Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

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Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby cave76 » Fri 14 Mar 2008 15:59

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14 March, 2008 09:45 AM

I am unable to confirm this, but here is what I received in my Global Light newsletter today:

quote:Right at the end of the business day, I got a very disappointing call from my supplier for sodium chlorite which is the raw ingredient for making MMS. XXXX advised me that his company has received a notice, presumably from a government agency, that sodium chlorite suppliers have been selling the product to individuals and companies who are using it to make a product intended for human ingestion. They are advised that it is illegal for companies to sell sodium chlorite for that use.

XXXXX called me immediately, even before he had time to do more research, and he is committed to find a way to continue supplying sodium chlorite to Global Light Network. Frankly, I am not optimistic at all. They have been holding 1,000 pounds of sodium chlorite for us, and we will try to get that last lot released to us, but they will probably be intimidated by the government threat.

I think I told the members early on that I expected the government to move in before too long. MMS is simply doing too much good for too many people for them to not move to stop it as they have so many other miracle solutions to sickness and premature death. I thought at first that the FDA would come after the suppliers of MMS. However, I have always thought that the easier way to block MMS would be to choke off the supply of sodium chlorite, and that does seem to be the way they have chosen.

Be assured that we will do everything possible to find alternative sources. Since we have grown to be the largest supplier of MMS in the world, this development will certainly have an enormous negative impact on Global Light Network. Therefore, to preserve our supplies as long as possible, effective immediately, we are withdrawing all MMS kits and other bulk packaging from our shopping carts. Additionally, effective immediately, we are no longer offering wholesale or distributor discounts. If and when we are able to secure a reliable source for sodium chlorite, we will again offer kits and discounts to the trade.

……I sincerely hope this is a false alarm and, if it is, I will let the membership know as soon as possible and will immediately reinstate all of the discount pricings. One final note: if any member has an idea of how I can solve the supply issue, like Ross Perot used to say, "I'm all ears!"

…… Again, I have run out of time, so I will close for tonight. I know that the news about MMS is going to be very alarming for many. We want to make our remaining stock available to as many as possible and hope that you will not take this opportunity to horde. A bottle of MMS goes a very long way and has a very long shelf life. Although we will not turn away large orders, we do ask that you exercise restraint so that as many as possible can get a supply of MMS. We are blessed by your participation in Global Light Network.*****

[cave note--Reposting this in case anyone is waiting for their shipment of MMS.

Seems some unscrupulous people have been selling it with claims that it can alleviate health problems. THE NERVE!]

Here is the url for the site and a 'wand' you might want to buy while waiting to drink your daily potion of special bleach. (Only $60.00, on sale)

*****MMS While it technically stands for "miracle mineral supplement," the term "MMS" has begun to be recognized as shorthand for a remarkable protocol for safely delivering chlorine dioxide -- a powerful oxidizing agent -- into the body.******

***** Illuminator Stirwand (Yellow)

The Yellow Illuminator Stirwand is for mental clarity and inspiration. Recommended for daytime use. For water, stir approximately 10 seconds per 8 ounces. For beverages, stir to taste. Will not over-charge any food or beverage. Wash with mild soap only and never use in the microwave.

Stirwand descriptions and use suggestions are subjective and are not intended to represent scientific fact except for for the hydration and oxygenation claims that have scientific proof.

* Click here for info on Understanding Hydration
* Click here for info on Preliminary Study for Quantum Water
* Click here for the Hydration Testing Results
* Click here for the 30 Day Testing Results
* Click here for the Stirwand Blood Testing Results
* Click here for the Stability Testing Results
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Quantum Age stirwands are an innovative, pocket-sized water transformation technology that maximizes your water's hydration potential and much more. All stirwands use the non-invasive resonance of naturally-occurring high matrix minerals to get the most of what water has to offer -- i.e., life-sustaining oxygen molecules -- into their most important point of effect; the aquaporin channels in your cells. Stirwands are the size of a pen, last a lifetime, and never wear out.*****

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby itsy » Fri 14 Mar 2008 17:14


I saw that earlier and wanted to post it but I think the site was down.

