Bachynsky scam history lesson

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Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Tue 27 May 2008 20:28

I don't know how many here are familiar with the Bachnysky scam that occurred around 2002- 2004.

This was truly a low point in LymeLand where a 'perfect storm' of enablers & phoney patients used websites, newsletters--the whole nine manipulative yards--to push an eye popping illegal scam by a 'doctor' who didn't even have a medical license. It had been revoked in 1990 because of a serious criminal conviction.

He had spent 8 years in federal prison for using the same scam substance DNP in weight loss clinics, and he came right out to use it on cancer patients and Lyme patients. Even though factual information--including legal documentation--was made readily available to patients on popular newsgroups--it was deleted and censored, sometimes within minutes of the posts. was then used to record as much as possible.

There is updated information here: ... /icht.html

I'll post some tidbits because it is a good history lesson about how LymeLand deals with medical fraud: it not only embraces it but gives it a home. And, you can pretty much get away with murder, literally. In fact, after this guy caused the death of a patient, an M.D., you can still read about those who support him.

For sure, if you don't have a medical license and were convicted on serious charges and imprisioned you'll find that doesn't seem to bother your enablers.

Do I expect people on the whole to learn from history? Well, the quacks and charlatans know they can get away with as much as the people let them. And Bachnysky is a case study in how to do just that. Although it was before his type were invited to symposia, had books written about them, and had their butts kissed by hangers on who could make even more money promoting the scams or adding to them.

So can this kind of stuff happen again? Yes, with bells on.

Let's start at the end:

Just recently, Bachnysky was found guilty on SEC (Security and Exchange) charges. That was what brought him down: ... 062008.htm

R. Alexander Acosta, United States Attorney for the Southern District
of Florida, and Jonathan I. Solomon, Special Agent in Charge, Federal
Bureau of Investigation, announced that on Monday, May 5, 2008, a jury
convicted defendant Nicholas Bachynsky of one count of conspiracy,
three counts of wire fraud, and one count of securities fraud.
Bachynsky, who is 65 years-old, faces a 5-year maximum term of
imprisonment per count for the conspiracy and wire fraud convictions
and a 10-year maximum term of imprisonment for the securities fraud
conviction. The jury also returned a supplemental verdict forfeiting
Bachynsky’s interest in $450,000 in United States currency and two
Swiss bank accounts.

Bachynsky’s sentencing is set for September 5, 2008, at 9:00am before
U.S. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan.

Bachynsky’s three co-defendants in the case – Arthur Scheinert,
Laurence Dean, and Richard Anders – have all pled guilty. Both
Scheinert and Dean already have been sentenced to 5-year terms of
imprisonment. Anders is pending sentencing on May 16, 2008, before
Judge Jordan.

As was set forth during the six and a half week trial, the scheme that
resulted in Bachynsky’s conviction arose out of the marketing of stock
and notes for a start-up company known as Helvetia Pharmaceuticals,
Inc. Helvetia was launched in early 2001 to administer and develop a
cancer treatment in Europe known as intracellular hyperthermia
therapy. Helvetia’s solicitation of investors was centered around a
series of sales materials that contained a succession of significant
representations. Bachynsky was the primary author of the false
representations contained in the Helvetia sales materials.

During the trial the government called witnesses and introduced
exhibits that showed that the sales materials falsified the results of
a series of unsuccessful laboratory and clinical trials, claiming that
the trials had shown the therapy to be successful. The sales materials
also falsely claimed that Helvetia possessed exclusive rights to the
intercellular hyperthermia therapy. However, several years earlier
Bachynsky had sold the rights to therapy to a former business
associate. The sales materials further falsely claimed that the
treatment was non-toxic, when in fact the treatment was based upon a
substance that was not approved for human consumption by the federal
Food and Drug Administration and was used commercially in pesticides
and wood preservatives. The sales materials also covered up
Bachynsky’s true role in the company and failed to disclose both his
criminal history and adverse regulatory history.

Between early 2001 and August 2002, Helvetia raised close to $6
million from investors. Most investors lost their entire investment.
Substantial portions of investor funds were misappropriated by
Helvetia insiders for their own personal use.

