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Tardive Spirochetal Diseases and the skills of your Local MD

Posted: Sun 8 Mar 2015 21:24
by inmacdonald
Long Incubation Infectious Diseases are among the most diffficult to "get Right" in Medical practice.

The following essay describes some of the issues which make
Tardive Spirochetal Diseases so difficult to Diagnose.

I omitted discussion of the near absence of the availability of the Lyme focused autopsy, the Borreliosis autopsy,
the leptospirosis autopsy.
Tardive types of Gestational Lyme Infants borne alive -Medical Issues Jones 2005.pdf
Tardive clinical presentations of Borreliosis infections acquired by maternal-fetal transmission of Borreliosis in pregnancy.
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Alan B.MacDonald, MD ,FCAP
March 8, 2015