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I'm 10 days into using Lymax. What is your experience with it?

Posted: Mon 8 May 2017 12:49
by Foggy
I've got chronic Lyme and tried a lot of herbs and supplements. One of them is a product called Lymax, I use it since 10 days and it seems like it is working! At least to a certain extent: my brainfog cleared up, my sleep has improved, my joint pains are practically gone and I feel like wanting to do things and get out of the house. What sticks though is the fatigue, especially during wet and cold weather. I wonder if this also will subside after a while, or if I need to take other stuff to manage that.
Furthermore: oddly enough, responding to this stuff so well makes me kind of nervous, I'm afraid the effect will just be temporary and I soon will fall back into my miserable state of the past 4 years. I could use some confirmation on the durability of the result.
Do any of you have experience with Lymax? How did that work out for you?