Small Reactive Molecules

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Small Reactive Molecules

Post by phantasm » Mon 15 Sep 2014 14:41

The reason that this protocol works is because it uses small reactive molecules. This is the deciding factor determining weather treatment will penetrate bones and tissues. . I'm sure many have heard of the Salt/ Vitamin C protocol , the reason it works against the infection is that Sodium Chloride has a very small molecule of only 58 Daltons but the body can't really tolerate this treatment because it raises blood pressure to dangerous levels. The challenge is to find small molecule treatments that the body can tolerate during elimination of the infection.

That is what this protocol does, it penetrates bones and everywhere else. It is described on this no sales website. ... cules.html

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Re: Small Reactive Molecules

Post by admin » Mon 15 Sep 2014 16:28

Topic moved from Science to Unconventional Methods.

Reason: I don't accept the protocol and the information about it in the Science section.

The science section is meant for information and discussion about medical research or articles supported by medical research. Typically it is research that can be found in PubMed. Just the fact that an article is also referencing to medical research does not make it qualify.

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