh, I will publish it on LymeBlog, but anyone can circulate it anywhere they want.

Or if you don't want to bother, that's OK, too.

I'm pecking with a couple fingers while recovering from a cut tendon, so this will pass the time. I write slowly anyway. Working on a detox foot pads article now.

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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Claudia » Mon 28 Apr 2008 17:34

Detoxification/Cleanses: the holiest of sacred cows in Lymeland, and the source of many useless and dangerous products, rituals and procedures; and a marketing scam bonanza based on people who don't understand basic biology, chemistry and physiology. Also the source of much panic and peer pressure on Lyme boards, which feeds the hype and scams. Some examples: coffee and other enemas, foot baths (and foot bath "aid products" such as ionic footbaths, the foot pads), parasite cleanse supplements and the Sputnik, colonics, liver flushes, gall bladder flushes, lymphatic drainage, detox bath rituals (go to's Lyme forum for recipes and procedures*), herbal supplements to "remove" toxins, nutraceutical tinctures to remove "Lyme ammonia" build up and other alleged toxins, chelation therapies, the removal of fillings from teeth, the taking of cholesteral binding prescription drugs and proprietary supplements that claim to do the same, eating clays, etc.

*From a Lyme board thread called "The Basics - Newbies, check this out":

Detoxing Instructions:


Natural Fiber Brush (for dry skin brushing to open up all the pores of the body)
Epsom Salts
Hydrogen Peroxide (bottles of them)
Baking Soda
Mustard Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Supplements (I now love Green Vibrance ~ can be bought at the Vitamin Shoppe).

1. Detox Bath: Put the thermometer in the water to make sure the temperature is around 98 degrees, not hotter. (You do not want HOT water as that can make you feel worse).

As the water is running, add 4 cups of Epsom Salts and entire bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide (32 oz., food grade is 3%).

Some people add Baking Soda instead of the Salts (makes the body alkaline). Yes, all these ingredients get absorbed through one's pores. Your skin is the largest living organ.

Before getting into the bath, you will need a Natural Fiber Brush and do a "dry skin brushing" to unclog your pores always brushing toward your heart, don't forget to brush the soles of your feet too!

The Epsom Salts help draw out the toxins and at the same time the magnesium absorbs into your bloodstream, most people do not have enough magnesium. The Hydrogen Peroxide adds oxygen into your bloodstream which lyme spirochetes hate. Try to stay in the bath a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes, the longer, the better.

Most people feel "worse" during the first week of detox baths and eventually feel better since it is a cumulative effect.

2. Foot Bath: There are so many "recipes" for foot baths, you can have fun with them and I do them when I am sitting at my computer or knitting on my couch relaxing.

***The Soles of the Feet have the most pores compared to any other part of the body (about 2000 pores per foot)***

Do this 2 to 3 times a day or more if you can for at least 30 minutes.

Recipe #1: Mustard/Pepper Bath: Mix "HOT" water in a basin with Dry Mustard Powder (1 tablespoon) and Cayenne Pepper (1 teaspoon) and soak for at least 30 minutes just enough water to cover the bottoms of your feet.

Recipe #2: 1 cup of Epsom Salts and 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide. First brush the soles of your feet before putting them into a basin filled with Hot water with the other ingredients and soak for 30 minutes.

3. Dry Skin Brush: Once again, a natural fiber brush (can be found at any drug store), brush your entire body toward your heart. Purpose: Getting rid of dead skin that are clogging your pores and keeping toxins inside.

4. Internal Cleansing: Paragone is a good product to get rid of parasites that come from drinking water, eating red meat, raw fish, and processed foods. I also like "living clay" or bentonite clay to drink internally but please read the instructions as it must be taken on an empty stomach. It is a fantastic binder of toxins and heavy metals and your body will not only eliminate them but also rid your body of parasites as well. I also take Aloe Master.

NOTE: People on antibiotics should NOT drink any type of clay.

5. Building Immune System: I drink Green Vibrance Powder (contains billions of probiotics), very expensive but well worth every penny because of all the ingredients. I also take Vitamin C, B Complex, Omega-3 capsules, and other supplements.

Green Vibrance Super Food

When a person is sick with any illness it robs the body of these much-needed nutrients.

When a person's immune system gets stronger, their body is more capable of fighting off bacteria's and viruses on their own. Yes, lyme disease causes viruses too.

6. Diet: Avoid all sugar, alcohol, breads, carbs as they convert into sugar, try to eat healthy and avoid acidic foods (soda - any type is the worse thing a person could put into their body), very acidic. Drink as much filtered water as possible (adding fresh lemon is very good), at least 6 glasses a day (I don't believe in bottled water, they say it's really tap water, I personally like the Brita Walter Filter Canister).

