Revival of hyperthermia treatment for Lyme disease?

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Revival of hyperthermia treatment for Lyme disease?

Post by Martian » Wed 30 Nov 2016 16:25

I stumbled upon this website

On their about us page it says:
We are the Medical Center. In response to the needs of patients, we constantly expand our services. Patients with Lyme disease are treated in accordance with the ILADS guidelines.
On their treatment page it says:
In the treatment of Lyme disease also we use hyperthermia treatments.
I then did some googling and found several recent information and discussion pages about hyperthermia therapy for Lyme disease. For example in an article dated 17 April 2015 I read that Yolanda Foster is experimenting with hyperthermia treatment using a hyperthermia chamber in an attempt to cure Lyme disease. She is sharing it on the internet, writing: 'Fever is our body's natural way to fight disease......... Why are we taught to suppress it?'

When I see the word "hyperthermia", I am immediately reminded about Bachnysky and his dangerous Intracellular Hyperthermia Therapy (ICHT) for which he was sentenced to 168 months in prison.

I hope this new interest in hyperthermia treatment doesn't lead to dangerous practices or even deaths, again.

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Re: Revival of hyperthermia treatment for Lyme disease?

Post by lou » Thu 1 Dec 2016 2:22

Well, I don't know about that. A young American doctor died doing this Bachynsky treatment because it was poorly supervised in an Italian nursing home with a language barrier. Another patient, a woman, was cured. Don't have information on any of the other patients.

Not sure I would have the nerve to do it, but who knows. Desperation is creeping up on me.

It has not had a fair test well supervised and in a safe place. So, who knows at this point if it works.

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Re: Revival of hyperthermia treatment for Lyme disease?

Post by tuareg » Sun 2 Jul 2017 9:48

there is a clinic in Bavaria they use as therapy: ... -protocol/

they claim to have treated 15000 people

anyone having more information of what success they have?

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