OH Crap --The MMS is Working

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OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by Greatcod » Tue 15 Jan 2008 20:08

Ripped from the pages of Lymenet--two new sites devoted to MMS. And it appears from the Lymenet post that the daily ingestion of MMS leads to chronic diarehha--and possibly to dehydration, or maybe that's just a herx.


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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by Claudia » Tue 15 Jan 2008 20:27

Have those brilliant "alternative thinkers" started using MMS in their enemas yet? Nothing like doubling-up on the benefits...

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by cave76 » Tue 15 Jan 2008 21:58

***doubling-up*** ?


Is there a connection there? :mrgreen:

Yes, ol' Beam-me-up Scotty is back at it again! LOL

And counting on a new batch of newbies (or those who have already forgotten all the warnings about MMS in former threads ) to buy into his 'wisdom'.

When I get time I'm going to find those old threads and re-post the science behind drinking bleach. LOL

Get a load of the person who recounted how he helped get the abx through the BBB and into his brain by wrapping an extension cord around his head and plugging it into 'something', can't remember what.

The mind absolutely boggles!!! And I think his did too---- from the way he writes, but maybe English isn't his first language.

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by charlie » Tue 15 Jan 2008 22:11

.....Yep, they're at it again...

Drinking disinfectant till they kill all their gut flora and get the squirts which is the very reason many of them cite to avoid using abx.

We now have full-circle non-reasoning to the point where it makes me want to stomp my photon genie...


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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by kelmo » Tue 15 Jan 2008 22:21

Scott says his toxicity load is up, "so it must be killing something". His toxicity is up because he's drinking toxic fluid! He sounds like it's making him really sick

In fact, it sounds dangerous.

Who is this DBergy? Has he ever tried a traditional antibiotic?

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by minitails2 » Wed 16 Jan 2008 11:11

Yes, I noticed that Forskyn had trotted (hee hee) out MMS again when I scanned LN last night. The whole thing is mind boggling isn't it. DBergy was very involved in that thread that eventually got me kicked off. Lou got tired of dealing with all my complaints about that very thread, although I did assist 3 or 4 people off LN who were obviously primarily involved in selling mms, not actual sickies. (Oddly, Jenifer was much more supportive of my efforts to get rid of scams and sales pitches.) The one that got away was "truthfinder" (sorry, I can't write that name without quotes since that person shows up supporting every new mind-boggling treatment and she was clearly orchestrating that thread). I also wonder about TerryK as she showed up when things were getting tough for the MMS lovers as she often does with, well, I'll stick with mindboggling "treatments", on LN. Who knows?

Anyway, DBergy claims he tried it (gave a running commentary) but he doesn't have lyme. His wife supposedly does and he said she had a much more difficult time getting and staying on it. It sounds like that hasn't changed. I could never really tell if he was sincere or not. He did allow, though, the inividual who owned a web site selling that poison, to copy his posting on that website as a selling tool, which I found by accident. I'll try to find some of my stuff and post it.

GreatCod got to witness my obsession with stopping this nonsense the first time around. It wasn't very pretty. :x

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by minitails2 » Wed 16 Jan 2008 12:05

Okay, this was the first thing I sent to Lou regarding the infamous MMS thread on LN. Much of this is no longer available because so much was removed as more and more people were kicked off. I don't remember what date I sent this to Lou:

Here is what I put together to illustrate the clear intent to sell and the deseption used to do that. - Jenni aka minitails2

Miracle Mineral S? - Is it hooey?

The comments in bold after each post are entirely mine and not indicitive of what anyone actually said, but rather the importance or meaning, in my OWN opinion, of the post above it. Most of these posts have been greatly edited, although, I did so only to give a snapshot of this thread, not a full record which can be found on Lymenet and obviously should be read. I also found that when I cut out most of the extraneous parts of the posts, the intent, the manner, and the obvious planning that went into this scam becomes very apparent. I am solely responsible for any changes or mistakes.