7. Stress: Stress is detrimental to anyone's health and to try to eliminate as much stresses from your life can only benefit you. Of course there are stresses one can not avoid but one can learn how to deal with it in a healthier fashion, having a stressful day? Learn deep breathing exercises, watch a funny movie.

Good book to buy for stress is 60-Second ****zu: The Natural Way to Energize, Erase Pain, and Conquer Tension in One Minute (Paperback) by Eva Shaw****zu- ... 143&sr=8-1

8. When you feel strong enough, try to start exercising even if it is only yoga as stretching is so good for you and also relaxing. There is meditation if you can't exercise. As you build up your immune system you will get strong enough to do whatever exercise of you like.

Purpose: you are getting oxygen into your bloodstream and lyme bacteria's hate oxygen! Plus the extra benefits of exercise is it makes you feel good mentally because it naturally raises your serotonin levels and takes away depression.

9. Find a licensed Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, LDT is another fantastic way to rid your body of toxins.

If you can start doing some of these things, your body will love you for it and you will start feeling so good!

10. Positive thinking - It takes training of the mind but you if really want to do it, you can. We all have choices on how we view life, one can choose to be negative, angry or bitter or just accept that you are ill because acceptance is half the battle with any disease and leads to a more healthy way of life by dealing with it.

What this does for Lyme: the answer is by detoxing you are ridding your body of the toxins and ammonia that lyme bacteria's cause. By building up your immune system, your body can start killing off the bacteria's on it's own.


detox foot pads
sauna (if you have access to one)
liver/gallbladder cleanse
coffee enema
lymph drainage
organic body products
water testing
parasite cleanse (paragone)
candida cleanse
essential oils for detoxification
magnet therapy for electromagnetic stress

Some products that reduce toxic load on the body are Dr. Jernigan's Neuro Antitox and also Molybdenum is helpful.

Detoxifying is much like exercising, you need to do it regularly and in consistent doses in order to get results. You won't get miracle results from one-time use. ... 725453&p=2


Jernigan Nutraceuticals: & viewtopic.php?f=12&t=401&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

Essential Nutraceuticals:

AlliMax Nutraceuticals:

Rife machines

Energetic Medicine

Salt/Vitamin C Protocol


Colloidal Silver and/or experimental Integrative Medicine (non-FDA approved "treatments"):
From the Townsend Letter, January 2005:

The Bradford Research Institute (BRI)/Ingles protocols includes two antibiotics, Ciprofloxacin and Doxycycline. Also included are one or both of two new bismuth-containing compounds developed by BRI, injectible Bismacine-C and Bismacine-N. These new therapeutic agents are currently being evaluated with Lyme patients in the BRI/Ingles Hospital, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico.

Charts 11, 12 and 12-A are typical Integrative Treatment Protocols for Lyme patients.

Bradford Research Institute/Ingles Hospital Protocol for Lyme Disease:

Chart 11: Daily Intravenous Infusions
Infusion I (Nutrient, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, 3-hour drip)
The following in 250 cc Saline:
10 cc DMSO
25 g Vitamin C
10 cc NAC
10 cc Taurine Plus™
5 cc Biorizin™
2.5 cc Multivitamin Combination
1 g EDTA

Infusion II in 100 cc saline, 1x/day, 10 cc Dioxychlor, over 30 minutes
Infusion III 2 cc each Bismacine-C™, Bismacine-N™, 2x/day, 1 hour
Infusion IV Sulfoxime™ (Antimicrobial) 1-3x/week, 200 cc, 20 min. drip
Infusion V Vitamin C 75 g in 250 cc saline, 2-hour drip, 1x/day
© 2004 BRI

Chart 12: Daily Oral Program
I. Vitamin C, 5 g 2x/day (controlled release)
II. Inflazyme™, 5 tablets, 3x/day, 30 minutes before meals
III. Oxy-5000™, 3 tablets, 3x/day
IV. Magnesium Aspartate, 50 mg, 2x/day
V. Calcium (Osteo Synergy™), 50 mg, 2x/day
VI. Potassium, 50 mg, 2x/day
VII. Glutathione, 20 mg, 2-3x/day
VIII. Beta Carotene, 25,000 IU, 2x/day; Vitamin E, 400 IU, 3x/day; Vitamin B12 Compl., Caps., 1-3x/day; Selenium, 200 mcg, 1-3x/day; Trace Minerals, 1-3x/day
IX. Bowel Protocol (Overview)
1. Ultra-Micro-Plex™, 4 tbs in 4 oz. water + pinch of salt, 3x/day
2. Rectal Implant, 1 tsp Ultra-Micro-Plex in 4 oz. salt water, 1-2 x/day morning and night
3. Coffee Enemas, 1x in morning
4. Chamomile Enemas, 1x in afternoon
5. HCI Protocol as Required
© 2004 BRI

