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Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Sun 4 Nov 2012 17:22
by Lorima
I just heard Dr. MacDonald's and Eve Sapi's talks at the ILADS meeting.
Dr. MacDonald got a standing ovation. It was a great talk.
Dr. Sapi was also very good. I wish I lived near New Haven so I could work with her.

Thanks Dr. MacDonald for your work, and for communicating with us!

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Mon 5 Nov 2012 6:03
by dorothy de kok
This is such great news. Wouldn't have expected anything less than a standing ovation for Big Mac and his tireless efforts. Thank you Dr MacDonald. And thank you Dr Sapi.

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Thu 8 Nov 2012 22:27
by Joanne60
How I wish I could have been there to hear/see Dr MacDonald's presentation but I look forward to being able to get a copy of it perhaps on DVD if not able to hear it by ILADS webcam at the begining of December.

Thank you Dr MacDonald and Eva Sapi and all the other doctors working to help us.

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Fri 9 Nov 2012 15:48
by inmacdonald
Thank you Lorima, Dorothy, and Joanne,

I worked for 4 months to assemble the Images and to find
a body of knowledge which would fit the 30 minute allocated time slot.
I was editing the final version on the Morning of Nov 4th at 6AM.
It remains a work in progress and I shall add to it from time to Time going forward.
I shall post a very abbreviated version [link below] (30 slides instead of the fnal 146 slides)
on my dropbox cloud storage site if anyone is interested .The full 146 slide
version has been copyright transferred to ILADS and wil be rebroadcast with the
entire videotaped program via streaming video in the Web on Dec 1,2 - freely
to all to view.
One Postscript: The German Borreliosis Society and Dr Armin Schwartzbach
hare told me that One Million New cases of Lyme borreliosis were recorded
for residents of Germany, based on public data released from Payments by German
Health insurance companies for calendar year 2012.
ESTIMATES for China are between 20,000 to 30,000 new cases of Lyme Borreliosiis
annually [ with statements that the true numbers of Chinese cases is ,like in the USA
a ten to 20 fold multiple of the ESTIMATED NUMBERS
Thanks again,

Microsoft PowerPoint - MacDonald_Sept 8 backup second.pdf - Dropbox ... second.pdf

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Fri 9 Nov 2012 19:39
by dorothy de kok
One million new case in Germany?
Do they have a serious problem or seriously good diagnostics??

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Fri 9 Nov 2012 23:10
by Joanne60
Thank you Dr MacDonald for sharing.

After my initial shock of reading the figures for Germany and also seeing the figures for China ( I remember Dr Horowitz said he had traveled to China on the invitation of the equivalent of the Chinese CDC to discuss tick borne Diseases). I returned to look at your excellent presentation (in part).

Thank you for your hours of dedicated work. I know many of you spend hours preparing, (someone once told me how many hours Steven Phillips had spent preparing for the presentation to the IDSA review hearing). It is humbling to know what lengths so many of you go to bring scientific data to the fore.

So much information to take from your presentation but interesting to hear the International perspective and note the International sharing of information.

I look forward to hearing more at the ILADS December video streaming. Thank you.

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Sat 10 Nov 2012 1:41
by Muscle Car55
inmacdonald wrote:One Million New cases of Lyme borreliosis
I'm just astonished that these governments can still keep this under wraps.

But it's good to see shows such as Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory talk about it. Upcoming show called Lyme Disease Manufactured coming up on true TV soon.

I understand that the disease has been documented in a caveman. But who's not to say that the bacteria has been tampered with or altered for a biological weapon, making it much more aggressive. It's been documented Eric Traub worked with insects and diseases. We honestly don't know how advanced our government is with technology back then when it first appeared in Conn. and now....

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Sat 10 Nov 2012 4:30
by panda
@ Dorothy

In Germany a general obligation for physicians or labs to report new (or long lasting) Lyme disease cases does not exist. That makes epidemiological surveys quite difficult. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is responsible for disease reports, uses very old numbers of some local studies. But, this does not represent the actual and real picture.

The eastern states introduced a compulsory registration for special cases (Erythema migrans, acute neuroborreliosis [i.e. Cranial nerve palsy, radiculoneuritis, meningitis], and since 2009 also acute Lyme arthritis). But the criteria for case definitions are so restricted, that clinical cases will often not fulfill these criteria. For example a patient with facial palsy after tick bite is not a “case” when not also showing a greater number of intrathecal Bb antibodies than in blood, and pleocytosis in liquor.

RKI, Epidemiologisches Bulletin Nr. 38, 21.9.2007, p. 353 f.:
Für die Neuroborreliose-Fälle entsprach der labordiagnostische Nachweis nur bei 42 der 799 übermittelten Erkrankungen (5%) der Falldefinition (Pleozytose und Nachweis intrathekaler Antikörper: 39 Erkrankungsfälle; Pleozytose und Nukleinsäure-Nachweis im Liquor: 3 Erkrankungsfälle). Ein Nachweis von intrathekalen Antikörpern lag nur bei 234 der 799 übermittelten Erkrankungen (29%) vor. Diese Auswertung zeigt, dass die Kriterien der Falldefinition im Bezug auf die Labordiagnostik der frühen Neuroborreliose nicht zu greifen scheinen. ... cationFile

Automatic translation:
"For neuroborreliosis cases the diagnostic detection of the laboratory corresponded only in 42 of 799 communicated diseases (5%) with the case definition (pleocytosis and intrathecal antibody detection: 39 cases of disease; pleocytosis and nucleic acid detection in CSF: 3 cases of disease). A detection of intrathecal antibodies was present only at 234 of 799 reported diseases (29%). This evaluation shows that the criteria of the case definition with respect to the laboratory diagnosis of early neuroborreliosis does not seem to be working."

The sole proof of positive results in serological testing (ELISA and Blot) is not valued as a sign of active infection, but in most cases as a ‘serological relict’ of a former contact with the pathogen Bb.

So, the reported numbers are much lower than the number of really infected and ill patients.

Mostly (> 90 %) the reported cases are based on the diagnosis of EM, in spite of the fact that a great number of physicians, also dermatologists, are not able to recognize this pathognomic sign. Patients often tell us that they were treated with antifungal or corticosteroid ointments. Or they were not treated at all, and should wait and watch the skin lesion.

A quite different picture with high numbers of Lyme patients is given on base of the billing system of the health insurance companies, only looking after the diagnosed Erythema migrans (ICD10: A69.2). That is a case definition without a need of serological confirmation.
erkrankungszahlen_2008.jpg (95.83 KiB) Viewed 2374 times [German] [German]

I think, the used test kits in Germany are not of better quality than for example in the US. It is known that you are getting three different results, if you are sending the same blood sample to three different labs using different test kits. ... ologie.pdf [German] ... z_2009.pdf [German] ... a-Blot.pdf [German]

Best wishes,

Re: Dr. MacDonald's ovation

Posted: Sat 10 Nov 2012 16:41
by inmacdonald
Dear Panda,

You are amazing! It will take me quite a while to read through all of your
literature citations, which I value greatly.
As I stated in my Lecture in Boston, there is not country with a greater
knowledge of the pathobiology of Lyme borreliosis than Germany.

We will continue to learn from you, Panda,
and with greatest appreciation.