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BCA Clinic

Posted: Mon 20 Oct 2014 16:44
by purplehaze
Hi all,

Im new to this forum

I am wondering if anybody has gotten tested and or treated for Lymes and co-infections at the BCA clinic in Augsburg Germany

if so, could you please write a short note on your experience there

Im presently considering going there myself

thanks a lot

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Sun 28 Dec 2014 20:12
by Litana

on french forum lyme disease, there is a long post which answer to your question.

There is world wide people in BCA.
They use antibiotic on long terme, vitamine, probiotics and herbal medecine.

There is activity under oxygen (bike) and sauna infra-red.

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2014 14:27
by phantasm

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2014 15:46
by Martian
phantasm wrote:For what it is worth I found this; ... &m=2948977
Here are 3 posts from that topic with title BCA Augsburg treatment failure:

Posted 12/30/2013 8:28 AM (GMT -7)

Hello everybody,

I want to make public the failure of BCA Augsburg in Germany ,after almost 1 year of antibiotic , different combinations (azitromicyn,minocyclin, artemisinin, rifampicin, naturopathic antibiotics + multiple supplements)
my initial Lyme symptoms get worse and they did not have any other treatment solution.I mention also the huge treatment cost , more than 10,000 Euro without any improvement.I want the people that consider going there for treatment to know about another 10 people that I knew from Augsburg, no one had any improvement after getting antibiotic treatment there.Just beware about this Lyme treatment option is not so successful like they claim. Have a happy New Year 2014.

Posted 4/16/2014 1:16 AM (GMT -7)

Another ex patient here who would like to make a formal complaint. I am having difficulty trying to locate the relevant body to approach.
I ended up seriously unwell and hospitalised.

Posted 4/22/2014 12:55 PM (GMT -7)

I've had this clinic recommended to me by the doctor I was seeing until recently, however the $30,000 price (travel from Australia, accommodation etc) made me want to proceed with extreme caution.

I'd definitely spend that on a definite cure, but I've become a hardened skeptic during my ordeal, so I'm glad to see some others post about their less than satisfactory experiences there.

Also, in response to those with their detoxing and healthy eating advise, in the over nine years I suffered "chronic fatigue syndrome", I tried and followed a low gi, gluten free, sugar free diet, along with at times, dairy free, the caveman diet, any number of variations of "healthy" diets, as well as all types of detoxes, supplements, potions, elixirs, and vitamins, and in all that time none of them made any difference whatsoever.

Now I have my Lyme diagnosis, I struggle with the notion that I can cure this with an approach that failed to halt its progress in the first place.

edit: added topic title.

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2014 16:28
by velvetmagnetta
So there are other people like me!

Antibiotics made me sicker than I was before taking them - and I was pretty ill by that time. But they started this cascade of pain upon pain upon pain that I cannot seem to get out of.

What are those other people doing for it? Have they found anything...anything at all...that helps?

Once those antibiotics began me on this horrible pain cycle, it never stopped - not even when I stopped taking the antibiotics.

I, too, have tried all those diets and detoxes - they do not help one bit.

Do you have any ideas for what we can do to help ourselves, Martian? Do you know of more people like this? What do we do now?

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Mon 29 Dec 2014 19:21
by Litana
I didn't go to the BCA. I'm followed by a LLMD (i think it's the good term)
I took 2 months of antibiotics (azitromicyn and fluconazole). This cure (december 2013-february 2014) made me sicker than I was before taking them. This cascade of pain is very long.

Other treatements tried was decreased pain (silver colloidal, essential oils...) a little, for a few hours.

My last treatement (decembre 2014) tried decrease a lot of pain. Near zero pain. For all day!
I suppose pain is created by infection.
Futur answer the question : do i make a other cure of antibiotics?

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Tue 30 Dec 2014 17:12
by Martian
velvetmagnetta wrote:Do you have any ideas for what we can do to help ourselves, Martian? Do you know of more people like this? What do we do now?
At least we don't go to the questionable BCA Clinic, which is run by some of "our friends" from the ILADS.

Re: BCA Clinic

Posted: Tue 30 Dec 2014 18:54
by velvetmagnetta
oookaaayyy? Well, that's a start, I guess!