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posted 04 October, 2007 10:26 AM

In a sense, from what I understand, this is basically ‘stabilized oxygen’ therapy, which has been around for decades. And that really helped me with my acute EBV infection, I might add, back in the early 90s...... one of those products considered ‘hooey’…….. Hmmm. I never tried it for Lyme…… and don’t really know why I didn’t think of it.

(making new idea seem familiar, it’s like “stabilzed oxygen” only better, association with word “Hooey” and makes it look positive)

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07 October, 2007 11:53 AM

Many thanks to the posters who are reporting their results.

I bit the bullet and ordered a bottle of MMS yesterday. I really don't want to interrupt what I'm doing already, so it will probably sit on the shelf for quite awhile. But at least I have it if and when I choose to use it.

(appears neutral because she’s just looking into it and since it’s cheap, she might as well order some just in case, for later)

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posted 16 October, 2007 10:38 AM

Are you still on it? I’ve read over on the MDI Yahoo group that the vomiting can kind of sneak up on you, so please go slow.

I’m having trouble keeping up with the MMS discussions on other sites……

I got my bottle of MMS, but it is just going to sit there awhile, as I explained earlier....

(checking up, haven’t heard in a while, gosh just finding out more info for D. Bergy so he can stay safe, there are so many discussions all over the web she just can’t keep up, look, she’s still neutral because she hasn’t started it yet.)

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posted 20 October, 2007 09:05 AM

D. Bergy, are things still normal in the bowel department? (I know it has only been 4 days since you posted, but I’ve been wondering about this……)

Assuming you are killing parasites, I would sure stay on the MMS until all stages of parasites have been eliminated. I’m thinking that might take about 6 weeks?

Like you, I’m not sure I would want to take it every day as ‘maintenance’. But perhaps a few days once a month would prevent severe reinfection from most parasites/ pathogens. I’m not sure I would want to wait an entire year…..

Is the taste pretty objectionable? What are you using for the activator at the present time?

I recently read posts from someone getting great results for a 10-year chronic bronchitis problem. Last they posted, they were nearly off all medications that they had been on for 10 years. I thought that was pretty significant.

(checking up again, she wants him to take it longer and buy more, look, she agrees with DB but he might consider her point too, a year might be too long to go without buying more product, oh yeah, there are all kinds of other ways this stuff helps so buy more!!)

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posted 28 October, 2007 09:50 PM

Rumor has it that MMS is being sold on e-Bay with all kinds of claims attached to it, so it may not be long before this whole MMS thing gets shut down. Also, I heard that some shipment from Canada was intercepted by the FDA….. just rumors, mind you.

Apparently, some people with Lyme who are trying the MMS are posting on another forum. I’ll have to check it out when I get time.

(Better buy it quickly because that evil FDA is trying to keep it away from everyone, they all have to stick together, wow, more lymies posting on yet another site they’re everywhere now!)

Sharon Hanson
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posted 07 November, 2007 03:37 PM

Hi Truthfinder,
I have to agree with your post about discussion of a new alternative treatment being important. I have taken the MMS and because I am being treated for biotoxin disease from mold I didn't notice anything except I did get ill when I went up to 15 drops.

To me the science makes sense and it was recommended to me by a naturopath who is also an MD so I was following medical advice. I went to the website and read Part 1 and decided to purchase Part 2 for $9.95 which tells you how to make it. I had no problems whatsoever. I then went to order a bottle for $20 because I was too sick to make it and shop for all the ingredients, bottles and lables etc. Well on that website I noticed you can buy a kit to make 13 more for $50 so I went ahead and bought it for a grand total of $79.95. Now I am set for life with this product.

I know many people get so sick from Lyme disease that they cannot work and I am in that category but I do not consider $80 to qualify as a scam. Please $7B gone missing to Iraqi contractors yes that is a scam but $80? I spend more on prescription drugs that poison me.