Mr. Acosta commended the investigative efforts of the Federal Bureau
of Investigation. Mr. Acosta also expressed appreciation for the
cooperative efforts of the Southeast Regional Office of the Securities
and Exchange Commission. Bachynsky’s conviction followed more than
three years of extensive pre-trial litigation in this case. From the
summer of 2004 until his passing in late September 2007, the case was
prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Hugo L. Black, III.
Bachynsky was tried by Assistant United States Attorneys Michael Davis
and Mark Dispoto. AUSAs Davis and Dispoto were assisted by certified
legal intern Allison Soares of St. Thomas University School of Law,
and paralegal specialist Maureen Booker of the U.S. Attorney’s

A copy of this press release may be found on the website of the United
States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Florida at Related court documents and information
may be found on the website of the District Court for the Southern
District of Florida at or on
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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by itsy » Tue 27 May 2008 20:43

This is what I have been trying to figure out since I heard about the charges....

Is he the same guy who was on Montel and a bunch of other shows in the mid 90's for being supposedly persecuted for 'curing cancer'?

Supposedly, some guy was curing the sickest of the sick in texas or something and was coming under fire for it...cause it would cure you or kill was all over the news...maybe this the same guy??

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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Tue 27 May 2008 20:53

An article that summarizes some background info (all of this can be found on ... a3086bac1a
Bachynsky case has roots in cancer drug
Wednesday, May 12, 2004 9:17 AM CDT

Texarkana Gazette

The same homemade drug that Dr. Nicholas Bachynsky is accused of using
on local patients is what has landed him in trouble with the federal
government in Miami.

DNP is the drug he allegedly used on cancer and AIDS patients at New
Boston General Hospital along with Dr. James Naples, his nurse, Linda
Velvin, and the late Dr. Joseph Greenspan.

Bachynsky is charged with 40 federal felony counts, including
conspiracy, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud
, related to a
company called Helvetica from January 2001 to October 2002, according
to the indictment filed in the Southern District Court of Florida in

"Bachynsky represented himself as Helvetica's medical director and was
an undisclosed principal of Helvetica. Among other things, Nicholas
Bachynsky directly and indirectly solicited investors to purchase
Helvetica's securities and 'treated' Helvetica patients," according to
the federal indictment filed on April 22.

Bachynsky was arrested on May 5.

In his May 6 ruling, U.S. Magistrate Judge William C. Turnoff ordered
Bachynsky held without bail citing the following:

Defendant is charged in connection with a mail fraud indictment
involving a non-approved, and possibly life-threatening, cancer cure.

Defendant has a prior related criminal conviction.

Defendant has a history of extensive foreign travel.

Upon conviction, defendant faces a substantial period of

Defendant faces related charges in Italy.

Defendant has insufficient ties to the community.

According to the indictment, Bachynsky and three others sold stock in

By October 2002, they had raised more than $3.5 million from at least
50 investors across the country. None were from East Texas.

"During investor solicitations, the defendants represented, or caused
others to represent, to investors that Helvetica was raising investor
monies to operate a cancer treatment clinic in Switzerland, utilizing
a novel drug to treat individuals inflicted with various types of
cancer ... the defendants, directly and indirectly, led investors to
believe that they had the opportunity to invest "on the ground floor"
of Helvetica."

Investors bought the stock at $1 per share with promises that
investors would make returns of 400-600 percent when the stock rose to
$5 and $6 once the company's stock offering "went public."

The company's business plan focused on Intracellular Hyperthermia
(IHT) for the treatment of cancer. They also allegedly touted the drug
as a treatment for AIDS.

When the Texas Board of Medical Examiners moved to cancel Bachynsky's
medical license on Jan. 31, 1987, its order included, "2-4
Dinitrophenol (DNP) is a chemical compound with no proven therapeutic
value and usually has a number of harmful and dangerous side effects
upon persons who take it."

Federal prosecutors in Miami believe that Bachynsky and his alleged
conspirators used the millions raised to buy cars and homes and pay
credit card bills that had purchases of airfare, lodging, restaurants,
clothes and retail store purchases.

In 1989 Bachynsky was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison from the
Southern District of Texas in Houston as part of a smoking
cessation/diet clinic scam using the drug DNP that netted him as much
as $37 million, according to court records.

"Bachynsky and his associates also billed the insurance carriers for
tests that were never performed. Because most of the medical insurance
did not cover weight loss or smoking cessation programs, false
diagnoses were submitted to qualify for insurance payments," according
to court records.

