acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

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acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by cave76 » Sat 9 Aug 2008 0:57
Disturbances of acid-base balance

Deviations of the blood plasma pH from its normal value of 7.4 by more than about ±0.1 can be very serious. These conditions are known medically as acidosis and alkalosis. They can be caused by metabolic disturbances such as diabetes and by kidney failure (in which excetion of H2PO4–, for example, is inhibited.)

Numerous other processes lead to temporary unbalances. Thus hyperventilation, which can result from emotional upset, leads to above-normal loss of CO2, and thus to alkalosis. Similarly, hypoventilation can act as a compensatory mechanism for acidosis.

On the other hand, retention of CO2 caused by bronchopneumonia, for example, can give rise to acidosis. Acidosis can also result from diarrhea (loss of alkaline fluid from the intestine,) while loss of gastric contents by vomiting promotes alkalosis.

The idea, widely promoted on commercial quackery sites, that people need "alkaline" water supplements to "balance body pH" or "neutralize" acidic foods, has no scientific support. It is pure, deceptive sales hype.

Why do I waste my time on this stuff?

Chemistry is my favorite subject, and I hate to see it misused to confuse, mislead or defraud the public.
Stephen Lower is a retired faculty member of the
Dept of Chemistry,
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby / Vancouver, Canada
And Food Combining:

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by hiker53 » Sat 9 Aug 2008 2:55

Totally agree with you. When my stomach required a steak burrito as big as my head tonight, I obliged it and combined lots of fat with protein and carbs! Followed up by a dark chocolate bar for dessert. Would have had a beer, too, if I had one around--LOL

Equal quackery is the fad of eating for your blood type. Hiker53

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by kelmo » Sat 9 Aug 2008 6:22

Thank you for posting this. I totally agree.

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by Claudia » Sat 9 Aug 2008 13:30

A very good, humorous article with a lot of great scientific and medical information on this topic, "Acid, Base or Woo:" ... _woo_1.php

This article also explains why those saliva and urine pH tests are completely misleading when used as medical evidence to sell pH balancing and "detoxification" supplements, diets, books, etc.

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by kelmo » Sat 9 Aug 2008 18:10

Wow! What a fantastic website!
Both pulmonary and renal function act to compensate for disturbances in acid-base balance to maintain blood pH within normal ranges.
Early on I asked our LLMD about the ph of the body, since I had been reading it on LNUSA. He told me the lungs regulate the ph, and just make sure to breath deeply.

A few months ago, I took my daughter to a theraputic message place down the street. Someone had recommended it due to her spine pain. They said a cranio-sacral message would get the fluid moving again and stop the toxin build up.

My daughter's nect and head hurt for days after that therapy. She said it was painful during, but she didn't know if that was the way it was supposed to feel.

I wrote a letter to the owner of that business and told him that the treatment caused more pain, and we were heading for less.

He proceeded to tell me that my daughter was overloaded with toxins, and if she came in regularly he could get her healthy again.

I asked for my money back. He respectfully refunded my money and included his book, "WARNING An Undetected ACID-ALKALINE Imbalance Is Slowly Killing You and Severely Hurting Your Children" John Ossipinsky.

i was going to read it and return it to him, with notes. However, I noticed his business is now closed. Some of the information in the book was good ol' common sense. "Teach your children if their urine is dark, to drink more water", etc.

It's so tempting when you are sick and have nowhere to turn.

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by LymeEnigma » Sat 9 Aug 2008 18:32

kelmo wrote:It's so tempting when you are sick and have nowhere to turn.
That it is.... :(

Great resources, guys. Thanks for starting this thread, Cave.

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by Claudia » Fri 12 Dec 2008 16:39

A poster on LNusa was questioning the validity of pH balancing. Not a single member that replied to this poster corrected this ridiculous concept and most shocking of all, based on information provided in the responses, three different "llmd's" from different part of the US have their patients believing this nonsense.
Topic: Saliva Ph Question ... 1;t=075237

posted 10 December, 2008 05:37 PM
I saw my holistic doc this Monday. He recommended I take 3 tsp per day of a mixture of 3:1 parts maple syrup / baking soda to alkanize my body Ph more. I tested with a strip first thing in the morning and it was 6.6. He said 7.4 is ideal. He said organisms don't like to live in non-acidic environments.

Is there any merit to this exercise? I took 1 tsp today. For some reason, my throat has been hurting a lot like it's sore. It didn't bother me at all before. I don't know if I'm getting thrush or the area is just sore or if the syrup/baking soda mix bothered me. I have a hard time seeing with a flashlight.

I recall no issues when my urine Ph levels were tested many, many times in the hospital. Is this another hokey holistic idea?
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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by rlstanley » Fri 12 Dec 2008 17:08

from that lymenet post:
recall no issues when my urine Ph levels were tested many, many times in the hospital. Is this another hokey holistic idea?
Yes, it is another hokey holistic idea, technically called HOGWASH. It is designed for the chemistry challenged who are easy prey for all those hucksters out there and willing patients for all those not-so-bright doctors as well.

