Psychologic disorders in acute and persistent neuroborrelios

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Psychologic disorders in acute and persistent neuroborrelios

Postby itsy » Fri 16 May 2008 21:42

Can someone find the full article (in english or something I can translate online) for this so we can see if it describes a persistent infection or if it is a "post infectios" process they are talking about??

Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2001 Jan;10(55):36-7.
Psychologic disorders in acute and persistent neuroborreliosis
Article in Polish
Popławska R, Konarzewska B, Gudel-Trochimowicz I, Szulc A.
Klinika Chorób Psychicznych AM w Białymstoku.
In the risk group, inhabiting endemic areas, even non-specific symptoms should alert the physician to the possibility of infection caused by the spirochete. The invasion of central nervous system (neuroborreliosis) may be the cause for persisting, irreversible intellectual impairment and memory deficits. Brain lesions are the result of misdiagnosis and delayed antibiotic treatment. This paper describes a case of neuroborreliosis with atypical beginning and diagnostic difficulties.

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