Chart 12A
X. Liver Protector, Hepatrope, 1-3x/day
XI. Glandular Support, Thymus 1-3x/day, Adrenal 1-3x/day, Thyroid,1-3x/day
XII. Homeopathic Remedies as Indicated
XIII. NeuroRecovery™, caps., 1-3 x/day
XIV. Oral Salt Treatment (Optional) 12 grams of Salt, spaced throughout the day
XV. Artemesia
XVI. Samento (Cat's Claw)
XVII. Homeopathic Kidney Drainage
XVIII. Homeopathic Lymphatic Drainage
XIX. Colloidal Silver
© 2004 BRI

Light Therapies

Herbal Protocols/Supplements

Muscle Testing

Edited to add comments, links, etc as I think of them.
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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby rlstanley » Mon 28 Apr 2008 18:00

I'll be asking questions to get quotes and for clarification.

Also please give URL's. I will use hyperlinks in my story.


Give a few examples. Which are the ones being most heavily pushed now?


Examples please. Worst offenders or most popular in LymeLand now?

Energetic Medicine

Examples please. Worst offenders or most popular in LymeLand now?

Colloidal Silver and/or Colloidal Silver and/or experimental Integrative Medicine (non-FDA approved "treatments"))

I'll keep Colloidal Silver a separate category

Give me specifics for experimental Integrative Medicine (non-FDA approved "treatments"); too general and I'd like to alert people to specifics. Please give URL to the Townsend article you submitted

Light Therapies

Examples please. Worst offenders or most popular in LymeLand now?

Herbal Protocols/Supplements

Do you mean all herbs and supplements or those in certain protocols or specific ones like cats claw hawked on the InterNet? Or individuals pushing the same stuff to cure everyone?

In the end, I'll be writing concisely, so realize only a portion will be used, of course.


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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Joe Ham » Mon 28 Apr 2008 19:29

The most elegant scam of all was running in Minnesota a few years ago, until the state attorney general put them out of business. It was 100% profit, no product, no shipping.

The sucker would call a number to be diagnosed by holding the phone to various parts of the body so that his energy signature could be read. Then after the sucker paid the money he could call again to receive "healing frequencies" over the phone line. It had no toll free number so the dupe even had to pay for all phone charges.

Sorry but I don't have a URL and I haven't heard of such a scam operating in other U.S. states or other countries.

HOWEVER, it is such a juicy scam, so tailor made for taking money from the desperate and gullible, that it will surely start up again --- maybe operated by me --- maybe operating out of Mexico.
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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Fin24 » Mon 28 Apr 2008 20:53

Id add "lyme COACHES" as in CC-Chrsitine Cibula--marketing herself all over the internet and bragging from Hawaii how to target clients in an internet seminar!! at 150 and more per hr she gives "advice" by reading from avail info readily obtained elsewhere--and Im unsure if she even had/has Lyme herself anyway

and so called CNHP's--IF they dont have prior health training like a PA RN NP MD ND etc

and I was doing a lot of investigating into this and about 85% of the CNHPs so far awarded...NO other degree--there is even one provable case of NO high school diploma ( I have this womans CV written by her and her advisor--a retired atty)--and she is all over selling her advice as well as supps!!!

just check their list and look for other degrees in names

and their sister school "Trinity College of Natural Health"--you pay for a 6th grade packet of info--and everyone who pays passes--even with a ND--they tell you you cant "treat" anyone un less you have other degrees in health and/or pass a state licensing which they almost all cant--wonder why

so online diploma mills and the CNHP which target Lyme and CFIDS/fibromyalgia sufferers

you can find the unholy alliance there by archived LNE and LN posts I made

and as for neutraceuticals
PLEASE be aware that you run the risk of baby/bathwater--the definition is a food susbatnce that may/can have protective or healing effects--you can call strawberry a neutraceutical as its high in vit C and Vit C DOES have healing and treatment capability as well as prevention

there ARE a few bogus--some due to lack of evidence, some due to "not yet" proven but have some hints of usefulness...and yet others are well established/clinical studies

and sometimes its an ingredient already proven but from natural extracts ( like beta carotene from marigolds--if the uses are in line with prior proven data of beta carotene using marigold petals vs chemical synthesis--that calls it a nutraceutical)

even within some companies calling themselves nutraceutical--SOME of their products may well be ok

