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Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Tue 24 Feb 2015 16:33
by JohnH
I note in Bryan Rosner's latest book "Freedom from Lyme Disease" the foreword is written by Dr. Jon Sterngold.

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Tue 24 Feb 2015 16:51
by Martian
JohnH wrote:I note in Bryan Rosner's latest book "Freedom from Lyme Disease" the foreword is written by Dr. Jon Sterngold.
Hi JohnH,

Welcome to this forum and thanks for that bit of information. I found out that the complete foreword can be found on Bryan Rosner's website [PDF-alert].

For those who didn't figure it out yet: Jon Sterngold is mentioned and cited in the opening post of this topic (Nov 2007) and years later Jon Sterngold himself posted in this topic with username "bluesdoc" (Mar 2013). Apparently he had changed his mind about the efficiency of Rifing as a treatment of Lyme disease.

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Tue 24 Feb 2015 17:37
by JohnH
Hi Martian,
Thanks for the welcome!
...and for explaining what I was talking about ;)

BTW In his new book Bryan Rosner accepts that the Rife machine although very useful is not a complete cure for Lyme but is very helpful in the first 90% of the cure.

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Tue 24 Feb 2015 19:29
by velvetmagnetta

My chosen field is in physics, and I can tell you with certainty that the "Rife Machine" and the like are complete hoaxes. We are constantly bombarded by many frequencies of electromagnetic radiation from the sun as well as those radiating out from various objects in nature. Electromagnetic radiation is not some mysterious force from the great beyond - though it is rather cool to study - and it does not do what Rife people claim.

Perhaps someday in the future we may invent a real machine like this, but this machine is most certainly bogus. People who "swear by" it are experiencing some type of placebo effect.

Don't be fooled onto parting with your money for this one!

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Wed 25 Feb 2015 7:13
by JohnH
Till now I know precious little about Rife machines and I still am more sceptical than a believer but would like to know more.
However, reading comments like yours velvetmagnetta I ask myself, wouldn't it be more useful for others on this thread in the event that you do know something about these machines, that you told us what you DO know? Such as, have you used these machines and found them to be unhelpful?
BTW the fact that electromagnetic radiation exists in the natural world does not imply that it or other technologies cannot be used for treatment in the field of medicine.
In addition, to suggest that others such as a doctor of medicine (Dr. Jon Sterngold - bluesdoc in this thread) who has suffered from Lyme disease is "experiencing some type of placebo effect" after using a Rife machine is really a bit strong.

For reference:
bluesdoc wrote:Yesterday marked one year off abx/on Rife, mostly the doug coil. I continue to thrive having re-entered life and work, etc. I could do with less back pain, but the brain stuff is gone and I sleep well with no meds (now X 5+ months). I continue to coil 2-5 times a week and get extended sessions starting with the coil out of the freezer. I have mild herxing (brain stuff - wooziness mostly) about half the time, which clears by morning. Occasionally, I'll have residual aches and malaise into the next day, but mostly not. It's a new life. Onward--->>

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Thu 26 Feb 2015 5:40
by velvetmagnetta
OK. A couple things here...

Physics, and in fact all science, does not depend on belief. Unless you are making a hypothesis, or a guess, about some natural phenomenon, all science must be proven to be considered true. Even hypotheses are first based on observations, previously collected data, and mathematical calculations before one may even venture a guess. So, this Rife Machine situation is not about being a "believer" or not. The manufacturers and sellers of these machines claim they are real, physical mechanisms that work off of scientific principles, not some special "chi" moving machines or some otherworldly God machines of some sort.

If you're going to make the claim that these machines kill pathogens, then it is simple enough to set up an experiment to prove or disprove this claim.

The Rife Machine and its cousins have enjoyed a re-emergence for at least a decade. This is plenty of time to set up such an experiment.

Now, it you want specifics on why these machines are totally bogus no matter how many doctors or engineers or physicists swear by, promote, or otherwise propagate this misinformation, then, you will have to be more specific with your questions.

I often see people talking about frequency and resonance when using these machines. Are they referring to sound waves or electromagnetic waves? These are two VERY different phenomena. They are not interchangeable or related in any way. Sound waves are a form of mechanical energy - the movement of particles through the air or through a solid - whereas electromagnetic waves are a form of radiant energy.

