My crotch is on fire ...

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Re: My crotch is on fire ...

Post by NellyP » Tue 8 Jul 2008 20:24

Yeast infections in the genital area often do get superinfected with bacteria. You could try using a cottonwool swab, put it under water, squeeze excess water out then pour some betadine on the swab, keep this on where it hurts, as long as you can (15 minutes maybe). I think the betadine helps both with the yeast and with the bacteria that are contributing to the misery.
You can also use some anti-yeast topical cream/gel etc, but I find that it's important to get the bacteria as well, and it helps the pain quite fast (I find)


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Re: My crotch is on fire ...

Post by itsy » Tue 8 Jul 2008 20:36

This might fall under TMI...

But I find that if while taking antibiotics...and especially during the summer months...yeast grows down there less if you shave the kitty....if you get my meaning.

Just a thought. Works for me.


edited to change winter to summer, because I obviously got my seasons confused. I MEANT summer. Does this mean I have lyme disease? damn.
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Re: My crotch is on fire ...

Post by Cobwebby » Thu 10 Jul 2008 2:23

It's my understanding that 'kitty' is there to reduce friction when two people are getting frisky.

Since I haven't been frisky with anyone for a long time, perhaps I should shave it with the hopes that I'll get lucky! You know-like when you take an umbrella it never rains. :)
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Re: My crotch is on fire ...

Post by itsy » Thu 10 Jul 2008 22:09

Oh, it doesn't interfere with the getting frisky thing. No worries there.

BUT, I know exactly when you mean about the umbrella theory.

However, if it was as easy as THAT, I'd have gotten a little quite some time ago...


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