UNLESS you have time energy and willingness to vet each product of each company Id target individual cures/prioducts and not the entire field!!! ... &zoneid=26
allimax claims to have run clinical trials on garlic/allicin and Lyme--unsure if published yet

and THIS by far has GOT to be the WORST in nutraceuticals--BORRELOGEN--lots of double talk about energy in botanicals specially mixed to fight Borrelia-

CLEANSES: colon are the worst--due to false claims of colons being gunked up and the potential for damage/risk
while looking to link coclon cleanse I find Jecobie Roberts

she is telling otehrs she can cure Lyme with all sorts of fairy dust!!! selling stuff of course
RITA--cleanses of all types--jackpot--maybe counter thier gink claims with actual photos of colonoscopy showing PINK clean linings???
MINI and CAVE--after Humble I say we start looking into this chick!!!

and liver cleanses --again due to dangers!! ... adder.html ... rFlush.htm
busting the myth

Major HUCKSTERS--some with absolutely NO health related education or training in any science and have a lot of facts all wrong
Hulda Clark ( synchromoeter and cleanses)
Humble and MMS
Julie Anderson

(note to fellow hucksterbusters--we should avail ourselves of these lists esp. below and investigate one after the other)

here is a treasure trove list ( your welcome--how about a thank you in your article--kidding)

good luck


as for herbs--some are very well studied--again Id approach individually--a loathesome task--i.e. using white willow instead of aspirin--essentially the same active ingredient and for some a safer alternative--its the old baby/bathwater again--maybe the EXPENSE of Cowden vs Buhner vs Zhang--their theories of which herbs for what may stand comparing--the risks of side effects vs rx drugs and the effectiveness of the protocols per type of organism--a whole other article my dear!!!

maybe with herbs and nutraceuticals remind all to investigate further etc??? and remark on the offenders that glare or are the most dangerous ( like that Borrelogen for sheer fairy dustery)-

even probiotics, now accepted by mainstream med as beneficial can be DEADLY during pancreatitis attack
but yet mixed results shows positive effect ... aspx--says can increase death

(Ive gotten the feeling there is less efficacy for Lyme than say co-infections)

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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Cobwebby » Mon 28 Apr 2008 21:14

How do you know something is bogus unless you've tried it?

One of our local TV stations does a regular series exposing the "Only Available on TV" gadgets or products. It's great because they actually test the products-most are found to be bogus and do not live up to their advertising.

As far as far out Lyme Treatments- I haven't tried any-although foot pads have been tempting. :) There but for the Grace of Naysayers go I.
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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Cobwebby » Mon 28 Apr 2008 21:18

Can I just copy and paste some of the favorites touted on TOF?
The greater part of our happiness or misery
depends on our dispositions,
and not on our circumstances.
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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby cave76 » Mon 28 Apr 2008 21:47

Good idea Rita! Seems like you've already received enough to start with.

Maybe a 'nod' towards how the words 'non-profit' and 'degree from____' can be totally misleading to the average person. (Fin already 'nodded' at that.)

Scott Forgren?

How eMarketing works-----simplified.

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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby Martian » Mon 28 Apr 2008 22:16

Cobwebby wrote:How do you know something is bogus unless you've tried it?

In general, even if you try something, then you still can't tell for sure if something does or does not work.

Alternatives to terms like bogus and scam are less troublesome terms like questionable and dubious.

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Re: Top 10 bogus Lyme treatments

Postby rlstanley » Mon 28 Apr 2008 23:08

here is a treasure trove list ( your welcome--how about a thank you in your article--kidding)

Ah, this article is about you all and the site. I am merely the messenger. And I thank you all for letting me write an article such as this.

How do you know something is bogus unless you've tried it?

This is what I call a sucker hook. It is a common ploy used by those selling questionable products to catch and reel in the naive, desperately ill, science-illiterate (most people).

No, you do not have to try something if you think it is not worth wasting your time, money, health or anything else on. You have every right to demand solid proof. Just like in any purchase decision, YOU ask the questions & the seller has to have a legit answer. This is even more true when it comes to your health and safety.

The ball is ALWAYS is the court of those selling their stuff. They need to offer real proof (not testimonials & the like) if they make extraordinary claims.

There are many common ploys out there.

Remember it is the marketing that sells dubious products & services. You'll always hear, "He's/She's a really 'nice' person." Yeah, that's called Sales 101.

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