According to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a ruling on
Sept. 11, 1991, "To say that Bachynsky has a penchant for fraud is a
prize-winning understatement."

Bachynsky, recalled the federal appeals court, not only had his diet
clinics, but also would have his home or various businesses robbed
only to file inflated claims from his insurance company.

"And whenever one of Bachynsky's corporations-he controlled
several-neared the end of the fiscal year, he would shunt money from
that corporation to one of his others in order to shelter, illegally,
earnings from taxation," according to the 5th Circuit.
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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Tue 27 May 2008 21:01

The death that finally shut Bachnysky's Italy deal down.

He fled after this. He is still wanted on manslaughter charges in Italy.

This was his clinic in Italy.

Here is about his treatment of Lyme disease. ... 89603323b3
The following original post on Lyment had been deleted almost as soon as it
was presented. A lot is censored there about ICHT and other topics esp.
posts of a questioning nature or posts that present information that certain
people do not want to see. Argument is considered "offensive" or nasty, or
"negative" or "disruptive" rather than thought-provoking (advancement in any
thought process does not occur in a controlled, go along to get along
environment) , and so a limited picture gets presented.

People can't make
decisions based on what someone considers the best for them. Did the doctor
who died actually see all sides to this picuture when he made a decision, or
was he actively recruited on the internet because the controversies were
made difficult to find?

There was concern about this post being deleted, so someone posted it again.
I think it has merit. It is from the thread which may or may not be
deleted if you access it to read the entire thing::

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posted 21 August 2003 16:21
In respect of hopetohelp and in the memory of his young brother, here
is his original post.

My brother was the young doctor who tragically lost his life in Italy
during the UHT.

He was a very intelligent doctor, which is why my parents, my oldest
brother, and I did not question his desire for the treatment.

He had always been an active young man and when his lyme disease
caught up with him it took away a part of his life. He would have tried
anything to get better. We never thought that it would take his life.

My parents did everything they could to help him. He lived with them
for the past two years, in which he tried everything to get better. I am a
pharmacist, so I was able to get him his medications as cheap as possible.
He tried colestid, rocephin, ceftin, different oral solutions,
supplements, etc.

No matter how sick he felt he tried to keep his spirits up. He read at
my wedding 8 months ago even though he could barely stand.

I spoke with him every night, and before he left for Italy I asked him
if the treatment was safe and he said yes. I spoke with him on the Sunday
before his death and he sounded so good.

I was devasted when I received the call Tuesday evening that he had
died. I immediately drove to my parents the next day to be with them, but I
never expected the ordeal ahead.

It took over a week to get my brother back to this country so we could
have a funeral.

My dad spent every day on the phone with the doctor trying to find out
what happened. I thought it was odd that it seemed so difficult to get an
autopsy. We still haven't received the results.

My opinion, knowing his past medical history, was that he died from an
electrolyte imbalance that caused two seizures, according to the doctor.

If this is the case, then his death could have been prevented. As the
other man who was in the room next to my brother pointed out, this was not a

There was not adequate equipment or drugs available to treat trauma.
My brother did not have any allergies to medications, not even any adverse
reactions besides the usual stomach problems associated with lyme disease.

We were very close, and he was one of the most loving people I have
ever met. Anyone who ever knew him could only say good things about him
because he was so much fun to be around.

He struggled with the disease but he shouldn't have passed away.

Anyone considering this treatment should keep in mind the people who
may be left behind.

My family and I will never recover from our loss, and we will always
think there must have been something we could have done.

But my parents did try everything for their son. He lived with them
for two years and took him to see a doctor in Phila, bought him any
medication no matter the cost, and supported him in everything he wanted to
try, including the UHT.

He had all of us convinced that he would come back better, which is
why we didn't stop him.

I would like to thank those of you for your kind words to my family,
and to the gentleman and his wife for writing about what really happened
over there.

Please remember that the clinic is not a hospital and does not have
adequate facilities or medicatios to treat trauma.

My oldest brother thinks that if he had been in the US he could have
been saved.

Also remember that the drug DNP is a pesticide with very serious side
effects. How each person's body reacts to such a poison is never

My brother's girlfriend is setting up a website on Lyme disease
dedicated to him, which I will post when it is complete.

I am also looking into creating a scholarship fund in his name at the
college he once loved.

