Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Mon 3 Nov 2014 17:55

Its a sequencing test to identify the pathenogen, this has never been a problem. Detecting and culturing borrelia is the major hurdle here to which no one has yet provided definitive proof that any of them work, though sapi did release a new study about a high success rate with a two stage culture method.

The older Elisa and Western Blot test results showed antibodies against different strains of Borrelia but they did not really show whether the spirochetes were all eliminated or still present because antibodies can linger in the system after someone has gotten rid of them.

What the DNA test for lyme does is test different bodily fluids. Blood, synovial fluid from painful knee joints, and cerebrospinal fluid from a spinal test will show the actual presence of spirochetes and the round body form too which contain m-RNA and Supercoiled DNA. These tests are 100% accurate for the actual presence of Borrelia, not just the antibodies.

And, also, the reason to include Minocycline instead of Doxy or Tinidazole alone is that it acts quite a bit faster on dividing spirochetes than Tindy does and can easily cross the Blood Brain Barrier which Doxy cannot do. Although Minocycline is not as strong as Doxy, it also doesn't seem to create as many round body forms.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by wastintim7 » Thu 20 Nov 2014 23:08

Thank you for your postings and your advice on a treatment plan for lyme's. I am about ready to try a very similar treatment plan. I have been sick for 6 years and only diagnosed a year ago. My initial response to antibiotic treatment for another problem brought me to consider lyme's. I live in Northern California and it is not as common as some other places or so I'm told. I have some science background but have never worked in the area.
I did find this pubmed article that would lend some credence in your program.
He is considering Lymes as cause of MS but I believe this supports your ideas as well. As soon as I can find a source of antibiotics or a decent lyme Doctor I can get started. My family Doc won't have anything to do with it.

Thanks again, Tim

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Fri 3 Apr 2015 17:25

The MS/Lyme link has been pursued for a long time but since no tests used to exist that could differentiate between antibodies from old infections and new infections they couldn't really nail it down.

Now with cerebrospinal fluid DNA testing and the Human Biome Project's results they can detect Borrelia DNA in the system at 100% accuracy.

It is so accurate that the panel that is re-writing the treatment protocols for Lyme Disease in the USA is dis-allowing Doctors to use DNA tests because practically every Doctor in America could be sued for malpractice for wrong Lyme diagnoses done on their patients.

This guy explains why the 3 point attack will cure Lyme: ... otic-guide

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Doggonelyme » Fri 15 May 2015 2:09

Im back, and i gave my dog alot of antibiotics and am totally cured.

lol no, there is no cure for this hell. After the last report she had been off of abx and went to shit, arthritis and autoimmune issues still, she couldnt even walk much so i put her back on tinidazole and doxy in october, 6 weeks like before except this time i kept going on the doxy, 5 months. A nasty fungal rash broke out and concerned the doxy had created a yeast bloom big enough to eat her alive i stopped it and got the skin infection under control, a few weeks later (pretty much now) and her joints are worse than ever, her toes have visible balls of arthritis.

Im posting here because i stumbled back onto this thread and it looks like will pointed out something that i completely missed:

dear doggoneLyme
Doxy won't work on Lyme more than 3 days after the original Borrelia infection. Doxy stimulates the spirochetes into producing the round body forms which contain m-RNA and DNA sufficient to form another spirochete inside the cyst within 9 days. Approximately 3 cyst forms (and the resulting 3 new spirochetes) are formed for every one killed.

Open this research paper by Dr. Eva Sapi and scroll down to Figure 2A and note that the tall red column is the amount of new round body forms produced, three times the number of the initial control group. Also notice that the Tinidazole kills both forms equally.
It didnt occur to me that thats what the 200% metric inferred, sapi never even bothered to mention how there was a 200% increase, but now that i think about it yeah thats the only way a 200% increase can occur, doxy is causing its population to explode. And she recommends doxy too despite this, actually everyone recommends doxy, why the hell is anyone using this drug if it only compounds the problem. Of course WillWeigman never has shown a lick of evidence that says minocycline doesnt also create as many cysts.

And his protocol changes:

You have to continue taking the Mino/Tindy combo once a day for at least 45 days because the spirochetes can go for at least 42 days without dividing and the egg-like form can go for 9 days before it has to develop into a spirochete.


That is why it is necessary to use a pulsed dose of 1 Minocycline + 1 dose of Tinidazole together, once a day, every other day. Both can cross the Blood Brain Barrier and last longer in the spinal fluid than in the other body tissues.
He seems to stick with the every other day method thereafter. Im not naysaying everything hes posted, the only reason im even replying on his thread is that alot of what hes pointing out is substantiated by empirical evidence, and his tactic, even if speculative is at least in line with the behavior of lyme, but which is it every day or every other day?
I didn't realize it at first but his got so bad he started limping and then one day he started dragging his back legs behind everywhere he went, even down the stairs.