Mean old government protecting us from injesting chlorine bleach. The nerve.

Make sure you stock up on it NOW before it goes black market and the price increases!

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby Claudia » Fri 14 Mar 2008 17:30

Cavey, while you're stocking up on the bleach, I duly noted on the Global Light web site that Karma Cleanse is also on sale all this month. Do you think that this product could help your chronic and relapsing vituperativeness condition?

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby cave76 » Fri 14 Mar 2008 18:07

****chronic and relapsing vituperativeness condition?****

As soon as I learn how to pronounce that---- I'll go to Dr. Klingon instead. After all--- Gigi said he was the greatest!

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby LymeEnigma » Fri 14 Mar 2008 19:34

Wikipedia: sodium chlorite

Sodium chlorite is a chemical compound used in the manufacture of paper.


The free acid, chlorous acid, HClO2, is only stable at low concentrations. Since it cannot be concentrated, it is not a commercial product. However, the corresponding sodium salt, sodium chlorite, NaClO2 is stable and inexpensive enough to be commercially available. The corresponding salts of heavy metals (Ag+, Hg+, Tl+, Pb2+, and also Cu2+ and NH4+) decompose explosively with heat or shock.

Sodium chlorite is derived indirectly from sodium chlorate, NaClO3. First, the explosively unstable gas chlorine dioxide, ClO2 is produced by reducing sodium chlorate in a strong acid solution with a suitable reducing agent (for example, sodium chloride, sulfur dioxide, or hydrochloric acid). The chlorine dioxide is then absorbed into an alkaline solution and reduced with hydrogen peroxide, H2O2 yielding sodium chlorite.

[edit] Usage

The main application of sodium chlorite is the generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper. It is also used for disinfection of a few municipal water treatment plants after conversion to chlorine dioxide. An advantage in this application, as compared to the more commonly used chlorine, is that trihalomethanes are not produced from organic contaminants. Sodium chlorite, NaClO2 also finds application as a component in therapeutic rinses, mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels, mouth sprays, chewing gums and lozenges, and also in contact lens cleaning solution under the trade name purite. Under the brand name Oxine it is used for sanitizing air ducts and HVAC/R systems and animal containment areas (walls, floors, and other surfaces).

In organic synthesis, sodium chlorite is frequently used for the oxidation of aldehydes to carboxylic acids. The reaction is usually performed in the presence of a chlorine scavenger.

Sodium chlorite, like many oxidizing agents, should be protected from inadvertent contamination by organic materials to avoid the formation of an explosive mixture.

Recently, sodium chlorite has been used as a oxidizing agent to covert alkyl furans to the corresponding 4-oxo-2-alkenoic acids in a simple one pot synthesis.[1]

Sodium Chlorite is also sold as a "mineral supplement". A number of diseases, particularly including malaria, are claimed by its promoters to be cured by sodium chlorite.

This stuff isn't even bleach ... it's pre-bleach, and terribly unstable....

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby kelmo » Fri 14 Mar 2008 20:01

They "stabilize" it by drinking orange juice with it.

No wonder it causes anal explosions.

This isn't a conspiracy to keep cures out of our hands so the pharmaceutical companies can reap profits. This is a case of just plain danger.

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby SilverFox » Fri 14 Mar 2008 22:13

Hello LymeEnigma,

I seem to get the impression that the general attitude here is not favorable toward MMS...

However, I must say that it cracks me up to see you, and others, "sensationalize" the hazards of a chlorite solution almost as much as the proponents of MMS tend to "sensationalize" the benefits of MMS.

My hope is to find the truth. I believe it may fall somewhere between these "extremes."

I see you made it a point to point out that chlorine dioxide gas is explosive and unstable.

At what concentration does it become "explosive," and how does that compare to other materials?

I find that at concentrations above 10%, it can explode. 10% = 100000 PPM. Let's see now, carbon monoxide can effect you at concentrations of 100 PPM and kill you at 667 PPM. Hydrogen becomes explosive at concentrations of 40000 PPM. Carbon dioxide can make you sick at 5000 PPM and kill you at 50000 PPM.

