How to get Lyme noticed a la Michael Moore

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How to get Lyme noticed a la Michael Moore

Post by cave76 » Tue 2 Dec 2008 1:32

Mostly tongue-in-cheek idea: But wouldn't it be great to get something like this done for "our cause" ? Just wishin'.

The Awful Truth (1999) (on DVD)

Two segments were featured in this program, one dealing with mock Witch Hunts in Washington, but the more moving piece, focused on 34 year old Diabetic Chris Donahue, father of a 4 year old girl, whose health insurance company (or HMO if you prefer), Humana, rejected his claim for an operation for a pancreas transplant. Without the operation, he would surely die, and so Michael Moore came to his aid.

First Chris went to Florida's Palm Beach Post to place his own obituary. Then Michael invited Humana to come help the ailing man choose a coffin for Chris. Then he invited them to Chris' funeral party, with Chris displaying his bright red custom made T-shirt that read "I signed with Humana and all I got was this lousy t-shirt, but no pancreas".

Then they had a rehearsal funeral outside Humana's offices. Finally, in less than a week, the company cracked, accepted the claim, thereby saving the man's life, and revised their policies on all claims for pancreas transplants.


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Re: How to get Lyme noticed a la Michael Moore

Post by seanna » Sat 13 Dec 2008 18:21

Michael Moore's gotten a lot of flack over a lot of stuff he's done BUT he IS right, ya know..about a lot of things wrong with the US health-care system.

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