Long term ceftriaxone for ALS?

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Re: Long term ceftriaxone for ALS?

Post by Nick » Thu 1 Nov 2007 20:55

CaliforniaLyme wrote:Same TBE virus that
Russians found associated with ALS.
associated, yes ... you probably know that lots of diseases and disease agents are statistically associated with Lyme disease, or maybe I should say statistically associated with presence of borrelia. However, I don't think there is any conclusive proof of a direct cause/effect relationship with most of them. Maybe many of these diseases are caused by damage to the immune or hormone system of the host - and maybe there are many agents that can cause it, or maybe there is an as-of-yet undetected agent (transmitted by ticks) that is the real cause. Maybe all these 'disease agents' are just opportunistic infections that can succeed because something else that we don't understand yet is wrong in the host. Trouble is that for many of these (potentially) intra-cellular disease agents with unstable genomes the Koch postulates no longer work. Also, for diseases that have no simple cause-effect relationship statistics is not very helpful.

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