Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

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Will Wiegman
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Sun 6 Sep 2015 5:55

It all started with the question: "What do deer eat that protects them from Lyme even though they may have a hundred ticks on each ear?" If you read these lists of the seasonal menu for White Tailed Buck it reads like a Chinese Herbalist cure for Borreliosis! ... spx#summer

I first came up with the protocol in 2010 when I was bitten the first time, didn't know I had Lyme, Doc said, "I don't know what
you have but it's bad just looking at your white blood cell count." She gave me Cipro 500mg twice a day for 3 weeks. It knocked it back and killed off the Bart but didn't get rid of the Borrelia or Babesia which didn't know I had at the time.

That's when my ex-wife I hadn't seen in decades clued me in that it was Lyme which she knew about because she and her daughter had been misdiagnosed for 6 years.

That's when I figured out that Mino and Tindy would be able to cross the BBB and kill both forms living in my Cerebrospinal fluid causing inflammation and probably all of the neuro symptoms.

Then I was bitten in May of 2012 and did the 60 day pulsed protocol and it worked. I read for a few more months and posted it all on Lymenet Flash, the US version of Lymeneteurope, and after explaining everything to people for about 3 weeks people who started getting better after suffereing for years, we all got banned and the whole thread was erased, even from Google Cache!

That's when I came here because in the US we have a problem with big pharmaceutical companies controlling everything, including the CDC which still doesn't accept the fact that Borrelia can live in the Cerebrospinal Fluid even though you can test it for DNA now and everyone who has had Lyme for more than 6 weeks has them in their CSF.

Ok, answers:

1) Borrelia have porins, lots of them, which is how they draw in nutrients but also they are capable of excreting random proteins that can act as false Antigens. When they sense antibiotics they do several things including escaping the area, putting cell division on hold and if the antibiotic does start to kill it, they can excrete blebs containing m-RNA and Supercoiled DNA and clone themselves.

(These are not the 'persistors' studied in the Northeastern paper in question 2, what they studied are the spirochetes that Sapi's charts show that survive a one time dose.) ... idr-4-097/

Blebs which turn into the primitive egg-like 'cysts' have been known about for a long time, Willy Burgdorfi did great photos of them and others have 'created' them in experiments so they are very well known. These guys also studied them in 1995:

But, what seemed to escape most people was the fact that Borrelia gets trapped in the CSF. After 6 weeks the immune system can make antibodies carried in the bloodstream but white blood cells can't get across the BBB.

Both Mino and Tindy can cross the BBB, none of the antibiotics tested or used in the past were able to kill them in the CSF.

Dosage and pulsing timing are dependant on weight and activity. What you are striving for is Minimum Lethal Dose in the CSF, keeping in mind that Mino has a half life of 22-24 hours and Tindy is 12-18. The CSF is cleansed only once a day, unlike the bloodstream which is continually cleansed.

There is a company called Curza with a new antibiotic called CZ-99 that does the same thing as the Mino/Tindy does. Three year trial is now starting soon. Someone listened to me. ... me-disease

2) There is a better study done within the last year on pulsing to kill only the cyst form by letting them 'hatch' out in the lab and then killing the resulting spirochete. This study, done only in vitro, basically says you can kill all the spirochetes and their cyst-born offspring in 4 pusles. ... e-disease/

That may work in the lab but a petri dish is not the human body with all of it's hiding places.

Most important is the addition of a source of Thiocyanate to the diet. The entire immune system and also the repair system use it to clean up all the toxins from the dying bacteria. Our bodies make it from Amydgalin.

So, the answer is NO, I wouldn't change anything except try to make a good chart on dosage/weight/actvity for people to follow.

After 3 years I still remain 100% symptom free and work out in 100F degree heat and 100% humidity restoring houses and I'm going be 67 next month.

It works because it bypasses Borrelia's protective abilities and blindsides them on all 3 of their defenses, hiding/waiting/egg-like cysts.

*The Mino kills them while they are dividing (and only then).
*The Tindy kills them in cyst form, biofilm form, and loners just biding their time.
(But doesn't work fast enough to kill them during cell division when they are making outer cell wall material like crazy.)
*The Thiocyanate makes the Immune System work 50-500 times more efficiently.
*Going 42-60 days with the pulse gets you past their ability to wait out the abx in the system. (Traditionally only 3 weeks)

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Sonia » Mon 21 Sep 2015 6:48

Hallo Will

I am one of those people, who are waiting for you to make a chart on dossage/weight/activity, so that I can start with that protocol. It is a great encouragement to see, that someone is cured from Lyme. I am lucky to come on this web, and read all your experiences and explanations.