Please continue your prayers, as I will continue to pray for all who
suffer from this devastating disease.
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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Tue 27 May 2008 21:17

The following is the description of the death as heard from next door. I saved this from LymeNet. I cannot locate it anywhere. Ann broke it into easily readable paragraphs.
posted 17 August 2003 20:09
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I am writing my experience in Italy doing ICHT to help anyone that is considering this treatment to help them make their decision.

I want this post to be honest and correct and therefore I will only write what I and my wife saw with our own eyes and heard first hand and not second hand as I know that repeating what one person hears and their interpretation could be totally incorrect.

I am not writing this in an attempt to keep anyone from receiving this treatment, but only to let you know what to expect and the possible outcomes.

I want to give a little of my back ground as I feel it is important that you should investigate all avenues and use ICHT as your last Ace and if you have other issues they should be resolved before you do ICHT.

My symptoms include irritable bowel, eye floaters, heart issues, memory issues, neurological involvement, headaches and many other symptoms too. If you do not address metals, co-infections or other health issues the treatment may not be very effective or work at all.

My wife and I have been battling Lyme with antibiotics for 3.5 years. We are in our mid thirties and still hold the promise that we may one day be free of this disease and have children.

I had a major heavy metal problem that I discovered through the help of one individual on this site and my sister who is a nurse practitioner two years ago too. I saw a doctor in Seattle in Oct. 2001 and he got me started on that detox and I have continued with many agents to detox the mercury in my body.

I continued to get support with the help of a local Alt. Dr. that uses an EDS machine that diagnoses problems and can be used to determine if certain medications are compatible with your body.

It is basically a computer version of muscle testing and I have found it to be very accurate and helpful, but as with anything I am sure the person running the machine has a lot to do with the results.

I had become oral antibiotic intolerant in the Spring of 2001, so we went to see a Chinese herbalist in Mexico in April of last year.

I had been off of work nearly a year and after spending a month there and doing some I/V abx once I returned was able to go back to work after being off for a year.

Things were good for a while and once again I started to slip. I bought a rife machine from Dan T. and got better and went off of abx for 2.5 months in Nov. & Dec. of 2002.

Again I started to slide. I was hospitalized for another condition and put on I/V abx for a while and that boosted me up again.

By March I had started to slide again and decided on building a Doug rife. It was very effective for 2.5 months and I was off abx once again.But as always I started to have trouble again.

My wife has never been as bad as me and I think that is because I have had Lyme many years and I infected her and she did not have the mercury issue either.

I had been following the people going to Italy since September of 2002 and had that in the back of my mind if all else failed. I know that the Doug machine works and is strong enough to kill the Lyme bacteria I just could not find freq. anymore that would produce a significant die off so that I could continue working.

I used at least 15 different freq. for Lyme and Babesia of which I know I have and I still kept getting weaker.
By the beginning of June I knew I was in real trouble again and had to do something because I could not keep up at work.

We took a home equity loan out and made plans for my wife and I to receive treatment in Italy after discussing it with my Alt. Dr, my LLMD and Dr. B.

We left MI on Friday the 11th of July. The flight to Milan was much more taxing on my body than I had anticipated. When we landed we both were having muscle spasms all over our body and it was difficult to walk.

We got off the plane and there was a guy there to pick us up and take us to Villa Preziosa near the city of Laveno near the Swiss boarder. We also met another patient that was being picked up at the same time as well.

There was to be ten total in our group and this concerned me going in, but I was assured that would not be a problem. We arrived at the hospital about 35 minutes later. We found the grounds and the setting very beautiful.

They drew blood as soon as we walked in the door and showed us to our room. It was room number 20 and the biggest and best room in the whole hospital.

I will refer to Villa Preziosa as a hospital, but it is actually a nursing home with out patient medical services on the first floor. They can do x-rays, cat scans and minor surgery. They have a cafeteria and you can eat there or have the food brought up to your room.

It was Saturday morning now and treatment was to begin on Monday. I am very glad we got there 2 days before treatment because the trip really does take a toll on you.

We met the other 8 over the next 2 days and met the doctor and Lyme Coordinator Sunday night. The doctor seemed knowledgeable and ordered lots of tests for both of us.

We started treatment Monday morning and we both took 1000 mg of I/V DNP the first day plus 500 ml of saline, glucose and lacted ringers. It takes a lot of DNP to get you up, but once you are up it does not take as much to keep you at a high metabolic level.