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(It’s great and not uncomfortable at all, unless Sharon overdoes it, there is science behind this and it’s not just her who thinks so, it’s her MD/naturopath who told her to do this and he knows all about science so don’t worry, she’s just following dr.’s orders so it’s okay for you to take and buy, it can’t be a scam - it’s too cheap!, she can’t work either so she understands everyone out there whos’s afraid it might be a scam, and, btw, her MD thinks her meds are poisoning her! And by the way, in one post from “brand new” person, all of us know what products are available and how much they cost)

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posted 08 November, 2007 09:33 AM

Hi, Sharon! OH, I see you are from Colorado, too. I’m on the West side of the mountains…… Welcome to LymeNet!

So, you are using the MMS for Lyme, and not necessarily the mold biotoxin issue?

***” I do not consider $80 to qualify as a scam. Please $7B gone missing to Iraqi contractors yes that is a scam but $80? I spend more on prescription drugs that poison me.”***
Amen to that, Sharon.

Hi, NatureLover – gosh, another new person – Welcome! And thank you for your kind words.

Wow, two new people with open minds; how absolutely refreshing!

It may be of interest for both of you to know that the “10,000+ poster” was banned from LymeNet recently, not because of her skepticism (which is a healthy thing), but because her posts on nearly every ‘alternative’ thread were so cynical and generally disruptive.

Sharon and Nature, I admire your willingness to give this a try. I don’t know when I’ll get to participate…. believe it or not, I’ve got some bigger issues to deal with than just Lyme, at the moment (yes, I know – hard to believe).

Please let us know your reactions to the MMS. I find that hearing experiences from real people can teach me things that reading a book, a website article, or a scientific study can’t do.

(Hey, Sharon’s a regular person, but TF better clarify why you’re taking MMS, Sharon’s right, it can’t be a scam, those prescription drugs that poison us all are the scam. Look, these people have open minds, not like the nonbelievers, because closed minds are bad, Cavey was just horrible because she didn’t agree with “Truth” and got in the way of her selling this stuff but now they’re here to help and are so brave to try this - although Sharon is already using it?, “Truth” really wants to try it but gosh lyme isn’t the biggest thing in her life so she’ll have to wait, so, she’s still neutral!, testimonials are much better than scientific proof.)

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posted 09 November, 2007 09:53 AM

Still no symptoms of Crohn’s, D Bergy!!! Wow. I’m impressed (hope you are, too).

I do hope you plan to do more MMS to make sure you get the ‘leftovers’ of any of those parasites……..

Interesting that your WBC is up….. my ex-boyfriend, who tested ultra-high on the Q-RIBb test exactly like I did, has almost no Lyme symptoms. BUT, when they check his WBC, it is always elevated. I think normal is below 10,000, and at one point, his was 19,000. The last one was around 14,000. I’ve always wondered if this isn’t an indication that his immune system is fighting the Lyme, and mine just sort of gave up years ago…..

Thanks for the info about your wife’s ‘herxes’. My back and spine problems are still my most disabling symptoms, so I can probably expect a similar experience to what your wife is going through.

(she’s making sure everyone saw what D. Bergy said, even wrote it before his name, he should keep using it and here’s another reason why, yeah boy DB’s wife is going through tough times but “Truth” will be right there with her when she starts taking it.)

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posted 11 November, 2007 09:26 AM
D Bergy, I’m sorry to learn that you have recently returned from attending a funeral. My condolences go out to you.

My goodness, minitails, I do hope you will learn to use the PM system here at LymeNet. A simple Private Message to D Bergy would have cleared up most of your concerns.

Additionally, if you suspect someone of illicit or troll-like behavior here at LymeNet, Jenifer has asked that we NOT post about it, but report our suspicions directly to her so that the moderators can investigate the matter.

For clarification…..

I, too, know Arrow from my lurking in another 2 other forums (besides the HealthSalon site)....

(Oh, she’s showing her human side, poor DB and then pounce - I did the wrong thing and it’s not just her opinion, that’s what Jenifer said and Jenifer’s the big boss right now, I might expose them, she knows “arrow” from other forums so don’t worry about her, she’s okay!)