Isn't it pleasing to know that ClO2 is unstable and is usually not encountered in everyday life? We have carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide around us all the time and it takes a lot less of them to make us sick.

The instability of ClO2 can also be viewed as a "feature." If you are killing "bad stuff," you don't want the "bad stuff" to develop an immunity to what you are using to kill it off.

Now, let's suppose that we want to try to make an "explosive" concentration of ClO2. Sodium chlorite, due to its molecular make up, is only capable of producing 600000 PPM of ClO2 in a perfect chemical reaction utilizing 100% sodium chlorite and a strong acid like 38% hydrochlouric acid. Unfortunately, a 100% solution of sodium chlorite is also not stable, so it has to be diluted down.

Let's grab a bottle of MMS and see what we can do. MMS is 28% sodium chlorite, by weight, and because of minor impurities it reacts like a 22.4% solution. Now we have reduced our theoretical 600000 PPM possible ClO2 gas down to a theoretical 134400 PPM. This is above the 100000 PPM needed to make an "explosive" mixture, but we have to activate it with the 38% HCL.

The MMS protocol calls for using lemon or lime juice, vinegar, or citric acid as the activator. These are not "strong" acids, but they are "weak" acids. Now your "theoretical" maximum gets dropped down to around 40000 PPM.

Wow, this means that if we took a bottle of MMS and mixed it with a bottle of lime juice, we would fall way short of making an "explosive" mixture.

Your second passage that you pointed out is actually a valid concern. If you have a kilogram of sodium chlorite crystals and mix a bottle of lime juice with them, you can very easily end up with an explosive mixture.

Thank you for pointing that out.


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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby minitails2 » Sat 15 Mar 2008 3:04

Well Tom,
We're a funny group of people but boy can we do research! :D

Tom, you wrote:
I find that at concentrations above 10%, it can explode. 10% = 100000 PPM. Let's see now, carbon monoxide can effect you at concentrations of 100 PPM and kill you at 667 PPM. Hydrogen becomes explosive at concentrations of 40000 PPM. Carbon dioxide can make you sick at 5000 PPM and kill you at 50000 PPM.

What a puzzling piece of "information." (Since you didn't give any references and that sort of thing isn't general knowledge, I don't really know how correct it is.) Perhaps you could explain why it is you thought it was relevant. With reagrd to CO2, "explode" doesn't have the same meaning as "effect." You also compared a product sold in a solid state and turned into a liquid, with a gas. Just doesn't seem right to me that there is any sort of direct comparison, but perhaps you can enlighten us with references.

Hydrogen, yes, it explodes, I think that's why the Germans stopped using it in their Zepplins, I believe that's what they used anyway. Also, have you heard of Hydrgen Bombs, the next generation of Atom Bombs (they've been around since the '40's). Then there are those hydrogen cars and the intense search to find a way to use hydrogen in creating energy (Hydorogen Bombs release that energy). You are so right when you say we are surrounded by hydogen every day, especially since water molecules are created out of that very dangerous atom, actually 2 of them, you know, H2O?

edited for many typos and way too many, um, smart alec comments - sorry all.
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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby minitails2 » Sat 15 Mar 2008 3:13

Hi Kelmo,

Just to let you know, daaarling, you wrote:

They "stabilize" it by drinking orange juice....

Actually, the fabulous MMS is not supposted to be taken with OJ, it has asorbic acid does something somebody doesn't want.

The acids they do drink it with, acetic acid (vinegar) and something, whatever it is, is taken to "activate" it. Stomach acid is much stronger so I've never quite figured out why and how it works. It's actually supposed to have little explosions all over in your body and somehow, it knows to only kill "acidic" cells, which, as we know from early threads and posts, are a bit of a crock. No one promoting this crap has ever adequately explained how the killers would know the difference, and this guy won't be any different.

Have a good weekend!! :D

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Re: Bad news for MMS users, er um, consumers

Postby kelmo » Sat 15 Mar 2008 4:27

Really? It seems the others, like Dbergy and Naturelover said they drank OJ with it. I'm sure that's what I read.


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