Genotypes -More than 100 in Burgdorferi sensu lato group

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Genotypes -More than 100 in Burgdorferi sensu lato group

Post by inmacdonald » Thu 5 Sep 2013 17:55

Gene Mutations in a Named species of borrelia will produce
a Genovar { or a genotype whose DNA differs from the Parent DNA. When DNA changes, Proteins change.
and when Mutated Wild type borrelia change their surface proteins- the B31 based Blood tests
may produce FALSE negative results- Because B31 Proteins are only the beginning of a long list
of proteins from mutated ( Genovars )

How high is the current Borrelia Genovar Count in the wild in nature?
How many of the borrelia Genovars have not yet been analyzed by DNA sequencing?
We do not know the Exact numericals - to attempt to answer these questions.

Estimates are described by the paragraphs below.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE: The GENOTYPE of the Borrelia or Borrelias (plural) may not yet be
described in the National GenBanks of microbe DNA structure from around the world.

If your personal Infection (s) are caused by GENOVARS of borrelia sensu lato group
which have never been grown in Any Laboratory anywherre in the world,
You may be the Victim of " Blood Antibody Test Failure to Detect."

An excellent example of a Borrelia which was never in 35 years
Ever imagined to Cause Human disease in New England States, USA
is the MIYAMOTOI borrelia ( New England GENOVAR type)
Miyamotoi infections are now described for the first time in the Midwestern USA...
Never before imagined as even a remote possibility...and Now a REality...a realtiy GOING
Forward.. and a REALITY going Backward in time.
MIYAMOTOI produces symptoms which are Shared with burgdorferi sensu lato GROUP.
Mixed infections of MIYAMOTOI/BURGDORFERI SENSU LATO group are now a
REAL Possibility.
So FASTEN your Seat Belts: and keep vigilant!
Hope for the arrival of a widely available MIYAMOTOI ....blood antibody Test ..., or of a PCR test
46  genotypes  of Bb were mentioned by Dr Benjamin Luft in his Year 2010
Institute of  Medicine  lecture ( Video on the Web at IOM site).
At that time,the 46 genotypes were in the  possession  of Dr Mark Eshoo, at Abbott Labs.
The remaning genotypes are derived from Dr Eva Sapi's blood culture paper in Year 2013
Actual Totals for all Genovars of borrelia are Not Counted in any official tabulation:
Genotypes (Genovars) that i know of  are:
---Uncultivatibles   ( VBNC type borrelia ass in Barthold)
---Genotypes deposited in GenBank since year 2010 to year 2013 inclusive.
You might inquire of Dr S.Casjens at the University Of Utah  School  of Medicine, for his tallies of
    genotypes of named strains of Borrelia, Nationally and Internationally.

I am classifying  as  distinct  genotypes -any borrelia deposit i nGenBank or in the ATCC which has even a Single nucleotide mismatch with the
associated NAMED  strain ( Ie Burgdorferi(s)  -13 strains completely sequenced  recently and each assigned sub letters and numbers described by Casjens and Schutzer et al
Gariii,  Afzelii, Valisania, Kurtenhbachi, Bissetti, Andersoni, Americanum, Mantovani,,
and the list goes on and on)  .

Flagellins of borrelia are utilized in China to assign names and genotypes, in contradistinction to the UsA and Europe,where
Genetic  drifts in the 1000 base ORF (  1000 is a variable- not all strains have 1000 FlaB bases in  their  BB 0147.
Flagellins are given  short shrift by western workers.
Flagellin-less strains of  borrelia  commenced with Barbour's Hb19 flagelln less mutant. Now there are many more
flagelliin less borrelia burgdorferi  mutants. 
And these are just the High profile Orf's of  borrelia burgdorferi.
How many OspA subtypes now exist in the USA.  How many OSP C subtypes are there in the USA? [ too numerous to count}
How many Truncations of Outer Surface proteins are there in USA and in European strains.
Are the VlsE's  actually "Countable".  The vlsE cassettes reshuffle at a moments notice.
Will ther ever be a vaccine which is vlsE based.?
Will there ever be a vaccine which is OspC based?  I  think not.

Remember that in hemoglobin, their is a Single Amino Acid  mutation  Val for Glu which makes all the difference
between healthy  globin  A  and  Globin S [ sickle hemoglobin}. the Rogue Amino acid  in HbSS  and HbSA which  is situated
at the "hinge point"of the globin S  molecule  and is responsible fo its many  bad clinical  behaviors,.

An then there is the collateral damage due to  MIYAMOTOI-- it appears that geographically distinct Miyamotoi(s) are being recognized
in various global ecosystems.  Genomes in flux.  Amazing stuff.

