Alka Seltzer Gold

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Alka Seltzer Gold

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Thu 16 Oct 2014 20:28

Has anyone tried using alka seltzer gold to reduce herxes?

A) Does it provide any relief?

B) If it does, how long does it take to kick in?

I'm still trying to find something to provides relief to the delayed onset inflammation I get in my upper back/shoulders after I try to use those muscle groups. Muscle relaxants don't work.
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Re: Alka Seltzer Gold

Post by phantasm » Sat 18 Oct 2014 2:51

For inflammation I would suggest using Dragons blood herb , the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It works passively and actively , actively shutting off the nerve signal to the brain that causes inflammation, however this can be a double edged sword because when you reduce inflammation it will allow whatever you are treating with to penetrate deeper thereby causing more herx. Herx is a natural way of processing the toxins, any attempt to thwart it just really causes a delay in symptoms, for example some people take antihistamines for itching but histamine is an immune system component designed to permeate the skin and let out toxins.

Here is the monograph for Sangre de Drago (dragons blood herb).

This is available in tinctures from companies like "herb pharm" for about $10 a bottle.

The very best detoxer of endotoxins, exotoxins and enterotoxins that cause herxes is Alpha-lipoic acid, without magnesium stearate, It will massively detox those but be advise in the process it makes more of the infection available so the result could be a temporarily increased herx.

You want to be careful about the supplements you buy, they should not have magnesium stearate because that is used so that the product doesn't stick to the processing machinery but it also cause only about 20% of what you are buying to actually get absorbed, as well it gets in your G.I. tract and causes decreased uptake of nutrients.

Here is something as well;

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