FDA to rule on testing of LD drug.

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FDA to rule on testing of LD drug.

Post by Cobwebby » Sat 21 Apr 2012 0:43

FDA to rule on testing of Lyme disease drugPublish date: Apr 18, 2012
By: Paul Gillette
Source: Dermatology Times E-News

Email|Print|ShareDel.icio.usDiggRedditFacebook|Save|LicenseWashington — The Food and Drug Administration is expected to soon decide whether VGV-L, a drug candidate from Viral Genetics targeting chronic Lyme disease, can move to human trials.

PRWeb reports that company researchers, working in conjunction with various institutions, submitted a pre-IND (Investigational New Drug) briefing to the FDA, an early step toward eventual clinical testing of the drug.

The pre-IND submission comes after more than two years of testing. A protocol for a human clinical trial was submitted this month to the FDA along with test results.

Existing research has established a link between certain immune characteristics and resistance or susceptibility to developing chronic inflammation as a consequence of infection. The Viral Genetics research team proposes restoring a healthy immune response by replacing or removing the self-peptides with a targeted peptide.

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