Jasmine Auriculatum

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Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by velvetmagnetta » Tue 1 Apr 2014 4:25

Hello Everyone!

I have been reading LymeNet Europe for a number of years, but have been too sick to actually post anything. This is a great blog for intelligent debate and information about Lyme disease - so Thank You for existing.

I haven't wanted to share anything about my treatment because absolutely nothing has worked...until now!

(I've already written to "Camp Other" about this)

I have been taking Jasmine Auriculatum absolute (it's like an essential oil) for 3 months and have gone from being almost bed-ridden to walking and even jumping around in celebration of my life returning!

I started by drinking 2 drops of jasmine in a cup of warm green tea. It caused quite a bit of a herxheimer reaction, so I had to stop for a little while until my body calmed back down. An amazing thing happened that never happened before for me - I actually felt BETTER after the herx! I have never ever felt BETTER after one of those herxes before!

I should mention that I had Lyme for 30 years before a very observant nurse practitioner noticed I was walking wobbly. She then gave me a Lyme test that came out Igenex positive and CDC negative and started me on antibiotics right away (Minocycline).

At about the 6th week on antibiotics, the infamous "Herxheimer" hit. I couldn't believe it. I was in so much pain I never thought possible - aches and spasms all over my body, fever constantly, skin on fire, stapping pains in my muscles, MIGRAINES pounding in my head.

This went on for oh, about 5 years before it started calming down at all!!!

I thought I was gonna die. and I WANTED to die.

So, I have tried everything I've read about on the internet and nothing has worked. Nothing has even made me feel any better - until this stuff - jasmine auriculatum.

Back to the jasmine:

I started taking 2 drops every day in green tea and then went up to 3, then 4 drops. The bad herxheimer returned and I had to lay off of it for about a week. After I found I felt even better, I went back to it every day, 4 drops per day. I started putting the drops directly under my tongue instead of going through the trouble of making tea. It is very pungent but not that bad as long as you chase it with some water.

Now I am on 6 drops each day working my way up to 6 drops twice a day.

I think the mechanism of action has something to do with the effect jasmine has on the nerves. All of us have different manifestations of symptoms probably because what's wrong with all of us is our nervous systems. Nerves are everywhere and they control everything, so when they get messed up, everything else in the body gets messed up - core temperature issues, strange tingling and burning around the body, intestinal issues, and on and on and on.

I know no one is going to believe me (I wouldn't believe me either!) because it seems so unlikely. But, since you probably, like me, have absolutely nothing to lose, you might as well try it.

Jasmine auriculatum absolute is not FDA approved for ingesting (eating) but I figured since it is made by using alcohol, it is possibly safe. I don't know for sure, though, so use at your own risk!

You're not going to believe it. I can hardly believe it! I am truly getting my life back. I am gonna live live and live some more!


p.s. I have edited the spelling I got wrong it is instead "jasmine auriculatum"
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Post by velvetmagnetta » Wed 2 Apr 2014 7:09

******I forgot to mention that you should NOT take Jasmine of you are pregnant or nursing!!!!******

This is posted on the website I order it from. I have no idea of Jasmine is safe for children either - but I would guess it is not.

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Sat 30 Aug 2014 0:30

I actually felt BETTER after the herx! I have never ever felt BETTER after one of those herxes before!
This is exactly how I felt with the Byron White herb formulations A-L and A-BART. Same type of dosing them up one drop at a time twice a day. Only went as fast I could manage as it flares your symptoms at first, in combo with antibiotics. After the flare stops, then go up a drop. Took me a few weeks at first to go up the a drop for the first few drops. I swear like you, it's what helped reduce my symptoms so I could start working again. It hasn't cured me, but definitely helped. Only thing I would advise people while messing with the herbs is to get your bloodwork checked regularly and do it with a knowledgeable herbalist. Since you flair, your liver has to work a lot hard to get rid of all the stuff that gets killed so you need to be careful your body can keep up with your dosage increase.

