Should there be a new section for "Special Forums"?

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Should there be a new section for "Special Forums" as described in the message below?

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Should there be a new section for "Special Forums"?

Post by admin » Mon 15 Dec 2008 16:13

I have been considering a lot how best to organize the board. People sometimes make suggestions for a new forum about a certain category. But I want the board index to be as small and simple as possible.

I suggest the creation of a section called "Special Forums" (or a similar name) where all new forums about a certain (sub)category are listed. At the board index they will be visible as subforums. Of course thought should be put into deciding what categories could really be helpful. We could vote about that too.

The Science, Medical, and General forums are and will be the core of the Information & Discussion section.

What do you, members of LNE, think about this? Please take some time to consider this.

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