New document with forum rules, etiquette and policing

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New document with forum rules, etiquette and policing

Post by admin » Fri 19 Sep 2008 17:59

I have created a document with forum rules, etiquette, and forum policing. Members are asked to read it carefully. It can be found in this post: ... ?f=2&t=365

Originally, that post only contained the following credo: “Different opinions are allowed on this board, but ad hominem argumentation should be avoided. So, however much you disagree with someone, attack the argument, not the person. Agree to disagree.”

Unfortunately, this credo has been violated many times in the short history of this board, despite the fact that people have been confronted with it on several occasions; no only by me, but also by other forum members.

The past weeks there has been one the worst (if not worst) episodes of outrageous, inflammatory behaviour that is detrimental to the goals of this forum. Requests to tone done have been ignored and have even been met with ridicule.

It became clear to me that this could no longer be tolerated and that there needed to be a strict policing. Therefore I have created a document with forum rules and a policy for warnings and banning. Some members of LymeNet Europe will receive a warning because of their behaviour in the past weeks.

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