Sound frequency and electromagnetic frequency are two completely different things!

Give me an idea of what it is that you are unsure of about these machines and I will do my best to explain. I, too, am very ill with Lyme (or post-Lyme), so it may take me a while to answer - but I am more than willing to explain in great detail if it will keep one more desperate, suffering human being from buying into this fraud.

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Thu 9 Apr 2015 23:42
by bluesdoc
Mmm, haven't checked in here in a long time. Velvet has much to learn. I'm as hard core a scientist and skeptic as anyone, and it took me years to decide to try Rife. Turns out there's lots of real data, though not published in peer reviewed journals. It's an EM effect, NOT acoustic. Bacteria have been observed to break/die in an EM field of certain frequencies. Thousands have improved/gotten their lives back via rife treatments. Not all. NOT placebo. Most of us have been through enough hell with our LD that a placebo effect is usually out of reach. And, mostly we get worse before improvement, as expected in this malady. Think what you want, but consider not believing all your thoughts. I make no claim for rife doing anything for any other malady, unlike others. But for Lyme, no question. I'll check in next year again.... ;)


Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2015 11:18
by Sciucca1
Hi to all,

Same thoughts as Bluesdoc. I was also skeptical about these machines, but you do have some literature supporting this. Also, it seems that pulsed electromagnetic field can help antibiotics penetrating cells. There is even an thesis on this field showing how the morphology of leptospirosis is affected by pulsed magnetic fields.
But I advocated that I was quite skeptical, because there is no sound theoretical background, and because the so called "rife" machines sold are very far from the original ones.
So what I did, is as follows. I draw a blood smear, looked for a borrelia using darkfield microscopy. I target a nightmare one, with granules (even now, I'm not sure that it was a borrelia, just 'assume it was'). I then used a Doug Coil machine and used frequencies form the CAFL, 5 minutes for each frequency. At the end, it seems to me that the whole structure was disrupted. I report this experiment here:

I acknowledge of the poor quality of the video, because when doing this I also saw spirochetes (that appear on the screen), and tried to zoom on them. Nevertheless, at the end of the experiment, you see that the whole structure seems to be disrupted, and no more moves. So it did something. I don't say that is was dead, I just say that it was affected by pulsed electromagnetic fields.
I did an other experiment, now in vivo. I applied the same frequency to me (guinea pig :bonk: ). On the following four days I had herx-like reactions, with increased stiff neck and other ones. Here again, we have here an incomplete mapping, ie the field could have caused something else with my nerves. Hard to know, so I draw a blood sample and looked at it. What I saw was a lot of very brillant debris and dead spirochetes, but also living ones, but not that much.
I made a third experiments, in the same blood sample, I saw what Dr. Bozsik called the ghost form of Borrelia, and at 1520hz it explodes. Together with some friends we planned to do more research in this field with no a priori.
You have also a study from the CNRS : ... cs2v1oJOkw
It's light, but says something.
So my intuition is that it does something. It's maybe not the tool to reach a full remission, must should have its place in the arsenal. I will keep you posted if we have more results.
Last thing some frequencies, ie 790hz, seems to excite spirochetes, forcing them to move out of cells, so it helps observing them.....and the temptation is high to shot them with a micro-gun.... :D

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Wed 4 May 2016 3:55
by bluesdoc
I relapsed a year ago. It's been an awful year. I've done abx, ozone, O2, Rife, etc. Now heavy duty antibiotics and making baby steps towards getting better but with monstrous herxing. Still working but it's uphill both ways. I don't know what anyone should do anymore. It's all trial and error. I'm done here. I wish us all well.

Re: Rife - "complete failure"

Posted: Fri 6 May 2016 17:46
by lou
Thank you for coming back bluesdoc. Just before I read your last post, was about to say that all of the many patients who have gotten better with rife are hearsay and anecdotes. We will not know why they improved, and what the effect is on the human, not just the spirochetes, of these machines. I do understand why people do it, though, since it removes the control from the medical and insurance world and gives it to the patient. Glad you got some well time before the relapse though.

Looking at the many names on this thread and how few of them are still around posting. At least two are dead of lyme, another from suicide when he couldn't stand anymore. One who was so opposed to antibiotics was selling alternatives. For money. In fact this forum is much shrunken, and for predictable reasons. The places of the missing posters have not been taken by others.