So VM, you are now just taking the drops and not the tea? I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the tea having an effect.
What brand are you taking? I want to run this by my doc next time I go in.

From a brief search on the web it says it has anti-bacterial and ant-fungal properties.
Half of what you are taught is incorrect, but which half? What if there's another half missing?

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by velvetmagnetta » Tue 2 Sep 2014 20:44

Hi ChronicLyme19 -

I'm so happy you read this post - and responded!

I was sooooo sick at the time I started taking Jasmine I thought I would just be in loads of pain the rest of my life. I had read somewhere about Jasmine having a calming effect on the nerves and that it would help Lyme pain. So, I tried it.

At first, it did calm my nerves, but only slightly. It wasn't nearly as good as a prescription anti-anxiety med like Lorazepam. But I kept at it increasing the dose little by little, like you did with A-Bart and A-L. The change wasn't really noticeable until I had my next flare-up.

I had so many strange and horrible symptoms that weren't like most Lyme symptoms - but I think I had Lyme for about 30 years before I found out what was wrong with me and began antibiotic treatment for it. I was not well when I started the antibiotics, but I got much much worse after taking them.

I thought all that pain was the Herxheimer reaction back then, but now I don;t think that's what is was/is. I think killing off the Lyme all at once like that - and with the raging infection that I had - destroyed my nerves. And no matter what I tries, nothing made me feel any better.

It went on like that for 6 solid years before I tried this Jasmine. It was pure and utter hell. I really thought I was going to be in all that pin for the rest of my life - and Lyme wasn't going to kill me na time soon.

The symptoms that have improved greatly are:

Headaches (long-lasting migraines - sometime would last for days)
Horrible feeling of being poisoned all over my body (now almost completely gone!)
Spine and joint pain so bad it made me cry (my spine still gets pretty bead, but not to the point of crying anymore and my joint rarely hurt at all now and when they do, it's not much at all)
Energy level (better now that my body isn't so exhausted from all the pain)
Brain fog (I am able to write online - as you can see - before I wasn't able to even check email or read more than a couple sentences at a time)

There are many many more problems that have resolved since taking Jasmine. The difference in me was/is so pronounced that I joined Lymenet Europe just to tell everyone about it. But there are so many remedies online that don't work or only work a little bit that I don't think anyone has even tried this Jasmine one.

I hope eventually other people will try it and that it will help them. i also really hope to figure out its mechanism found people felt calm when they smelled the Jasmine scent - but they didn't say why or how.

My theory is that it works directly on the nerve and somehow lessens the cytokine storm, thus allowing the body to repair its damaged nerves.

I don't think we all have some mystery toxins around our bodies. I think the killing of the Lyme bacteria somehow damages our nerves, and all the post-treatment pain we are experiencing is the result of that damage.

I don't know of anything besides GABApentin that helps nerves directly. I take loads of GABApentin, though, and it only helps a little. It also does nothing permanent. This Jasmine seems to be permanently fixing my myriad nerve problems.

CL19, you seem to be doing very well - you are able to work. I don't know if you are still having pain and other problems, but I assume you are if you are writing on this forum. I'm guessing your energy level is probably still too low? Maybe the Jasmine would help?

You can try and see - and then tell me if it works!!!

I do not know if it is safe to ingest in these doses - I am now up to about 60 drops twice a day - but I'm just desperate. And it is giving me my mind back - I am able to communicate with people now. I was really really sick.

Jasmine no longer causes any flare-ups. It is only helping now. I don't think it was the Jasmine causing that herx I seemed to get when I first tried it - I think the flare-ups were just my normal flares.

There is still so much unknown about Lyme and the after-effects of the infection. I wish researchers would delve deeper into the different things that helped people.

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by velvetmagnetta » Tue 2 Sep 2014 21:13

Oh! I forgot to mention another horrible symptom that has improved dramatically:

It's kind of hard to explain, and I haven't heard many Lyme people talk about this one, but when I first started taking antibiotics 6 years ago for Lyme, my body's temperature regulation got totally thrown out of whack. My skin was so sensitive, that no one could touch me. Even the water-pressure of the shower hurt!

