Barbara Johnson on laboratory diagnostic testing for Bb

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Barbara Johnson on laboratory diagnostic testing for Bb

Post by Martian » Mon 11 May 2015 5:39

Chapter 4 of the book "Lyme disease: An Evidence-based Approach" (2011) by J.J. Halperin is entitled "Laboratory diagnostic testing for Borrelia burgdorferi infection" and written by Barbara Johnson. It's very informative.

Direct link: ... hnsonB.pdf [PDF-alert]

It is listed here as:

Johnson, B.J. "Chapter 4: Laboratory diagnostic testing for Borrelia burgdorferi infection" in Lyme disease: An Evidence-based Approach, J.J. Halperin, Ed. (CAB International, 2011). Complete Article Reproduced with Permission [PDF - 16 pages].

Also see LNE topic Lyme Disease: Evidence-based Approach & Great Controversy with information about the book.

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Re: Barbara Johnson on laboratory diagnostic testing for Bb

Post by duncan » Mon 11 May 2015 12:16


If I remember correctly, Barbara Johnson has a horse in the race.

As for J.J. Halperin.... :lol:

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Re: Barbara Johnson on laboratory diagnostic testing for Bb

Post by Lorima » Mon 11 May 2015 15:50

In what sense is this "very informative"? It's the same-old, same-old. We've discussed the fatal flaws in detail, a zillion times. But I'll rehash the big one: if you use positivity on the two-tier test to select your study panel of "true" late LD cases, you can't then use that panel as evidence that one hundred percent of late LD patients in the real world are positive on the two-tier test. Anybody who doesn't get that elementary point, like B Johnson and Halperin, et al, can't be taken seriously as a scientist, no matter what their credentials or position.
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Re: Barbara Johnson on laboratory diagnostic testing for Bb

Post by LHCTom » Tue 19 May 2015 18:40

I wasn't sure what to think about Barbara Johnson beyond her being someone stuck on a Dogma and fearful of bucking the powers due to her being close to retirement. As in the case of Dr. Barthold ( someone who is head and shoulders above Johnson as a scientist), many in this position fear being made an outcast. Dr. Bartold testified to congress he has become somewhat of a pariah in his own field for simply considering a different view. That is what science is all about.

But when Johnson wrote the assessment on the Sapi culture, it became obvious she was willing to throw her ethics out the window besides just being a dogmatic stuck in a mindset. Any scientist willing to write a dishonest and biased scientific paper in a major journal is not a scientist. She has become a marketer. I doubt it was any different when she wrote that testing chapter except she was not as obvious. I read that chapter on testing a few years ago and it jumped out how narrow minded it was written.

Here is a description of how unethical Johnson has become. That chapter is worthless unless you want to know where she is stuck. ... ssessment/
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