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posted 12 November, 2007 10:51 PM

Arrow, the product is Dioxychlor – I’ve used it and posted a little about in on page 3 here in this thread. In fact, I have an old unopened bottle of it and drug it out the other day….. don’t know if it will still be good after a few years…… I can tell you that I never experienced anything while taking it like the MMS users have. But you are only supposed to take it a few days, then off a few days….. And it is way more expensive than MMS.

Since you mentioned severe homeopathic ‘herxes’ (aggravations), PLEASE give the ‘Aggravation Zapper’ a try. There is nothing to buy, it is really easy, and has worked for me, my ex-boyfriend, and of course, my homeopath!
http://www.hpathy.com/papersnew/fuller- ... zapper.asp

(That’s the “stabilized oxygen” she took before, it wasn’t bad but nothing like experiences that people are having with MMS and gosh, MMS is so much cheaper, and try this idea for “aggravations” because there’s nothing to buy, however the web address will no doubt have some more products someone might want to buy!)

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posted 13 November, 2007 04:25 AM

Hi Great Cod,

You said a mouthful! I wish those of you fighting so hard to prove what you're doing is "right" and "your right" could maybe take a step back. I'm quite sure that Great Cod doesn't wish to deny you access to your miracle. Naturelover, Greatcod has the exact same worries about this that I do. In my opinion, he has every right to state his opinion just as you do. Telling him he's trying to restrict your free speech is perhaps a stretch???

The study that d. Bergy found which GC commented upon is indeed not very helpful. We all know that very diluted amounts of chlorine type products are not poisonious or we'd all be dead.

Arrowwind, how in the world can you say that MMS treats malaria as well as what's being used now, in fact they're almost the same. Well, then, stop the presses, call the Gates Foundation, the problem is solved. I have no doubt that in areas where there is a large concentration of malaria, that part of the treatment would be to clean the water. So, you might actually say, that mms is copying what they use, probably some form of chlorine.

Arrowwind said:

"We would not experiment with vancomycin just to see what happens. (hey, but we already know what kind of killer that can be, along with many other antibiotics.)" No doubt a clever line, but completely lost on me. Pharm companies have certainly had more than their share of disasters but that's not what anyone was talking about. Has anybody even mentioned the evil ABX word.

In addition, stories about "Jim Humble" who ever that may or may not be, or your examples like "stabilized oxygen" just continue to spread this far afield. Am I the only one who has no idea what most of these products are that Arrowwind mentions constantly. Nor does it matter in this context.

And let's face it, I don't know who you are. Of course, you don't know who I am, but I'm not selling something or pushing people to try something. Are you taking MMS? Give us your regimin and your results, please. Furthermore, I've found at least 2 other names you use, and you still haven't responded to my question about your participation in HeaSol.com. And here you are, collecting "progress reports" to put on your other web site from members of this web site, taken from this discussion.

D.Bergy and Nature, I still worry about you both and I think so does Great Cod, but I think you will do what you think is right. Nature, you don't have to fight so hard!

By the way, anybody have any data other than personal accounts that this stuff works?

(Quite frankly, an effort to get a reaction and boy did it work!)

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posted 13 November, 2007 08:25 AM

Safety is an unknown issue with MMS, especially using it past 3 months or so. I’ve seen no claims here to the contrary.

(She’s been using it since August, how interesting.)
(Clearly, she has been lying now since the beginning of this thread in an effort, I believe, to make herself somehow appear more authoritative or neutral and push the product harder)

I’m not interested in any sort of retribution against anyone with a different opinion from me but this makes me sick. They come onto a non-profit site where sick people are extremely desperate and then perpetrate this. I know that “Truthfinder” has been here for several years and I have no idea how long she has been doing this sort of thing. I was looking at some old threads and I saw two people accuse her of not “being a real person” and pushing something. That’s not any proof but given what I’ve seen, it doesn’t help.