The next day we took 1200 mg and I/V Levequin was added. Around 5:00 p.m. I noticed one of the other Lyme patients next door to us was having a tough time breathing and he was laboring very hard.

The tech/nurse that monitors your respiration was in the room with him and they had him hooked up to a heart monitor on a defibrillator cart. I would check in on him from time to time as he came alone.

I never spoke to him when I entered the room, but was just concerned and would see if he was improving. At 11:00 p.m. I peaked in to check on him and he was breathing very hard and the doctor asked the tech/nurse if he had urinated yet and he replied no.

I returned to my room and was in bed watching TV and my wife was taking a bath when I heard the defibrillator go off. I got out of bed and opened the door taking about 10 seconds.

When I opened the door he had come out of his unconscious state and was now yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs. I heard things crashing in the room and the Dr. trying to calm him down. This lasted about 30 seconds before things quieted down.

My wife, who is a nurse, came out of the bathroom to ask what was going on and I told her what I had heard. She got dressed and was going up to the Dr. office to use the computer when she ran into the Lyme Coordinator. She told her what was going on and they both decided to return to the patient’s room.

When they got to his room the Dr. was doing chest compressions on the patient. Then, soon after, 2 Italian doctors entered the room and my wife and the Lyme Coordinator heard them pronounce the time of death at 12:15 a.m.

My wife asked the doctor what had gone wrong after he came out of the room and he said he did not know at that time.

I had fallen asleep around 11:45 because I was exhausted from the treatment. I got up to use the bathroom at 3:00 a.m. I peeked out to see if the other patient’s light was on and it was not.

I was relieved and thought everything was okay, but my wife woke up and told me the tragic news. I was totally blown away and could not believe it.

The next morning the Dr. visited us first and said he felt that the patient had an aneurysm in the brain at the circle of Willis that had caused his death. He also said that it was probably do to a preexisting condition that he had and that was a major factor in his death.

I wondered at the time how he could make such a specific diagnoses of death without an autopsy and found it very strange. He kept coming into our room and every time he came in he would tell us that the family did not want an autopsy.

He said it took 5 phone calls to convince the family to have an autopsy done and I found this so hard to believe because this patient was a 28 year old doctor and his brother was a cardiologist.

The doctor also told us that he had only had 1400 mg of DNP, almost half of what the rest of us got and there were at least two others that on the outside looked ten times worse than the patient that had passed and they were doing fine with the treatment.

We were the only other patients that had seen the whole scenario play out. This event really upset us deeply as it was only the second day into the treatment and I had heard all that had gone on.

His death was not as dramatic to the other patients as they just found out that he had passed, but I will never forget the 6 hours of agony that this patient went through and the screaming that followed the defibrillation.

Going into the treatment I knew how experimental it was and I thought I was willing to take the ultimate chance to get better, but after seeing death, hearing it and putting a face with it all really made me realize that I was not ready to go that far.

I knew there was a possibility of this happening, but never in my wildest dreams thought it would become a reality. We continued treatment on Wednesday and started HBO and I started taking Tinidizinol that I had brought. I ramped up on that until I was at 1000 mg by the weekend.
By Saturday I was exhausted, but did not feel as though I had a herx. The Dr. measures your herx reaction by monitoring your CPK enzymes. It basically tells him how much bacteria is being killed and what your infection load is.

We had Saturday and Sunday off and during those two days my heart really acted up. I had to take atenenol to calm it down and this alarmed the doctor.

I did not receive treatment on Monday or Tuesday of the following week because I was having an echocardiogram and other tests related to my heart.

They could not find anything wrong and I continued treatment on Wednesday, but figured I could make up for lost time over the weekend. I hit it very hard and after I would get my metabolic rate up to 3 or so they would give me I/V Flagyl and then I/V Leviquin.

My wife and I sweated like crazy and our beds would have to be changed in the middle of the night sometimes. It was also very hot while we were there and that made the treatment even tougher.
I stopped treatment on Saturday as my veins were just giving out on me and I felt like I could not take any more.

We flew home on Tuesday and my wife and I were exhausted. I sweated at night for the first two nights back, but when that stopped that is when I started having trouble.

I became extremely emotional, my joints ached like crazy and I was having muscle spasms all over. I figured this was part of the detox, but things seemed to be getting worse as time went on. I started looking at my lab results from Italy and found that my CPK never went even 2 times above normal where as all the other patients went 5 to 10 times normal.