Let me know what your final tally is for the number of genotypes of borrelia :  beyond the B31 burgdorferi ATCC 35210.

Respectfully Submitted,
Alan B. MacDonald MD
Sept 5,2013

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Re: Genotypes -More than 100 in Burgdorferi sensu lato group

Post by Joanne60 » Thu 5 Sep 2013 21:12

Link to Ben Luft presentation at IOM workshop ... t=0&live=0 starts about 54 mins in.
Later discussing re infection and relapsing illness about 100.30 mins he says (copied from the original phoenetic transcript at the time hence the misspellings )
I want to clarify one point. I think that Peter and Gary were
correct, that you can become reinfected with Lyme disease, after
being -- after having air themea myograms.

But the nature of Lyme disease is it's a relapsing disease.

That's the very nature of you getting infected, very erythema myograms, having dissemination, separated by time, the disease comes back and it can give you cardiac abnormalities or abnormalities in your joint, that's a relapse.

That's a relapsing process.

The period of time is well-being with disease relapses, and that can occur in a cyclical manner.

You can have multiple episodes of relapse, and this can go on for years.

That's the natural history of the disease.

The natural history of disease ez is it's a relapsing disease.

It's also very interesting that even though you may have this disease, you can be reinfected with another -- with Lyme disease again, even though you've been previously infected.

I just wanted to clarify that.

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Re: Genotypes -More than 100 in Burgdorferi sensu lato group

Post by LHCTom » Fri 6 Sep 2013 19:22

I believe there is value in watching the second 2 presentations by Gary P. Wormser and then Benjamin J. Luft.

Dr Wormser looks and sounds bored, shows no creativity or curiosity and comes off as a bureaucrat.

Dr Luft sounds like a real curious creative scientist.

The contrast is stunning and visually explains one of the core problems.

Not all scientists are created equal. ... t=0&live=0

The other videos are quite interesting such as: ... t=0&live=0

Does anyone know if the recent conference will release any proceedings or videos?
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Re: Genotypes -More than 100 in Burgdorferi sensu lato group

Post by inmacdonald » Sat 7 Sep 2013 0:24

burgdoferi Strains in USA Diverse Proteins, Diverse DNA Genovars.jpg
burgdoferi Strains in USA Diverse Proteins, Diverse DNA Genovars.jpg (111.02 KiB) Viewed 1673 times
Burgdorferi borrrelia in USA - Diffuse Genovars equals Diverse DNA (GENOVARS= GENOYPES) off the Radar Screen

Look at the Diverse Protein patterns of Burgdorferi in USA Alone; Evidence for Diverse Genotypes (Genovars) Charted and uncharted [IGNORED]\\
burgdoferi Strains in USA Diverse Proteins, Diverse DNA Genovars.jpg
burgdoferi Strains in USA Diverse Proteins, Diverse DNA Genovars.jpg (111.02 KiB) Viewed 1673 times


Read the Burgdorferi patterns from various USA Isolates
and then
Tell me
Diversie Genotypes (GENOVARS) of burgdorferi tyoe Borrelia USa
are a hallucination, and NOT Real
READ the Protein Bands from Burgodrferi isolates from the USA
and TELL me THAT GenoVARS [ Genotypes} of Burgdoreri are not REAL....

The EyeBall does Not lie.

The CDC may lie, but the EYEBALL Does not lie....

Look at the NON-Overlapping Protein Bands of Burgdorferi Isolates
and Tell me that Tehy are INDEED Different...
{ Protein structure is determined by DNA sturcuture}
So... Protein Diferences ...Among Burgdorferi isolates from the USA
are at Root Cause,... du to DNA GENOTYPE (Genovars diffreences) of the diverse burgdorferi Strains
in the USA.

Is ONE SET of PROTEINS Fully Competent for the detection of ALL POSSIBLE Human ANTIBODIES

We will not attempt to address USA vectored AFZELII infections, and USA VECTORED GARINII infetions,
ans UsA vectored Miyamotoi INfedtions. the possoiblities of GENOVARSamong MULTIPLE Strains of
AFZSELII, GEARINII and MIYAMOTOI are mind boggling.

ONE Blood Test- Based on manufacture from B31 strain of Burgdorferi
is Woefully inadequate to provide proteins to matcH Patient Antibodies to AFZEli borrrelia acquired in the USA
of overseas on Vacation, and to all possible PROTEINS from GARINII acquired in the USA or in OVERSEAS travel,
orto ANY MIYAMOTOI borrelia - no matter where the MIYAMOTOI was vectored.

Alan B, MacDonald MD
August 6,2013

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