I am leaving this board for a while

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I am leaving this board for a while

Post by kelmo » Sun 14 Sep 2008 3:25

Each day, I pull up new topics and read the latest posts.

There is one that pops up each time. It's about Sarah Palin. I responded once, and was pounced on. There was no way I was going to venture into the lions den.

I have absolute respect for other's opinions. We have the right to be different.

But, on a board that is for support. I find this particular thread toxic and ugly. It has gone from an expression of bafflement, to a pack of wolves on fresh flesh. I have not read all the posts, I just checked the last one.
I thought we as a gender were smarter than that!!!

have we evolved to be just like the males??? willing to be snowed???

maybe we outsmarted ourselves...we wanted equality and now we are equally as dumb as the guys in charge...guess the adage careful of what you ask for--you may get it--is so true
At this point, you are preaching to the choir. There is no one to oppose you. However, in the process you have now started to insult people who have a different viewpoint.

I am intelligent. I do my homework. Heck, I spent nights doing research on why my daughter was ill.

When I take out my ballot, I am not making emotional decisions, I have weighed the options. We have watched both sides, both conventions.

Just because no one who thinks differently hasn't responded that there isn't anyone else out there. You have hurt one.

It is as offensive as if I were to start a thread on a particular religeon I find rediculous. Destroying someone's religeon doesn't change their faith. Politics and religeon are delicate subjects.

Why is it the folks who demand the most tolerance and freedom have the most difficult time tolerating people who don't think like they do?


Someone was allowed to come on this board and state their opinion about my doctor and his lab. I agree that my posts were emotional. But, if you read them, you will also see that WE have used other labs, as well. I ENCOURAGE people to use all the tools available to them. No lab is perfect.

This lab was only meant for his patients. He did his own research with our permission. It was only a year ago, that while attending a Lyme conference other doctors saw what he was doing and wanted to use his lab. One, who is great at marketing himself, ran with it. This little lab was then taking a lot of requests.

Galehane has spent a considerable amount of time trying to discredit this lab and my doctor's work. If you check at all his posts, they are 99% about the lab. Why? I have red flags flapping wildy over this! And, why not?! The doctor we have chosen is being attacked.

Many say that we SHOULD question. Yes! Question!! But, don't attack! I got PMs from this person telling me to edit my posts so that I did not reveal that they have been in contact with my doctor. He promised that he was not out to destroy him. My doctor told me he's been getting letters and calls from Denmark! He was amused his little lab is making a fuss around the world.

However, the last post Galehane made was very clear the motive. I posted my fears, and got no support.

There are a lot of good things going on with this board. I really appreciate the moderator and his fairness. But, there is a toxicity creeping in that is making me sick. I need a break.

Thank you for all the support you have given me regarding my daughter's health. And without using more apostrophes and commas, I would like to thank you for support you have given me, as well.

There are many on here I respect in so many ways. You have taught me a lot. For those friends, I would still like to communicate with you. I adore you.

You are welcome to PM me, and I hope I could feel free to PM you, as well.

Take care

Edited once to correct a typo on the word "creeping"

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Re: I am leaving this board for a while

Post by Cobwebby » Sun 14 Sep 2008 14:44

I knew any thread related to politics was likey to get messy-so I didn't even go there-an immediate SOB.

I wish I could have supported you in the thread about your doc and labs, but I was unfamiliar with both, and so felt I had no place to inject my opinion-except everyone knows their own level of comfort, and what works for them.

Choices- we all have the right to make our own decisions. I haven't really followed the second thread in question-but I gather you were made to feel foolish-not a good feeling. :(

We all need to take inventory from time to time-and possibly check ourselves.

LNE is like a 'marriage' of posters-tough work at times .

I sure want to stay in touch with you. Here comes a pm. :D
The greater part of our happiness or misery
depends on our dispositions,
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Martha Washington

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Re: I am leaving this board for a while

Post by LymeEnigma » Sun 14 Sep 2008 21:29

I'm really sorry that you feel hurt by a couple of the threads; perhaps politics shouldn't be discussed here, if the subject matter is going to be misconstrued as personal. As far as the FRY labs thread is concerned, I'm sorry you see an attack; I don't think anyone is out to ruin FRY, but I know it is hard not to take something personally when it is your own doctor being questioned. Take care; hope you return soon.

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Re: I am leaving this board for a while

Post by newlylymie » Mon 15 Sep 2008 20:33

Hi Kelmo,

So sorry to hear you are leaving, but I can completely understand why someone might need a break. I am currently trying to take a break myself, from both here and lymenet. Nothing personal, I just need to focus on something besides Lyme for a while.

I also know what it feels like to be in the political minority. I am liberal in many of my views (registered Independent) surrounded by conservative Republicans...my friends, my community, many family members...even my husband! For the most part, people put up with me because they know I enjoy hearing their opinions and always try to be respectful (even when I am screaming inside!)

I hope I didn't say anything to hurt you on the Palin thread (I can't even remember what I posted now). I have the greatest respect for you and wish you all the best.

I have to admit, I haven't kept up with the lab thread...it was a little too long and involved for the puny little brain I have functioning right now.

Take care.

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Re: I am leaving this board for a while

Post by Boomerang » Tue 16 Sep 2008 2:54

kelmo wrote:
Why is it the folks who demand the most tolerance and freedom have the most difficult time tolerating people who don't think like they do?
Amazing, isn't it, Kelmo? I had hoped that things would die down today, but I see a new round of bashing type threads has been posted. I just don't understand the reasoning behind it. Oh well....

I agree with you, Kelmo, about the "preaching to the choir"....and the nasty tone of the post you referenced.

Thanks Claudia and Yvonne for all the good info. Much appreciated.

Later all...best wishes.


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