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UV Light Blood Treatment

Posted: Tue 10 Nov 2015 2:33
by ChronicLyme19
I was talking with a friend who said they were thinking about a UV light blood treatment. Has anyone heard of this and has more details?

What are the risks of the UV light damaging your blood?
What are the chances that Lyme hiding elsewhere in your body comes back and reinfects your blood?
What is the risk of the treatment causing a herxheimer or inflammatory reaction?
Does the UV light just kill Lyme, or does it kill other tick-borne co-infections like babesia or bartonella as well?
Do they just hit your blood with UV and feed it back into your body with the dead bacteria guts still in it? (I would worry that might kick up a strong immune response.)

Re: UV Light Blood Treatment

Posted: Wed 18 Nov 2015 4:00
by ChronicLyme19
Ah, so I believe the appropriate term for this is actually Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation.

Re: UV Light Blood Treatment

Posted: Sun 2 Jul 2017 9:42
by tuareg
it has many different names such as

intravenous laser therapy
intravenous laser blood irradiation

I do not think it is ultra violet
it might have many different colour and frequencies, such as red, green or blue

are you aware there is a clinic in Bavaria which uses? ... -protocol/

one of the producer is Weber, please read the following: ... low-laser/

have anyone experience in that?
any good result?

thanks for sharing.