From 2010, I have been on different protocols for Lyme disease. My current one ( from July 2013) is Cawden's protocol, which helped me to detox, but my Lyme is not cured by It. The disease is only under control now, I would say. That protocol is very expensive. I am on pension, and it is hard to cope with all that. My diet is very good; no sugar except from fruit and vegetable. Only organic oat bred, a slice per day. I lost 15 kg since I stared with protocols.

I was not been willing to start with antibiotics, specially not with Doxycycline. A lot of people I know, who are on Doxycycline, have not solved their problem . I have already found some online sites to buy MINOCYCLINE (minocin) and
TINDAMAX (Tinidazole).

Now I cannot wait to start with your protocol, the protocol that cured you and some other people. I am willing to try.

Look forward for you chart on dosage. Thanks Will for all your effort and your time. Sonia

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by drdos » Mon 12 Oct 2015 21:33

Hello, dear people..please help me if you can....i found this forum, i am very sick and consider committing suic. Lyme is probably some part of the problem...
It started 2 years ago with allergic reaction on legs-many small blue itching/super sensitive dots..i am not sure if something bit me or something that i already did have inside-spread up..../like from intestines or lungs into bloodstream, like micro parasite?/ first it got into my blood vessels /i did get blood from nose 2 months nonstop/ , nerves /i got sensitive changes and loss/ and in my head /i felt like it entered into by brain one evening and clogged a vessel (it could be parasite but nothing seen on MRA) /...i lost 30 kg. weight.... i feel extremely intoxicated all the it is chronic.. i am wreck..cannot sleep, hardly can eat and walk..
i got no money for expensive DNA test or anything expensive anymore... i am not even sure what is the main pathogen that keeps me is not 1, i surely had or still have parasites /i took many many antiparasitic drugs and herbs/...and probably lots of fungus/candida, viruses and everything..
my intestines are broken from 5-6 antibiotics and countless experiments..
it mess...i shouldn't be alive...but i am and it hurts a lot.......worst of all is lack of sleep..there is something in my head and in blood brain is impaled.... i cannot fall into deep sleep at is nightmare like condition - semi conscious - i hear and remember "sleep"...
My chest hurts, my neck,arms, legs, liver, intestines are sore from the throat to the rectum, joints are loose and cracking, skin and muscles are loose, hair falls off...... something generates so huge amount of toxins/puss that i feel smells from skin...great part of the toxins i think come from not working ingestion... i tried countless probiotics , anti fungal stuff and so on...
i have so many complains , doctors prescribe me antidepressants /i live in Bulgaria and here doctors are pretty poor/...
They made lots of examines including CSF puncture, MRA on head and body , marrow puncture and so on...nothing found...DNA for borellia in CSF was (-) but it was many months after the beginning.... and on paper i am not that sick..
I have 3-4 elisa+blot for borellia and at first they were (-), then all got (+) , after penicillin slowly got (-) except imm.blot G that is still borderline.
So either it is chronic Lyme with complications or there is another very harmful pathogen that nobody can find..
I am trying to detox a bit now, trying to reduce candida/yeast which is not working and consider if i risk another antibiotic +tinidazole which is very dangerous in my condition... because of my broken intestines it should be infusion... what do you think about ceftriaxone ? i cannot possibly withstand 2 months of oral doxy ( i got very sick after 10 days-so sick i could not eat and hardly could drink water)... Thanks..if anyone can help with something stoilpetrov(at)

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Sonia » Sat 17 Oct 2015 13:10

Hi Drdos,
Will Wiegman protocol seems very compelling.
Although, I was against antibiotics for so long. Now I decide I would give it a try.

As you have your metabolism already compromised, and you feel like you would not be able to start with a new dosage of antibiotics, you can try something what can help you to improve your metabolism first.
Once you feel better, you can start thinking about Will's protocol.
Some of his recommendations are included below.

I would advise you to read Will's "Cured of Lyme in 60 Days" thread entirely.
Pay attention on details.
Then decide if you would like to try with low dose of Minocycline and Tinidazole.

Now, before you start with any antibiotics, it is important to do something for your metabolism (as much as you can with money that you have).

Find a good broad spectrum of alive Probiotics.
With each capsule containing at the least 50 billions of good bacteria.
They need to be refrigerated as this good bacteria is alive.
In a store where you buy it, they will be refrigerated.
it has health benefits
Supports optimal digestive health
Supports optimal immune health
Supports optimal bowel health
Supports optimal intestinal health
Daily consumption supports optimal health and well-being.
If you cannot afford Probiotic capsules, take organic yogurts.
The antibiotics you had, probably destroyed your Gut's good bacteria in large number, specially if you did not take good bacteria at that time.

