Vitamin C / Salt damage

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Vitamin C / Salt damage

Post by lamelyme » Fri 1 Apr 2016 20:54

Hey everybody,

I know lots of people here may think that it is a stupid idea to try this protocol, but yes I tried it. I did it because I was very desperate and incapable of doing proper research on the internet, which was because my mental functions were very limited. I could hardly read, write and generally express myself. Had really bad brain fog. At that time I would have done ANYTHING to make it stop. Maybe some of you are able to understand what that means.. The nasty thing was that when I tried the protocol my symptoms improved significantly, making me believe that I could get rid of lyme this way. After some months of following the protocol, I got issues with my heart and even lost some of my hair (there is still enough left ; ))
The problem now seems to be that my body has been damaged in a way that makes me intolerant to acid food and alcohol.. Salty food may be problematic, too... Every time I get too much of these I get bad cardiac problems.. among others. It has really been affecting my life for more than have a year now. I think there may be something wrong with my kidneys or hormons... my ions were a mess when I got them tested, but that's a while ago now.

Anyway, does anybody here have a clue what I can do about it? Is there some information from other ppl having the same issues?

You can also send me a pn...

Take my story as a warning !!! Don't try this protocol !!!


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Re: Vitamin C / Salt damage

Post by Pixi » Sat 9 Apr 2016 7:00

Thank you for posting the warning & sorry to read it caused further issues. Timely for me. I was seriously considering trying this protocol as an affordable resort for my persistently debilitating tick-borne illness (1993-to present). Australian so not much hope of effective help.

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Re: Vitamin C / Salt damage

Post by lou » Wed 27 Apr 2016 4:15

Not sure you can blame salt C for the alcohol problem. It is always an issue with lyme, on all other treatments and without treatment.

Sorry, don't know what you do about this now. But thanks for posting the warning. People try all sorts of things, out of desperation.

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