This lead me to start thinking that I had killed most of the Lyme with all the treatments I had done and I was still battling other issues.

I called one patient that had been to Italy 2 sessions earlier because I knew he was also mercury toxic to see how he felt when he got home and his symptoms were EXACTLY like mine.

I had been tested many times prior to going to Italy for mercury only find NO detectable levels using an EDS machine and 24 urine.

The treatment did unlock mercury inside of me that I was getting out of my body as long as I was sweating, but once that stopped I had all this immobilized mercury in me and it has nearly drove me crazy.

I am working with a local Alt. Doctor to resolve this issue and continue to us my Doug Rife for maintaince.
My wife is still a little sluggish, but will return to work in a week. I still have a ways to go before I can attempt that.

Dr. B. was always good to us and did extra tests too that were unrelated to our Lyme and even treated the sickest Lyme patient an extra week because he was not happy with the results of the treatment on him.
The Lyme Coordinator was also very good and offered a lot of support during the treatment.

I was still very troubled by the one patients death after returning home and decided to call his home to give my condolences after we had been home for 2 weeks.

I spoke with his mother and the conversation was very therapeutic for both of us. When I asked her why they did not want an autopsy initially she said that they insisted immediately on an autopsy. This was not what the Dr. had told us.

I then asked her about her son’s pre-existing medical condition and she said he had absolutely none.
I then asked if they had the autopsy report back and she said that it had indicated that he had died of heart failure and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his brain.

She had been talking to him during his time of distress and knew he was in major trouble. She last spoke to him around 11:00 p.m. Italy time and she told him that she and his dad where going to be on the next plane to Italy, but he told her that they would never make it in time and he told her he loved her and spoke with his dad and told him the same.

I have not written before now for a few reasons. I have been so tired and fatigued it has taken me a week to complete this and plus I did not want to write it in a mercury induced emotional state. I wanted to get all the facts and report them as accurately as possible. There are several points that I cannot answer that surround the patient’s death because I simply do not know.

The Lyme Coordinator does recommend that someone not being treated travel with you and I know this patient’s mother and especially his brother (the cardiologist) are having a difficult time and blaming themselves for his death because they did not accompany him.

This patient was in great distress for at least 6 hours before passing and the hospital we were in did not have a trauma center and was not equipped to handle his condition, in my wife’s, the nurse, opinion.

There was a full blown hospital 10 minutes away, but he was never taken there.

I do question the DR’s decision not to move him, but then again he is the authority on DNP and he may have seen people in much worse condition pull out of it.

I know after the patient’s death he was not taking any chances with me because of my heart acting up and it put him on his toes for the rest of the session.

The Dr. has treated around 75 to 100 ( I could be wrong on this number) Lyme patients and as to date this is supposedly the only death, so percentage wise that is not to bad, but it is a reality that you must be willing take when doing this treatment.

I did not get the results that I wanted, but it has moved the mercury out of deep parts of my body so hopefully I can get rid of it.

My wife may be in remission, but it is too early to tell. Some of the other patients have had more positive results than my wife and I and at least two others have had results very similar to mine.
I thought that I had addressed all my other issues, but I was wrong and I have no one to blame for that except myself.
I think if person just has Lyme that the treatment may be a complete success as there have been a few success stories.
I know this post will create a lot of chatter, but everything in this post is absolute fact because my wife and I were there and witnessed, these events ourselves.

I feel obligated to the Lyme community to report the actual events, so that you know the truth before spending a lot of money on a treatment.

If you do decide to do ICHT I have a few recommendations.

Do not go in the summer months as it is very hot and makes the treatment more difficult (granite Europe is having a 100 year heat wave). There were 10 Lyme patients during our session and given the current personnel and equipment, that was too many to provide the care needed.

Given the conditions of the July session I would say that no more than 8 patients should be taken and they should all be on one floor.

Our group was split up onto two different floors and that added to the lack of testing of metabolic rate and the administration of DNP.

I hope this helps some of you considering this treatment and that you learn from my mistake of not addressing all other issues first. (end quote)

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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Tue 27 May 2008 21:59

itsy wrote:
Is he the same guy who was on Montel and a bunch of other shows in the mid 90's for being supposedly persecuted for 'curing cancer'?
That was some other scammer. Bachnysky was in Federal prison then.


