Topics with information and discussion about published studies related to Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.
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Post by Joanne60 » Sun 8 Apr 2012 12:18

Recently there have been changes in the UK.

Sue O'Connell has retired as has her boss.

One less for the Lyme Cabal to rely on with their publications.

As Sue O'Connell directly compromised my treatment and relationship with GP I am personally delighted she has gone. What she said at IOM sounded promising but then she never backed any of it up and continued to be closed to any developments in science.
Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

Her boss it seems was responsible for D of H replies to MP's again good riddance - the replies I received back through my MP were kindergarten mentality and not acceptable - but then perhaps that is why my MP is concerned about what is going on and busy talking to officials.

In future testing will be done for WB at Porton - here's hoping they have open minds and are not power crazy to control our doctors based on outdated guidelines and by ignoring new developments in science research.

The situation in Europe is very different than in USA and as such it is time we had good research here in UK as to what is going on.

To see the details from LDA ... ll-change/

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