But in addition to that, my body had a terrible time adjusting to the temperature difference when I would get into the shower. The normal goose-bumps that appear all over the body in about 3 seconds would take my body a full 30 seconds to finish erupting. And they hurt!!!

Each damn goose-bump that would form would take forever and give me a pinching feeling. Ugh, I hated that.

I also had what I thought at the time were fevers, and then I would sweat profusely after the pseudo-fever broke. The sweat that poured out of my body was so much that the sheets had to be changed when it happened!

Finally, I began taking my temperature before the fever-break...And I found that I had no fever at all! It sure felt like a fever with chills and shaking and a general crappy feeling, but my temperature was close to normal.

During this fake fever, I felt too hot and too cold at the same time. I have searched and searched for this excruciating, uncomfortable feeling and have only found something similar on scleroderma message boards.

I most certainly don't have scleroderma, but found it very interesting that this was one their symptoms.

To this day, I have no idea what that was, but the Jasmine has almost entirely eliminated that problem. I still get little bits of that feeling here and there, but it is fading, thank God.

I think of all the inhuman pains I've had, this is the one that made me want to die the most. Well, this one and the really bad spine pain. Well, maybe it was just all of them together.

The fact that Jasmine fixed this problem makes me think our Lyme problems are all related to the nerves.

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Wed 3 Sep 2014 1:06

Hmmm, I’ll have to recommend this to my mom as well. She had some type of weird “autoimmune” “guillian-barre” like illness, which in my mind wasn’t autoimmune at all because she had no increased levels of antibodies/protein. From the sounds of it (I was very little at the time) sounds much more like lyme/something pathenogenic to me than anything else. Event the neurologist I have spoken too said it didn’t sound like GB, but that’s the only thing that was close so she got lumped under there. She still has permanent nerve damage and has to take some of the meds you prescribe to keep her feet from being in pain. She said it’s been increasing lately, which makes me worried.

I think that’s the hardest part, to tell if it’s permanent nerve damage or because of the active lyme or both. I was lucky and only had the neuropathy for 6 months before starting treatment so mine comes and goes with flares, but I don’t think is permanent.

I’m at the point now where I can work again as long as I’m on the abx and herbs (and sub-Q Ig), my symptoms are almost gone. Off the abx my symptoms rage. I got to about two weeks off before the neuropathy came back in my feet after being gone for 6+ months. My infection seems to be centered in a diamond on my upper back from my neck, across my shoulders, to about the mid point in my back. Like you, I get bad spine pain. I also get muscle spasms that pull my ribs and spine out.

My guess is that the Jasmine probably helps reduce the herx, but also may be killing the lyme or at least keeping it dormant from the sounds of it as well.

The sweats you mention sound much like babesia. I went through something similar when they put me on Cymbalta to help with the pain. The sweats stopped when I went off Cymbalta and was treated for babesia with cryptolepis and mepron. They use crypotolepis in Africa and the East to treat malaria. My O2 sats also returned to normal after this.

I’ve had some sound, light and smell hypersensitivity, but not to touch, although I’m sure it’s the same type of thing, just a different sense. Your body can become hyper sensitive when the pain signal get all mixed up from chronic pain. This is a good TED talk on chronic pain, have you seen it?

https://www.ted.com/talks/elliot_krane_ ... ronic_pain

I’m definitely going to ask my doc about jasmine and maybe give it a try. I checked my herb formulations and it’s not in there.

Burdock root did as well. So I think it brings out the lyme or spike your immune response.

I need to test this theory out, but basil I think super flares my symptoms for some reason.
Half of what you are taught is incorrect, but which half? What if there's another half missing?

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by velvetmagnetta » Wed 3 Sep 2014 8:49

Thank you for the TED talk. I love those! And I definitely subscribe to George Carlin's philosophy of life, "No pain, no pain".

So, Basil brings out flares for you? I had read your other post about it, but had not heard anything about that happening before. This is one strange disease.