Cavey was originally on this thread. It is impossible to conclude that this was ever above board.
As a follow-up, "truthfinder" claimed she meant she heard about it 3 months earlier. Who knows and who knows if she ever admitted to taking it or not. Also, I found that this bunch of criminals (including the ellusive Jim Humble and a doctor in Reno NV) who push this stuff, actually seem to be most interested in treating malaria. I found a news article stating that they had, in fact, applied to the Gates Foundtion to get a grant and were turned down. Boo Hoo

Sorry this is so long, but I have more to post. I'll try tomorrow. :(

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by cave76 » Wed 16 Jan 2008 16:35

WAY TO GO, Erin! (Er, I mean mini)

Hey, now that I have a Whistleblower Buddy maybe I'll just drag out all the old threads that I saved (the ones I knew were going to go side-ways, and did-----the ones that stuff got deleted from by either the posters who posted absolute crap and later 'regretted' it or by the moderators).

(Yeah, gotta get a life. :) But my hopes were that at some time all the inconsistencies might come in handy. And they have and they will. But only to people who can think logically and critically.)

I may have your later deleted posts, mini, on that thread. Can you tell me about what day it was posted? (If something was deleted after my bedtime (with the chickens) then I might have missed it.

TF and TerryK work in tandem. Just as they 'accused' me and GC of doing. Pot and Black syndrome. :)

Time for Sarah to leave her nice comfy closet. :) She knows where ALL the bodies are buried but prefers to stay quiet. Maybe some day soon? :)

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by minitails2 » Thu 17 Jan 2008 4:08

I wrote the following in reply to "truthfinder's" second or third request to "convince" her/him that science is where she should put her "belief" which demonstrates part of the problem right there. I posted this on 11/14/2007 and after it was posted, TerryK came trotting over to the thread and kept sharing her opinion that I was mean or horrible, whatever she wrote, and eventually, a troll. Yes, I need that picture of Joe Ham's for this part!


Since you would like a response, I'll be happy to oblige. Just keep in mind, you asked me to do so, and you have no ground on which to stand if you don't like it:

you wrote:
"Well, convince me that ‘science’ is where I should put my faith. (And please don’t post a link to some study or article – most regular folks can’t navigate those studies and understand them. We need a little more help than that.)"

The shortest answer is that no one can convince another of any "belief," or knowledge. That's something we do for ourselves.

The still short answer is that I'm under no obligation whatsoever to "convince" you of anything nor is it my responsibility to "help" you "navigate those studies." Further, why would you think I care about your opinions, as I go about my daily life. I care what my family thinks, my S.O. thinks, my friends think, but you're a fiction that exists on a web site. I don't know anything about you. I try to be understanding but come on, I don't want to dance with you dear.

If you need help understanding scientific studies, then either post specific questions and someone might help you, or go find out for yourself. Books are wonderful, amazing things. Learning is your responsibility. No one else is required to spoon feed you. Take responsibility for your life. Quit blaming the drug companies, the FDA, doctors, whatever. Live your life fully!

I think all of us "regular folks" do pretty well figuring things out.

We all have to learn to "navigate" all kinds of things in life. If your education in science is so poor it prohibits you from understanding fairly basic concepts, then use your time now, the time lyme has given you, and learn and think.

My guess is, though, you don't want to learn anything that challenges your "beliefs" and there isn't anyone that can help you with that. I find that sad, but, I hope your life becomes more suprising with time.

Yes, that was me, spitting in the wind. I did feel better afterward, though. I was also very serious about what I said, help can be offered but it has to be received by a willing spirit. "truthfinder" said very little but did have to attempt a zing of some sort. I really do hope that some day, that person will get off their computer and go live a life.

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Re: OH Crap --The MMS is Working

Post by minitails2 » Thu 17 Jan 2008 4:14

I think maybe Sarah has a different role to play in all this. I just couldn't sit still any longer after reading the thread for a while. I can't stand it when dishonest or dellusional (sp) people take advantage of weaker, more desperate people. I've gotten in trouble my whole life for doing that. Sometimes, I don't use my best judgement about such things. ;)

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