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Oxygen concentrator

Posted: Fri 1 Jan 2016 22:31
by tuareg
Dear all,
I was found positive to Borrelia in 2003 and I am chronic sick.
I have been treated with antibiotics without a great success.
Since a couple of months I feel worst and sometimes I feel like I do not breath enough oxygen, I would like to start an home treatment with an oxygen concentrator.
Does anyone of you had experience with that? What result should I expect?

Re: Oxygen concentrator

Posted: Tue 2 Feb 2016 5:25
by ChronicLyme19
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'll chime in hear because I was having oxygen problems before I got diagnosed. My oxygen saturation levels were falling below 85 and I was about to be placed on an oxygen tank.

A few thoughts...
-How do you know you have an oxygen issue? Have you had your doctors check your oxygen levels?
-Have you been examined by a pulminologist? Have they verified your lungs are ok?
-Have they ruled out other causes of oxygen issues (blood clots/MTHFR gene mutation, malaria, babesia, carbon monoxide poisoning etc)?

I would want to know that I have an oxygen issue before going out and buying a probably expensive piece of equipment.

In my own case they ruled out many things and narrowed it down to either blood clots or babesia infection.

I have talked to someone who did oxygen treatments, and he said it helped him, but that the effects were only temporary.

Re: Oxygen concentrator

Posted: Sun 2 Jul 2017 9:35
by tuareg
sorry for very late reply
I did not check it with a pnumologist, since I have lot my trust in doctors
for them, it is always everything ok
anyway, I have bought the generator and used for a couple of months and it helped me to improve my condition
however, I still have some issues, sometime
basically I have the perception that I do not inalate enough oxygen

Re: Oxygen concentrator

Posted: Sun 3 Sep 2017 0:33
by Lucas_LUMA_Healers
The best way to boost oxygen level in the body is by Hydrogen Peroxide supplementation.
I know a few cases of Lyme healing with H2O2 as a main part of the therapy protocol.

Re: Oxygen concentrator

Posted: Thu 21 Sep 2017 0:08
by lou
You really should be checked for babesia, since this is one of the symptoms, and if you already are diagnosed with lyme, they frequently travel together in a tick. One of the reasons people think their lyme treatment didn't work well enough is because they had other pathogens that needed a different treatment. A blood smear is the best way to find babesia if you can find a competent person who will look at many fields, since a chronic infection may have a low level of infected red blood cells.