Funny the TED speaker would mention that "no pain, no pain" view because in the Lyme community, it is often a given that unless you are feeling some kind of pain, you're not getting better. The theory being that some kind of toxin is released when the Lyme bacteria are killed off, so if you take some med or herbal remedy, it's only working if it hurts.

I believed this for many years. But as the years went by and none of these meds or herbal remedies were making me feel any better, and all i was feeling was bad, bad, and worse, I began to doubt this whole idea.

The Herxheimer reaction is supposed to be a temporary worsening of symptoms lasting no more than 3 days at the most. The deep pain well I fell into after taking antibiotics was worse than any pain I had ever imagined before and it did not stop. It was not temporary. It went on and on for years with no relief.

This, I was told, was "good" for me because it meant that the antibiotics were killing off the Lyme bacteria and once they were all dead, then I would begin to feel better.

Well, this theory has no basis in science. Researchers have not been able to identify any toxin released from the Bb bacteria. Still, some people say that the Lyme itself is the toxin, but I have not seen any research describing the mechanism by which Lyme causes such pain.

Lind Bockenstedt's mouse study is the closest thing to an explanation for pain after treatment with antibiotics - after the antibiotics kill the Lyme bacteria, the body does not effectively clear out the remaining dead pieces of Lyme debris. She found this dead debris to be immune-reactive - it actually caused the immune system to release cytokines as if there was still an infection to fight.

I thought for a while that this might be the case for me because I had the infection for many decades and I must have had TONS of debris left in my body. But there has been no follow-up on that experiment that may tell us how to remove this debris.

I no longer believe this is my problem. I do think killing the Lyme did something terrible to my nervous system. I'm not sure what it did exactly, but everything seems to always come down to broken, damaged nerves.

There is no toxin to remove. Whatever damage the Lyme did to my nerves was done in the first couple of months of antibiotics, and I have been trying to crawl out of that hell-hole of pain ever since.

Pain is NOT good for the body. The Herx is not a true herx. The flaring and herxing is not helping anything - it doesn't signify dying bacteria - not after the first few months.

Something ELSE is wrong with us. And I wish researchers would try to find out what it is instead of this stupid "Drown the ENTIRE mouse in antibiotics for 5 days - and Ha! See? I told you so..." Bullsh_t excuse for an experiment. Shame on them.

So, if it isn't a toxin and it is no longer the Lyme bacteria, then what is it? What is causing us so much pain that many of us cannot even work part-time?

What is this "Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome"? Why, if so many of us have it - and have it so bad we are disabled - why is there no research on what causes it or what may help ease this strange and horrible pain?

So, we're left on our own, ChronicLyme19. The NIH, CDC, and NIAID just leave us to experiment on ourselves.

And so the Jasmine.

After trying loads of different antibiotics for years and years and after trying all kinds of alternative herbs, after trying extreme diets, after reading Lyme research papers for years, and after feeling all this horrible pain intimately all over my body for so long, I have come to the conclusion that the herx is bad and can really hurt you and damage your body's nervous system. Also, the herx is not a herx at all, but something else we do not yet understand.

The flare-ups come up all on their own. They happen to people on and off antibiotics - I believe the flare-ups are independent of antibiotics because the Lyme is mostly, if not all, dead. How can a little tiny amount of Lyme bacteria cause such a huge painful flare-up? Did they multiply that quickly once the antibiotic were stopped?

They really don't multiply very quickly at all, so it doesn't seem likely that they are able to cause so much pain so soon after stopping antibiotics.

What is it then?

Nerves Nerves Nerves Nerves Nerves Nerves Nerves.

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Re: Jasmine Auriculatum

Post by Justinlun » Tue 29 Mar 2016 12:20

Dear Velvetmagnetta,

Hope you are doing well, I came across your post about Jasmine Auriculatum (from 2014) & was wondering if you are still using it and still would recommend it to others suffering from a lot of nerve issues caused by Lyme?

Thanks for your reply!


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