Netherlands - any chance insurance would cover yoga of some sort?

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Netherlands - any chance insurance would cover yoga of some sort?

Post by Eiren » Sat 16 Dec 2017 13:49

I'm an American living in The Netherlands, and my Dutch isn't very good. So I thought to ask here if anyone could direct me to an answer.

I went to MCL in Leeuwarden this past summer to their "Lyme clinic." Total waste of time. They looked me over and tested me for RA and stuff and tested my nerves, and concluded that I'm perfectly healthy. Umm, yeah, except now that it's not something else it must be Lyme.

The only thing I got offered was the suggestion to take CBD oil and do yoga. The doctor wrote this in my medical file - other specialists I had been seeing in the local hospital have mentioned that they read it in my file.

My main obviously physical complaint is tight tendons. I'm scheduled to do some PT at the local hospital, but I'm starting to suspect that they have no clue about Lyme and chronic systematic tendon issues. So I'm losing hope there. But the only good thing there is insurance cover it. I'm poor. Ordering the herbs and vitamins that seem to be helping me is a stretch right now. Another chunk of change is not really doable.

But then I was thinking - a doctor told me to do yoga, it's in my medical file. Maybe that would cause my insurance to pick up the tab, or at least a portion of it. But I'm really not sure at all about medical laws here, and not even sure where to go to start looking.

Has anyone else got subsidized yoga in NL? What was the route for that?

And just calling my insurance and asking would make sense, except that their answer to every "Do you cover...?" is an automatic No. My gemeente is similarly unhelpful in all things. I have to tell them how to do their jobs.

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