I gave him one of my Minocycline and one Tindamax pills but more importantly I ground up 10 apple seeds a day and put them in his food for a week.
Or is it once now?

for the White Blood Cells to uptake to turn into Hypothiocyanate which is used mainly in the lungs but in the rest of the body also to kill bacteria, fungi and molds as well as clean up the toxins when these things die in the body.
Source? Those links you posted had nothing to do with this defense system working elsewhere beside the lungs/mouth.
White blood cells work 50-500 times more efficiently if the Thiocyanate levels are up to normal!
Source? I havent found anything linking white blood cells efficiency to thiocyanate.
I have found more support for the necessity of an Amygdalin source to strenghten the immune system of it's depleted abilities from chronic infections.
Or that it gets depleted from chronic infections, or that its stored in the liver.

You realize you are asking people who may have impaired livers to take cyanide right? Even if its a safe dose, its still cyanide, and i have yet to find anything positive about it. Seriously if you are going to claim reading hundreds of papers and having cured yourself at least show ONE paper that proves each of your claims. Do you really want someone getting hurt because you told them to ingest cyanide?

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Sun 17 May 2015 2:42

All successful protocols address the spirochetes as well as the egg-like round cyst forms. Biofilm busters are a good idea too therefore it is a good idea to have a combination protocol. ... idr-4-097/

This chart in one of Dr. Sapi's papers shows how Doxy (without being combined with Tinidazole) will create more new spirochetes than it kills.

Using Minocycline slows down the death rate of the spirochetes but when combined with Tinidazole, assures the kill-off of all the cyst forms as they are formed.

This paper shows how Flagyl (metrotinidazole) also kills the round cyst form so could be substituted for Tinidazole in the combo approach.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Fri 5 Jun 2015 1:02

And finally in defense of the pulsed protocol: ... e-disease/

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Sun 14 Jun 2015 1:28

All dying spirochetes try to create cysts as they die, even if it is just from them getting old and not being able to get enough nutrients to go into normal cell division.

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by SabalSabal » Tue 18 Aug 2015 8:10

Hey will/curedtwice,

I’m writing in regards to your protocol that you say cured you twice. I appreciate the fact that you’ve put this regimen in the public domain and I’m also sure that your intention in doing this was gregarious: you just want to help people. However what struck me the most was the fact that your approach was an evidence-based one. You’ve gone through hundreds of papers to come with your protocol. My main goal of writing to you now is this: you came up with that protocol on the lymenet forums nearly 1 years ago in 2014 and that has remained since then. However, since your original posting many more papers have come with 3 being landmark ones. However, your protocol has remained the same. As someone who also is evidence-based and traverses the medical literature for answers, I think that your protocol can be further improved. If you believe that it can’t, I would appreciate it if you could respond why it should remain the same taking into account the most recent advances.

I would therefore highly appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

1). Your protocol mentions taking only one dose of minocycline and tinidazole per alternate day. Your rationale in doing this is so that the lyme cannot detect the antibiotics. That does make sense. However, some evidence goes against this. It is well known in the medical field that one pill of any antibiotic is going to reach very low peak tissue levels. Secondly there was this paper in the lancet in 1991 that already talked about pulsing for lyme way before current research came out. ( ... 832&p=1400). If you go to the link, you can see that the first letter does mention pulsing but mentions that on the day of the pulse, an essential part of success is dependent on “on achieving a sufficient concentration of an antibiotic with a good antiborrelial activity in all affected tissues, and, in penicillins or cephalosporins, on proliferation of borreliae during treatment period. Either one of these factors may account for a lack of therapeutic effect in some cases.” (as quoted on the letter).

As a result, I wonder if your protocol should be updated to increase the individual dosages in order to achieve optimal tissue concentrations? What is your opinion on this?

2). Secondly, your yourself posted this paper from northeastern university that confirms the presence of persister cells and posits that they can be wiped out either with an anti-cancer agent or pulse dosing. Yet the pulses that they used in the paper, the pulse that is used in the lancet letter above, and the pulses in other pulses all seem to differ from what you mention and I wanted to know why this is the case? The northeastern paper ( ... 5.abstract) mentions that lyme pathogens are distinctly biphasic. That is once their spirochetal form is wiped out, some persisters remain. And if those persisters remain, no antibiotic can kill them save anti-cancer agents. But, given enough time, those persisters will convert to spirochetes again and they can thus be wiped out. As a result, the pulse that the northeastern lab uses in 3 days on 5 days off. Even in the paper above, the regimen used is either 2 days on 6 days off or 1 day on and 6 days off. Yet your protocol uses 1 day on and 1 day off.

Is this enough time to make persisters active against? I ask because in 2014, while there was evidence that persisters existed it wasn’t confirmed and your hypothesis was solely based on the fact that borrelia can convert themselves to different forms (cysts etc). What would change given the above research? Should the pulsing doses be further apart?

I’m posting this in both forums just so the chance of reaching out to increases (lymenet and healing well).

Thanks in advance!

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