Buhner's (herbs) CV and work experience

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Re: Buhner's (herbs) CV and work experience

Post by Nick » Tue 26 Feb 2008 14:05

Joe Ham wrote: If promoting unproven cures to victims of a potentially deadly disease such as Lyme isn't "exploitation" then what is?
like in promoting longterm antibiotics use (with its known and sometimes severe sideeffects) that is scientifically unproven for chronic lyme?
Joe Ham wrote: Nick, are you becoming a "true believer"?
yes, I am becoming a true believer that most of the US lymies on this forum are busy spreading the gospel of antibiotics and on a crusade against all other thoughts. I clearly have been wasting my time on this forum as apparently it is not about discussion but about religion.

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Re: Buhner's (herbs) CV and work experience

Post by cave76 » Tue 26 Feb 2008 21:04

Nick, if you're still here.

You said ****I clearly have been wasting my time on this forum as apparently it is not about discussion but about religion.****

I would think that a scientist such as you would find that embracing unproven, testimonial-driven herbal 'beliefs' is much more akin to 'religion' than any science-derived knowledge about antibiotics. Even taking into consideration that allopathic medicine and drugs do have some flaws.

Your inability or refusal to give us some of the science---- after I asked:

****But his 'science'? I don't know about that. Why don't you teach us?*****

makes me conclude that there is none.

You admitted, tacitly, when you posted these comments:

****I think it could some kind of 'unscientific' law behind it, something that works and cannot scientifically be explained (yet).****

****That it works is strange but FACT, there simply is no scientific explanation (yet?) why it works over such a broad range of species.****

So--- if a person wants to BELIEVE that Buhner's herbs work---- never would I step between that person and his BELIEF, just as I'm helpless (and should be) in the face of someones fervent belief in a God. It's their business.

Don't confuse belief with science.

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Re: Buhner's (herbs) CV and work experience

Post by kelmo » Tue 26 Feb 2008 22:23

When my daughter was first diagnosed, her LLMD told her that he figured 90% of all cats and dogs are asymptomactically infected with bartonella.

In light of what you said above, he said that bartonella can be cured in a very short time in dogs with arsenic. However, it is NOT a good way to treat humans.

I'm with you. I have more questions than answers, so all I'm doing here is blowing hot air. I just think it's wise before you leap into the "natural" realm, you do a LOT of homework.

Which is what you, with scientific, rational minds, have been saying all along.


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