Next is your Magnesium and Zinc.
The Lyme bacterium needs Magnesium and Zinc for their reproduction. They take it from us.
We also cannot live without it, so we have to replace it.
Vitamin D3 deficiency is often going together with Lyme disease.

Eat Apricots Kernels, like Will advised
They have vitamin B17, which build up our immune system.

Find a good combination of vitamins and minerals, and start with it.
Pay attention to vitamin B6, advised by Will.
Go in your pharmacy or Health food store and find Artimisia tea.
Be moderated in anything you take: vitamins, minerals or herbal medicine.
Overdosing can be worse than not taking it.
Any herbal tea take for 2/3 weeks and stop for 1/2 weeks
Squeeze lemon (1 or 2 tea spoon per glass) drink a few times per day.
Chew Sunflower seeds, they are full of vitamins and minerals.
You can ground 2 spoon of it and eat it.
Pumpkin seeds are good against parasites.

Check your HCL (Stomach Acid), which is needed to process our food.
If your stomac is low in HCL, you become protein malnourished and mineral, vitamins deficient, becouse there is no Stomach Acid to process food.
If there is no Stomach Acid, there is no defence against bacteria/parasites, that are taken with food.
Your blood become more acidic, and that is a good environment for bacteria and parasites.
From all this, you can see the importance of HCL.
How to test your level for low stomach acid (also called Hypochlorhydria) ?
You can go to hospital and they will do it by placing a tube through you mouths into your stomach, in order to extract stomach liquid and test the level of HCL.
In Russia they test it by eating Beetroot.
Make a salad from cooked or fresh beetroot (one midium beetroot is enough).
Next morning, after you use the toilet, see if there is red colour, like blood in it.
If there is red colour in your toilet, you have low level of HCL.
You can get Betaine HCL capsule from your doctor or buy it in health food store.

As long as your body is deficient in anything mentioned above, your health cannot improve much.

It would be very clever to stop taking sugar, specially as you have problem with candida/yeast.

Good luck Stoil.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Anonymous11233 » Fri 6 Nov 2015 12:45

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Sonia » Tue 10 Nov 2015 4:41

Dear Bartonellus,
to read Will Wiegman's posts from page 1.
You can contact him from Private Message (User Control Panel ).

They say that German guidelines suggests just 250 to 500 mg daily of tinidazole.
And almost all webs suggest 100 mg Minocyclin.

The pulsing means: particular number of days, you take antibiotics, then particular number of days you do not take the antibiotics.

Will pulsed, (as you can find out from his posts), 1 day on those two antibiotics, one day off those antibiotics.

I started a week ago, with dosage of 300 mg Tinidazole and 100 mg Minocyclin
(I could not find 250 mg Tinidazole), I take it with dinner in the evening.

I pulse the same way as Will.

Pay attention to the other Will's details, they are also important (like vitamin B6, apricot kernels).

Hope this helps.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Lemnia » Sat 14 Nov 2015 12:11

Having just read through about 80% of what you have shared here in these posts, I have to say I'm impressed and thank you for sharing it. I'm going to save this info and if the new pioneered LDI (low dose immunotherapy) I'm just starting doesn't work for me, I'm going to try this route. Having not done 'any' antibiotics yet, for me this protocol makes the most sense. Hope you are still 'cured'.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Lemnia » Sat 14 Nov 2015 12:23

Is there a 'chart' that maps out the dosage suggested of each abx please? Thought I saw this mentioned on one of the posts and I'd be grateful to have it.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Anonymous11233 » Sun 15 Nov 2015 9:16

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Lemnia » Sun 15 Nov 2015 16:17

Hi Bartonellus.
I am in the same position as you. Previously took protocol to doctors in UK and they were unable to offer anything more than 2 weeks of doxy. I am now just starting treatment with LDI (with a doctor willing to treat me here from the States). BUT, if this doesn't work for me my next course of action will be to follow Will's protocol, even if I have to go it alone and buy the antibiotics. I'd much rather have a doctor behind me who can oversee and advise, but this seems to be near impossible to find here. So, I'm keen to follow how you do and what course you take. I had read someplace on this topic that there is a chart that maps out the correct dosage Will took and 'when' to take each one. Are you familiar with this and if so could you please direct me to it? It's unnerving to be facing treatment without a doctor, but for me I see little choice, as I cannot go on living this housebound existence of pain and debilitation. This treatment offers hope I'm willing to risk going it alone for. Good luck to you and please keep posting your results if you choose this route.

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