Look, if you can get people to let themselves be injected with BISMUTH compounds (see Robert W. Bradford, Toth, and those who think these dudes are 'brilliant') and DNP (see Bachynsky history scam lesson), you can easily get people to check their pee and spit and think they are actively participating in their 'journeys to wellness.' ... reams.html

Urine/Saliva pH Testing:
Another Gimmick to Sell You Something

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Some "nutritionists" and other fringe practitioners use a nonsensical urine/saliva test as the basis for evaluating a person's health and prescribing dietary supplements to fix it. The most visible modern proponent of this test was Gary Martin, who, during the 1980s, operated the American College of Nutripathy, a nonaccredited correspondence school that granted "degrees" in nutrition. One of the school's brochures described nutripathy as "the condensation of most all natural healing and counseling techniques available today . . . . the basics 'boiled' from literally hundreds of different therapies and techniques."

Martin claimed that nutripathic tests could detect "imbalances which, if left to mature, must ultimately manifest as some form of disease process." and "discover the root cause of the disease while it is still in the prediagnosable stage."

The most notable of these tests was the urine/saliva test developed about more than 50 years ago by Cary Reams (1910-1985), a self-proclaimed biophysicist who was prosecuted during the 1970s for practicing medicine without a license. Reams, who also claimed to be guided by God, devised "a mathematical formula for perfect health, based on the biophysical frequencies of living matter." The formula, which Martin called "your Nutripathic Portrait," looks like this:

1.5 6.4 / 6.4 7 1 3 / 3

According to Martin's book, Nutripathy: The Final Solution to Your Health Dilemma, the first three numbers represent sugars excreted in the urine and the acidity (pH) of the urine and saliva, and indicate how much "energy input" you have. The other numbers, said to represent your "mineral salts index, urine debris index and nitrate nitrogens over the ammoniacal nitrogens index," indicate how much energy your metabolism is using. "A low energy input and high energy drain," says the book, "means degeneration, rot, decay and death." To fix these alleged problems, Martin and his followers offered a large variety of supplement products.

This urine/saliva test and its associated trappings are utter nonsense.

Acid-base status is commonly measured at hospital admission for many diseases, but it is extremely unusual to find acidosis or alkalosis of the blood or extracellular fluid in the early stages of any major disease except kidney disease. Moreover, no food is acidic or alkaline enough in a mixed diet to produce long-lasting changes in the body's acid-base balance.

For many years, Martin did business as Health Watchers System. His "graduates" include:


see article for the rest

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by rlstanley » Fri 12 Dec 2008 18:00

BTW any physiologist (I am one with a Ph.D.) gets really annoyed at total nonsense like this. REALLY annoyed.

We are trained in our first grad physiology course about acid-base balance of the body. It's not simple, but I can assure you, that this 'holistic' simplistic flim flam hogwash spewed forth by hucksters, not-so-bright doctors (who obviously, didn't learn the basics), and their enablers is truly tiresome.

If you want to start learning about acid/base physiology, go and search for the stuff. Start with Wiki and go to the links to get a feel for it.

Hey, here's a tutorial.
Pass that along to whatever 'llmd' didn't understand the physiology the first go round.

Oh, and here is a "pH playground' for those who want to understand what pH is:

Seriously, LymeLand is so filled with bull crap now that it's getting really hard to stomach. And those folks who think that it's IDSA's fault for the lack of credibility, are shoveling more on the pile.

Patients, you are the big losers tolerating all this garbage. Speak up, or continue along the self-destructive path.

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Re: acid/alkaline myth and Food Combining myth

Post by kimlouw » Tue 4 May 2010 1:26

Acid/Alkaline URINE and Interstitial Cystitis ( for explanation of IC).

Hello. I know this is an old post, but I just registered on this site after doing some research on the whole Acid/Alkaline food deal. I have a biology background and am certainly no expert, especially since it’s been awhile since chem and organic chem., so I totally agree and understand that this whole idea of eating does not significantly change your body’s pH, but your urine can be affected. Normally, that would be no big deal, UNLESS you have IC like me. So my question here, if anyone can help, is though there really is no basis for the hype about your body’s pH, etc, the fact still remains, does it not, that some foods (end results of digestion) will affect the acidity or alkalinity of your urine, correct?

So, trying to look into help for my IC, I thought well, maybe in terms of urine pH there could be some legitimacy. However, lemons, often listed as the most alkaline producing food after it is metabolized, are on the IC diet’s NO-NO list, because acid foods (ie coffee, tea, etc – although it varies for everyone, as IC is also a matter of mast cells and histamine irritations and not just acidity issues) are often very irritating to IC patients. So I was looking to get info on the end metabolic result in the urine of foods. Are the lists correct, as far as most of the foods go, in terms of the end result of an acid ash or an alkaline ash, in so far as urine is concerned? From what I’ve read, there does seem to be consensus on that (acid ash and alkaline ash) at least.
I just drank a bunch of lemon water all morning and now, this afternoon, my bladder is screaming at me. Probably why lemons are on the IC page as something you might want to eliminate for your symptoms. Hmmm… So, if they are supposedly alkaline ash forming… Just looking for more info at the bladder/urine level, if anyone has any input.
Thanks so much!

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