European LNB - Long-term follow-up (Norway)

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Re: European LNB - Long-term follow-up (Norway)

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Sun 4 Oct 2015 1:04

Yes, but what happened to the other 16 that never completed the follow up?
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Re: European LNB - Long-term follow-up (Norway)

Post by X-member » Sun 4 Oct 2015 16:31

Removed a post, since I missed that ChronicLyme19 asked about a Swedish study.

Edit to add:

I posted some information about neuroborreliosis in this thread because of what was said in another thread.

Quality of life: the same all around ... 962#p43068
Our results do not support the hypothesis that a considerable proportion of patients with LNB develop, despite treatment, a ‘chronic Lyme disease’ or a ‘post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome’ consisting of debilitating fatigue or cognitive impairment with severe limitations of their quality of life.

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