Alzheimer AmyloidPlaques contain LivingBiofilm Communities

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Alzheimer AmyloidPlaques contain LivingBiofilm Communities

Post by inmacdonald » Wed 23 Sep 2015 13:53

Alzheimer Amyloid Plaques Contain Living Biofilm Communities of Borrelia Miyamotoi

A Video - one hour in length - narrated By Alan B. MacDonald MD, FCAP,on the subject of Alzheimer's Disease
with Borrelia Biofilm Communities dwelling INSIDE of Each Amyloid Plaque.
An Infection pathway to Alzheimer's Dementia is clearly demonstrated in this lecture, and parallel concepts
of Spirochetal Chronic Deep Brain infections by leptospira and by treponema pallidum are invoked. Intraneuronal residence of Infectious strains of Borrelia spirochetes have the result of disturbing the
biochemistry of infected neurons,with the end result of the biochemical alterations of healthy Tau protein
to produce Phosphorylated Tau protein, Accumulation of neurofibrillary Tangles , by spontaneous self polymerization,
terminates in neurofibrillary tangles choking out the healthy elements of the neuronal cell, and the death of neurons.
Spread of Intraneuronal infection by Borrelia, proceeds through a reproducible road map of progressive incremental
disease involving the entorhinal cortex, the insular regions of the Brain, and terminates in the involvement of the entire
cortical brain regions.

Link to Narrated one hour Lecture:

Respectfully submitted,

Alan B. MacDonald, MD,FCAP
February 23,2015

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