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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by LymeEnigma » Tue 27 May 2008 23:06

I vaguely remember talking a few years ago to someone online about a "Lyme spa" in Italy, but I'm not sure if it is the same place....

I have never read this story. How absolutely tragic. Thank you so much, Rita, for posting this. Has Lymeblog done a story on this guy?

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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Wed 28 May 2008 2:39

Lymeenigma wrote;
Has Lymeblog done a story on this guy?

There are a number of news stories that were posted to though.


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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by minitails2 » Wed 28 May 2008 10:42

I did see some of what was on currently and then went back and looked recently. Unbelievable horrible. Do you know what ever happened to some of the key players mentioned on (I don't really want to use names) but the "patients" who helped recruit and so on? Do you know if he was ever formally charged in Italy and what happened with that?

Thanks so much for posting, and saving, these posts.

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Re: Bachynsky scam history lesson

Post by rlstanley » Wed 28 May 2008 16:21

Some of the key players were subpoenaed and gave testimonies in behalf of Bachnysky at his Florida trial. The info is on if you dig.

Here is the statement given by the Lyme patient coordinator and recruiter of patients:
Declaration of Roseanne P. Barrett

1. My name is Roseanne P. Barrett. I submit this declaration under
oath and penalties of perjury for the bond release of Nicholas

2. I live out of town and am unable to travel to Miami on short
notice.Consequently, I request the court to consider my affidavit
3. I have known Nicholas Bachynsky for some time. I suffered from
the dreaded late-stage neurological Lyme Disease, and credit Dr.
Bachynsky with saving and extending my life. I have received DNP
treatment two times, under the care and treatment of licensed and
qualified Italian doctors and medical staff, with oversight
supervision by Dr. Bachynsky. Today, I am 100% symptom free, after
suffering from Lyme disease for 19 years. I am fully aware of the
experimental nature of DNP, but sought out the treatment because of
its promise and the failure of traditional medicines and procedures to
help sufferers like me.

4. I am aware of other Lyme disease sufferers, several of whom
have sought DNP treatment, and who have been helped significantly by
Dr. Bachynsky. To the best of my knowledge, not a single person was
misled as to the experimental nature of the treatment. I and others
are hopeful the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will see the medical
value of DNP for cancer treatment and other therapies, and will
authorize its study and use.

5. I am and have been aware of Dr. Bachynsky's prior federal
conviction and prison sentence, as well as his loss of his medical
license. I am aware he is a degreed M.D. and Ph.D. He did not treat me
as a doctor, but assisted the Italian physicians. I was informed by
the Italian doctors that the DNP treatment was authorized in Italy as
an experimental program, and I was well treated by the Italian doctors
and staff.

6. I know Dr. Bachynsky has dedicated much of his life to
researching and studying DNP, and I am glad for it. While he was
affiliated with Helvetia, he did not raise investor funds or seek
investment money. Instead, he concentrated on the scientific and
medical use of DNP for treatment.

7. I am confident Dr. Bachynsky will fully comply with all bail
conditions, and will appear in court whenever required.

8. I am familiar with (patient's name left out in consideration
of the family's feelings, but was stated in her affidavit) and was in
Italy during the time he was being treated. He was treated with DNP
for Lyme disease, in the same manner as the 9 other patients that were
there at the time. He was familiar with the experimental nature of
DNP, and consented to the treatment under the care of Italian
physicians. His death, in my lauman's opinion, was probably the result
of poor health due to having a degenerative disease, and not the DNP
treatment. I hold this opinion, due the fact that no other Lyme
patient died as a result of DNP treatment and also having taken DNP
treatment myself on two separate occasions. I never felt at any time,
while undergoing DNP treatment, that my life was in danger.

Executed under oath and under penalty of perjury.

Rosanne P. Barrett
(signature and date of

You can Goggle some of the names and see where they ended up...nothing bad, of course.

Now you see why these charlatans know how much they can get away with: just about anything. This case is so telling in that respect.

The only real defense against these types is to be outspoken and to turn what one considers medically fradulent websites into the FTC in the U.S. I am not familiar with the organizations in other countries.

If the FTC contacts the scam artists' sites, about one quarter are deleted immediately.

Other than that, keep up posting about medical scams, fraud and dubious treatments. You will be helping some people.

There is a warrant out for his arrest in Italy for murder - 4 patients died in Italy.


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